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New Release from Destiny Blaine

Bestselling erotic romance author, Destiny Blaine, has a new book release from Resplendence Publishing. The long awaited Mary Had a Little Problem promises ménage romance readers a page-turning romance filled with hot love scenes and an unforgettable love story. Order your copy of Destiny’s romance of the year—Mary Had a Little Problem is out today:

Mary Worthington is a widow, or at least, she should’ve been. A former Navy Seals wife, her husband is killed in combat and Mary has a difficult time accepting the fact her husband isn’t coming home. Without a body to bury or witnesses to tell her what happened, there’s no way Mary can put the past to sleep until someone provides her with the truth about her husband’s final hours.

Trying to step out and socialize once again while pursuing facts about her husband’s death, Mary is introduced to Brock Taylor, a hard-core ladies man dedicated to the Marines and sharing himself with any woman who wants a piece of one. That is, until he meets Mary, a woman he’s known about through a past acquaintance.
Mary and Brock fall in love, plan a wedding in the Great Smoky Mountains, and well, things could’ve been headed toward a happy ending. However, six months after Brock finally wins Mary’s hand, Mary’s deceased husband reappears. And Mary wonders if she’ll be forced to give up one man in exchange for the other.

The following excerpt is suitable for all audiences:

Mourning the death of her husband began at the sound of the first shots fired. For some reason, up until then, Mary kept thinking she’d awaken and discover she’d been having another nightmare. Instead, reality set in and delivered its final blow. The ceremony in progress jolted her back to the present with a new understanding.
She was attending her husband’s memorial. Luke was gone, and he wasn’t coming back.
Mary had somehow remained stoic throughout the service, fearing if she looked up, turned to her left, or glanced right, she might meet a stranger’s gaze. She refused to lock eyes with those in attendance, realizing their hearts were full of pity.
Many of them knew Luke. Some of them had fought beside him. Others were there to pay their respects to a fallen soldier, but they didn’t know the man behind the uniform, the husband behind the Navy’s finest SEAL. 
There was another powerful blast, and the jarring sensation came with a deafening and most eerie sound of a three-round volley. The air was thick with tension. Those in attendance jerked with every shot resounding through the hills.
Mary’s tears finally came, flooding her cheeks until the rapid falls ran dry. It was then when Mary understood a truer meaning of taps.
This was the end, the most monumental signal of all. It was time to turn out the lights and go home. The final seconds in the last hour approached. Now, she was expected to accept the fact that her happily-ever-after ending wasn’t meant to be. Mary needed to find a way to come to terms with the facts.
Her husband was dead. She couldn’t bring him back. 
Lieutenant Lucas Worthington once spoke of a soldier’s death, an honorable death, the kind of burial all soldiers hoped they’d find. If Mary had been given one last chance to talk with Luke, she would’ve told him that this death wasn’t a clean death, as he’d once discussed. This casualty, no one understood.
Luke should’ve been careful what he wished for, and Mary should’ve selected a husband more wisely, refused to fall in love with a man destined to die. Mary gave her heart to a Navy SEAL. He, in turn, fell in love with the notion that freedom was won, honor easily earned, and death only came to those who were fighting for the wrong side.
Mary wished for one last opportunity to tell Luke her point of view on the subject now, perhaps show him the error of his ways, and explain devastation in simple woman’s terms.
At that moment, she wanted her husband to know how she felt. She longed to explain her agony. But it was too late for that, and she wasn’t sure she could put her sorrow into words.
Still, Mary longed to see Luke one last time. She would’ve given her final breath if she could’ve held something substantial in her arms, perhaps something to show her, help her grasp the idea that the love she’d cherished was lost. The man she’d worshipped was gone, and his funeral was anything but a bad dream.
Her life had turned into a nightmare. Without a body to bury, Mary had a feeling she’d never awaken from the hellish world that had somehow become her horrific reality.
The following excerpt is rated PG17
“The next time you try and set me up with some hardcore, sexy-as-all-fucking-hell military prick, I swear to God, I’m gonna—”
“Anna told me how to get here,” Brock interrupted her rant as soon as the door was pushed all the way back.
“Fuck my life,” Mary muttered, thinking she’d never seen a hotter man than the one in front of her. Even Luke would have a difficult time measuring up to Brock, and that was saying a lot.
Stop it right now, she thought. She didn’t have the right to gawk at this stranger like he was a packaged adult delivery for an overnight stay. “This is not happening to me.”
Brock winked, a devilish grin marking a permanent place on his face. “Prick? Really? Is that the best you can do?”
She released a troubled sigh. Apparently, he missed the compliment laced through that warm greeting.
“Why are you here?”
She saw the attitude coming from a mile away. “I was afraid someone might try to set you up with some hardcore, sexy-as-all-fucking-hell military prick. I’m here to save you.”
“From myself?” she asked, meaning she needed all the help she could get since she had the open-mouth-insert-foot concept down to a perfected science.
“Should I take that to mean you’re interested?”
“What do you want?” she asked, ignoring his underlying insinuations.
“An invitation inside would be a nice start.”
 “Maybe because it’s the polite thing to do, especially after you spoke so passionately about me.”
“The last time a soldier stood in my doorway, he brought bad news with him. Would you invite that into your home, Mr. Taylor?”
“Depends on what you consider bad news, Mary. And please, call me Brock. We’ll do better in the end if we start out with first names.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“You think you could stand my answer?”
Mary propped her hands on her hips. “Depends. Think you can handle rejection?”

Destiny Blaine’s Mary Had a Little Problem can be ordered here on release day:
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In the Hot Seat: Darlene Fredette

Welcome Darlene Fredette today to my blog. She has her debut book out at Secret Cravings and the cover alone has me intrigued. Give a big welcome to Darlene...

When did you seriously sit down, and say to yourself, I’m going to write a novel?
I first started writing in my teenage years, but school, and then career soon took precedence. I continued writing and completed a full-length novel ten years ago.

If you were to start again, with the knowledge you have now, what would be the first thing you do?
To not allow the long pauses in between writing to have control.

Do you have the support of family and friends?
Most definitely! They are my support system. They push me when I need a good kick in the butt.

Do you have a book coming out? If so what?
Keeping Secrets is my debut novel. I hope to follow up with another novel very soon.

How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing?
Not so much my personality, because my heroine’s are more complicated than I am, lol! However, I do like adding bit and pieces if things that have happened to people I know, or maybe something they’ve said.

Do you have a set schedule for writing or do you just go with the flow?
I do try to follow a schedule, but it never works. After checking emails and social networking sites, I like to dive in and lose myself in the story. The key is to reduce the amount of time spent on those social networking sites…or to take a day away from them.

What do you have coming up? Any teasers you want to give us?
I’m currently editing a second completed story. It’s about two strong-willed lawyers who find themselves butting heads over a case, and their past. Their banter and undeniable attraction is fun and sexy.

What is your writing routine once you start a book?
There are so many daily distractions a routine never seems to work for me. I just write as often as I can. And when I don’t have access to my laptop, a pen and journal become my best friends.

What are your thoughts on love scenes in romance novels, do you find them difficult to write?
I do find them difficult, but only at first. Once the scene is started, my characters show me the way through the steam.

What kind of research do you do?
I do a lot of research. I like to make sure every fine detail is covered with my characters’ careers to scene, settings, and props.

Fill in the blank favorites - Dessert. City. Season. Type of hero. Type of heroine.
Dessert: anything with strawberries.
City: I love the Valley and we hope to retire there.
Season: without hesitation, SUMMER!
Type of Hero: strong and sexy.
Type of Heroine: (again) strong and sexy.

What are some of your favorite things to do, or your hobbies?
I love hanging out with my family. I also love to read. Combine the two, hanging with my family and reading outside on a beautiful summer day in our yard.

Who are some of your other favorite authors and/or genres to read?
Penny Jordan’s books were the first romances I read. I also enjoy Jane Porter, Jennifer Crusie, Beth Kendrick, Sarah Addison Allen, and more.

Which of your books has been the easiest to write?  The hardest?  The most fun?
My latest WIP has been a lot of fun to write. It’s a 6 book series about a dysfunctional family, lots of wit and drama. I’m having tons of fun with this one. The hardest would be the one I’m currently editing. It was easy to write ten years ago, but editing it to my current standards has been a much to cut and change.

Which comes first, the story, the characters or the setting?
The story. Inspiration tends to hit me while cleaning my house. A story line will pop in my head and the rest falls into place. By the time my house is clean, I have a story and characters ready to go. I then rush to get a new journal started and make notes before I forget them.

If we asked your muse to tell us three things about you, what do you think they might say?
My muse doesn’t have time to say anything, they are too busy kicking my butt to focus and finish my current WIP, lol.

What is your favorite season and why?
SUMMER! I love the warmth, the green of the trees and grass, the many colours and scents of the flowers, the warmth, sitting outside with a cool drink and good book, going to the beach, the warmth, wearing shorts and sandals, BBQ’s, the warmth, sitting around the fire-pit, oh and did I mention how much I love the warmth, lol!

Congratulations, your novel was just picked up by a major Hollywood studio. They are letting you cast the characters. Name the book you would choose to be made into a movie and who you think would play those characters.
This is a good question, because I always picture certain celebrities as my characters. My dysfunction family series ‘Daddy’s Girls’ would make it to the top of the movie charts with its intriguing plot. In the first book, my main character (Hanna) would be portrayed by Kelly Monaco (General Hospital - Sam) and my hero (Alex) would be portrayed by Alex O-Laughlin (Hawaii 50 – Steve) he’s just too yummy!

If you could choose anywhere in the world to set up your desk and write, where would you like it to be? What’s so special to you about this place?  We’d eventually like to find a home in the Valley (here in Nova Scotia). My desk would be in the sunroom overlooking our landscaped yard and lakefront. With the beauty and tranquility, inspiration would be everywhere I turn.
Thank you, Dawn!
Keeping Secrets by Darlene Fredette
Available at Secret Cravings Publishing
Buy your copy HERE

Samantha Witherspoon is a strong, independent, businesswoman, determined she clashes with Matt Sullivan, the stubborn contractor who refuses her renovation project, Samantha returns to her childhood home to convince him.  Sparks fly, tempers flare, and Samantha quickly realizes that befriending the rugged contractor isn’t as easy as she thought.

Despite her reservations, desire ignites between them under the city stars of Montreal. His mere touch makes her long for the kind of love she thought she’d never have. When a mystery box reveals devastating family secrets, Samantha decides it’s time to come-clean with Matt. But before she can, her secret arrives on her doorstep. Samantha’s heart is torn. Will a promise made to her late-grandmother prevent her from finding true happiness?

Sneak Peek Excerpt:

Samantha’s ears twitched at the sound of a crackling coming from the ceiling just above her. She watched as a trickling line split and plaster showered downward like a heavy rainfall.
Suddenly a set of strong arms encircled her and held her tightly, taking the breath from her chest. Her feet were lifted from the concrete floor and she was yanked backward, slamming her and her rescuer into a wall. An image out of a romance novel, where the hero sweeps the woman of his dreams into his arms, declaring his everlasting love, flashed through her mind…until another large piece of plaster fell from the ceiling, crashing loudly on the floor before shattering into thousands of tiny pieces. Samantha no longer saw a vision of two lovers, but one of her, crushed under the debris. She took several deep breaths.
Hammers stopped and were followed by the rush of work boots running across the concrete. “Matt, you okay? Is the lady hurt?” they asked. “That was a mother of a close call!” another said.
Her hero ignored the men and set her back on her feet. His once warm brown eyes were now cold and throwing daggers. “What the hell are you doing here?”
“I...I was...looking for you.” Winded, her breathing was heavy.
From the drooping brows and harsh pressed lips, she could tell Matt was not at all happy to see her, but Samantha couldn’t have been more pleased. Her search was over and the incredibly attractive man she had been seeking had rescued her.

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My Personal Review for Down and Dirty by G. A. Hauser

Are you looking for a hot, naughty story that leaves you hornier than a bed bug on crack? Then *waves a hand over the book cover, Down and Dirty*, grab Down and Dirty by G. A. Hauser. You got tattooed hunks, lots of BDSM play and a love triangle that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Now for my personal review of Down and Dirty.....

Meet Jean DeLac. A professor at a local collage, he decides to get one of his drawings in a tattoo. When he walks into Down and Dirty and meets Harry Callahan…all he can think is that his imagination was oh so wrong. From there he embarks on a sexual journey with the Callahan brothers that will leave him reeling even as he starts to fall for the one man who stirs feeling of something much more than lust. Can Jean accept that being shared between the two Callahan brothers means getting Down and Dirty?

When I started Down and Dirty, I was not thinking I would be drawn to any of the characters...until Jean, Harry and Clyde rolled up on the page. OH MY GOD..Harry had me at the first moment he stepped onto the page. Sexy, Tattooed and so drool worthy I felt unworthy to be in his presence. Then his adopted brother, Clyde, came onto the page and I almost fell off my chair as I tried to still the burst of lust I felt for them both. Add in a sexy professor, Jean and I felt like I hit the lottery.  JACKPOT!!!

The characters are quite enjoyable, life-like and definitely deliver a complex story amid the sex scenes that had me on the edge of my seat. Not to say the sex scenes were nothing. *shakes fingers* On the contrary, they literally were so damn hot I was afraid I would need to call the fire department to cool off the computer. Ms. Hauser is a talented author who know how to deliver an erotic story that hits all the right buttons. Sexual tension simmers through out the entire story and the ending was one I sure didn't see coming. It was quite a surprise to me. The sex scenes helped enhance the connection between Harry, Clyde and Jean perfectly. They didn’t take over the story as some others do but enhanced the complex relationship growing between the three men. 

 If you like your books naughty and full of intriguing characters with a few twists thrown in, then grab Down and Dirty. Down and Dirty is just that-a dirty, dirty book that will steal your heart in the end. Author G. A. Hauser has a new fan and I so can not wait to check out this author's back list titles to see what else I can find to amuse me.
All I can ask this author is..can we get more of "Dirty" Harry, Jean and Clyde in the future?

My rating for Down and Dirty~ 5 Stars and a recommended read

Find out more about G. A. Hauser HERE

New Dreamspinner Press Releases Week of August 29th

To Adam with Love by Adrienne Wilder
A Grey Zone Novel 
Buy in E-book HERE
Buy in Print HERE

Adam’s mother brought him as a child to the Gray Zone, the no man’s land between the crumbling city and the Dens where the Kin—the dragons—and Lesser-Breds—their mixed-blood offspring—live. He was different, not completely Human, and she knew fear and prejudice would drive people to do horrible things… like a father trying to kill his son. Five years later, Adam’s father is behind bars and Adam has come home to the Zone, the last place anyone would expect innocence, loyalty, and devotion, to complete his becoming Lesser-Bred and find his best friend and only love, Ean.

But Ean has a life of his own. He’s always wanted to belong to Batu, the Male Kin who has watched over him since childhood, but now Ean’s caught in a deadly trap of biology and vengeance: he isn’t enough to feed his beloved Adam during the dangerous transformation, and Kin won’t allow an emotional bond in their midst. Years ago Ean lost Adam after failing to keep him safe. Now that Adam is back, will a simple feeling give Ean the strength to defy everything he’s ever known and keep them together?

When Love is not Enough by Wade Kelly
Contemporary, Bittersweet Dreams, Novel
Buy E-book HERE
Buy in Print HERE

A six-year downward spiral into a world of lies and deception leads to the end of one man’s life when self-discovery crosses the line between being the perfect son or following his heart.

Jimmy Miller never intended to lead a double life starting the day he fell in love with Darian, but his parents’ divorce, fighting in school, and constantly keeping secrets for his closeted best friend and protector, Matt, force his hand. Jimmy finds the demands too great to withstand and ends it all prematurely, leaving behind an angry best friend and a shattered lover.

Matt and Darian cling to one another in the aftermath of their loss, forging a new friendship immediately tested by the truths of their relationships with Jimmy that are hidden in the pages of Jimmy’s journals. Will Matt and Darian discover what truly happened to their friend? And will this tragedy birth something beautiful between them as they learn the balance between life, family, and friendship when love is simply not enough?

A Bittersweet Dreams title: It's an unfortunate truth: love doesn't always conquer all. Regardless of its strength, sometimes fate intervenes, tragedy strikes, or forces conspire against it. These stories of romance do not offer a traditional happy ending, but the strong and enduring love will still touch your heart and maybe move you to tears.

Take a Dip by Lacey Wallace
Contemporary, Short Story
Buy E-book HERE

After getting his girlfriend pregnant at sixteen, Adam Williams had never questioned his sexual preference.  Not that he’s had a lot of chances to experiment in the seven years since.  Raising his daughter as a single father hasn’t been easy, but Denise is the most important thing in his life.  Then one day while taking Denise swimming at the local pool, Adam notices Mark, a flirty lifeguard who insists Adam isn’t as straight as he thinks.  Adam’s sure the attraction he feels is just a phase he needs to work through – and Mark is more than willing to offer his help.

Russian Roulette by Alex Alder
Mystery/Suspense Novella
Buy in E-book HERE

When the new neighbor first moves in, Jacob thinks everything is going to be perfect: Nate is smart, funny, gorgeous, and basically everything Jacob ever wanted wrapped up in a pretty green-eyed package. But when a string of horrific murders starts up in the city shortly after Nate’s arrival, his new neighbor’s quiet, reclusive nature starts to take on new meaning. Jacob could be falling in love with the serial killer next door, and he may very well have to risk everything he cares about in order to make it out alive.

 Simple Treasures by Alan Chin
Buy E-Book HERE

Newly released from a mental institution, Simple’s first job is caring for Emmett, a crusty drunkard dying of cancer on a ranch in Utah. Simple’s first fragile friendship is with Emmett’s grandson Jude, a gay youth in Gothic drag who gets nothing but grief from his grandfather. In an attempt to help both men, Simple, a Shoshone Indian, decides to perform a ceremony that will save Emmett by transferring his spirit into the body of a falcon.

Working to capture a falcon will bring Emmett and Jude closer as Jude and Simple’s growing love for each other blossoms, but all is not well. When the ranch, Jude’s future, and Simple’s happiness are threatened, more than Emmett’s spirit faces a bleak future.

The Playwright by Carolyn LeVine Topol
The Male Room, Book 3
Contemporary, Novella
Buy E-book HERE

Nick’s writing partner and best friend is tired of watching his buddy screw his life away to overcome the heartbreak of his first great love affair, and he also thinks that a romantic comedy playwright should actually write what he knows!  Before Nick can wriggle out of it, he finds himself begged, nagged, and cajoled into a coffee date with one of the men who liked his profile at The Male Room, an online dating service for gay men.

No one is more surprised than Nick that the date is a success, and he’s interested in getting to know full-time news reporter and part-time theater critic Mark better. But better means closer, and the closer Nick gets to Mark, the more he remembers why he doesn't go for long-term relationships. Long term affairs just lead to heartbreak, right? Nick’s imagination runs overtime, and he’ll have to trust in his heart if he wants this love story to have a happy ending.

Clear Water by Amy Lane
Contemporary, Novel
Buy E-book HERE
Buy Print Book HERE

Meet Patrick Cleary: party boy, loser, and spaz. Patrick’s been trying desperately to transform himself, and the results have been so spectacular, they’ve almost killed him. Meet Wes “Whiskey” Keenan: he’s a field biologist wondering if it’s time to settle down. When the worst day of Patrick’s life ends with Whiskey saving it, Patrick and Whiskey find themselves sharing company and an impossibly small berth on the world’s tackiest houseboat.

Patrick needs to get his life together—and Whiskey wants to help—but Patrick is not entirely convinced it’s doable. He’s pretty sure he’s a freak of nature. But Whiskey, who works with real freaks of nature, thinks all Patrick needs is a little help to see the absolute beauty inside his spastic self, and Whiskey is all about volunteering. Between anomalous frogs, a homicidal ex-boyfriend, and Patrick’s own hangups, Whiskey’s going to need all of his patience and Patrick’s going to need to find the best of himself before these two men ever see clear water.

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Welcome Selena Illyria/Contest

Welcome my wonderful friend, Selena Illyria, who is a talented author who really knows how to enthrall her readers. All who comment are entered in to win a e-copy of Double Dipped. Please leave an email with your comment so we can contact you if you win.

Out Now!
Series: Sex and Chocolate
Excerpt Rating (PG-13) There she is!
Genre: Paranormal, Interracial, Shifter, Urban Fantasy, Ménage
ISBN: 978-1-60521-624-9
Burned by love, healing witch Melody decides to jump back into the singles pool after taking some time to heal herself. She meets two sexy brothers who turn her world upside down and make her feel good again. When love comes calling, will she accept it? Even if it comes in the form of two sexy shifters?
Buy Link:

Double Dipped
Selena Illyria
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2011 Selena Illyria

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

There she is again. Sean sipped his latte and watched as the curvaceous woman he'd spotted a few weeks ago moved to her usual booth in the corner, close to the window.

His inner tiger rolled over onto its side and began making a sort of purring sound that reverberated through him. His hands shook so badly, due to the vibrations, he couldn't hold his coffee. Stop that. The tiger picked up its head. The sound stopped. It let out a growl before rising and padding away into the darkness of its cell.

With a sigh, Sean shook his head. He knew he'd have to apologize for that later, make it up to the animal somehow, maybe shift and do a run in the woods at the back of his house. A short run.

Another sip of his latte and he sniffed the air. A light, floral scent drifted toward him, riding a burst of coffee, sweet pastry and bacon. He settled back into his chair and watched the mystery woman. She was wearing baggy clothing again, but the fabric couldn't hide the curves underneath. He could see her full breasts pressing against her top. The skirt might have hung slack, but it couldn't conceal her rounded ass and hips.

His cock jerked in his jeans. Since spotting her, he'd spent his nights stroking his shaft and fantasizing about riding her ass, feeling her back passage squeeze his cock so sweetly. Fire flooded his veins as the slow, simmering arousal spread from the pit of his stomach to cascade through his body in a tidal wave.

Breathing deeply, he closed his eyes and ordered the change back. He wasn't going to shift, not here, not now. His tiger wasn't going to take control of the situation and ruin things.

The big cat had become restless as of late. It had become more and more impatient as the days went by and Sean's bed remained empty, without the woman the feline felt belonged to them. Its silent impatience ricocheted around his body, demanding that he go kidnap the woman and mark her as belonging to him.

But not just him. His brother and his tiger had shown interest in her as well. Mitch had preached patience, but he wasn't the one who had a randy tiger close to mating heat inside of him.

"She's here. Good." Mitch took a seat next to Sean. The presence of his sibling eased away some of the sensual warmth threatening his control. The scent of strong, black coffee with a hit of milk and sugar drifted toward him, making his stomach clench.

"How the hell do you drink that stuff?" He downed the last of his latte and prepared to get up and get another one along with something to eat.

"Simple," Mitch grinned. "I put it in my mouth and swallow. Get me a bagel, will you? I didn't have time to make something before I left home. Didn't want to miss her."

Sean rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah."

He took the time to study her from a new vantage point. She had soft brown eyes, high cheekbones, full lips and smooth, creamy brown skin like milk chocolate. He wanted to see every inch of her exposed to his view. The fire thundered through him again.

His tiger growled, impatient. Go to her, it demanded.

Patience, he argued.

Sean sniffed the air, catching her scent. There was a sadness in her perfume, a quiver of uncertainty that made him want to take it slow. Well, that and Mitch. He wouldn't move without his brother. They were a pair, and if a woman couldn't accept them both, there was no deal. Mitch was all he had that mattered in the world. Their parents had died when they were little, and the local felines hadn't been hospitable. It was rough but at least he hadn't been alone.

His gaze settled on the woman again. She sipped her coffee and ate her breakfast slowly, as if she had all the time in the world to savor things. He loved that. Sean could only imagine her taking her time exploring him. A shiver raced down his spine to hum at the base of his back. His balls hardened as his cock pressed against his fly. Breathing slow and steady, in and out, he marshaled himself. His tiger padded out of the darkness, face set, determination sparkling in its eyes.

No, not yet, he told the animal.

The tiger snorted and turned, sauntering away. Its impatience rolled through him, leaving a dark stain in its wake. He could feel its frustration as if it were his own. If he wasn't careful, man and beast would become one.

Mitch looked relaxed and at home in his seat. He glanced up, blue eyes sparkling with mischief. "I think we should make our move next week. We've watched long enough."

Interracial author Selena Illyria was born with an overactive imagination. With great curiosity and a love of writing that pushes her imagination there are many worlds she'd love to explore, from paranormal to sci-fi from cyberpunk and beyond.

Are you willing, dear reader, to step into her worlds? If you do feel free to poke around. Mind the pixies. They can be very um... excitable by newcomers. *wink*

Email her at or visit her:

Fallen Lovers 1: Roman!
Genre: Paranormal, Interracial
ISBN: 9781936751099
Can a mere woman heal a fallen angel’s wounds?
Author Tristina Deveroux has been dreaming of a man—a tall, dark, sexy man whose nightly visits bring her to a fever pitch. But come morning, she always awakens agitated and unsatisfied—and alone. When her agent suggests a writer’s getaway in Scotland, Tristina can’t resist the chance to gain a little distance, hoping a change of scene will help her escape the dreams...

Buy Link:

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My Personal Review for Personal Training by Andrew Grey

I got to admit, these gym covers for Andrew Grey's Work Out series just get better and better. I ogle the eye candy and drool before I even open the book. Who wouldn't...just take a look at Personal Training's cover? Isn't it hot?

Andrew Grey is one of my favorite authors to read..mainly because his stories are rich in characters you cannot help but fall in love with. A talented author and a wonderful friend, Mr. Grey delivers another stellar gym story with Personal Training, book six in the Work Out Series.

Holton is determined to change his life by eating better and getting in shape. Signing up at the local gym, he meets Marcus, the manager there, and is immediately smitten with him. But Holton thinks a god like Marcus would even look at him much less want to be in a relationship with the likes of him. Marcus has become interested in Holton when he spies the shy man coming into the gym. Marcus finds out that even though they have some things in common after asking him out, Holton is gun shy and nervous around him. Can Marcus find a way to get Holton to trust him with his secrets even as he falls for the young man?

I got to admit, I never know if Mr. Grey would top his last book but I am pleased to say, he has done it again with the sixth Work Out gym story.  I love returning to a series where familiar and loveable past characters always pop in and out with abandon. In Personal Training, we meet the latest couple, Marcus, Manager of the gym and Holton, a man determined to get fit and not end up like his dad. I loved the connection between Marcus and Holton. You could feel the confusion and nervousness in Holton as he tried to figure out if Marcus was playing him or if this was a real thing. 

The writing was tight, story flowed nicely and Mr. Grey delivers a story that had a few twists to leave me gasping in disbelief. We also see some of the past Work Out Characters back and of course, Lonnie is also figured prominently as well with his smart alack remarks that had me laughing out loud. But first and foremost, this is a story of two people learning that the outer shell of a man has much more to offer than a pretty face and a body to die for. Mr. Grey does a wonderful job yet again in creating some memorable characters that feel like old friends. They are multi-dimensional, life like and definitely keep me coming back for more just to see what is going on in their lives. 

Personal Training is a wonderful addition to the Work Out series and one I am grabbing in print when the omnibus is out at Dreamspinner Press. I can't wait to see what else Mr. Grey has in store for the cast of characters in this series. Personal Training is a perfect jewel in a series full of memorable and lovable characters that steal your heart.

I highly recommend any of the Work Out Gym Series stories for an afternoon of fun, sensual reading adventure. Now all I can ask Mr. Grey is...More Please.

My Rating for Personal Training: 4.5 Stars

Find Personal Training at Dreamspinner Press HERE
All the Gym stories will be in a print omnibus on Sept. 9th at Dreamspinner Press. Pre-order HERE

Other books in the Work Out Series are....

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Welcome Gwen Campbell Today

Welcome the lovely and talented Gwen Campbell today to my blog. She has a hot new book out in her Love From the Ashes series, now available at Shadowfire Press.

It’s been a bad, bad month

It’s been a heckuva few weeks. The cat died, the dog’s sick, the phone and internet went down, and I didn’t get paid this month.
Yes it sounds like a weepy country and western tune. Unfortunately, it’s true.
I also found out the hard way that, if you have an insane, out of control blood pressure spike, it mimics a heart attack. So, one frantic 9-1-1 call later, and a houseful of firemen and paramedics, I found myself in the local emergency ward for fourteen hours.
Pretty much the first question everybody asked was what was I doing when the symptoms started. I was brushing my teeth. At this point, they all stop, blink, then stare at you in disbelief for a few seconds. Behind their blinking eyes, you can see they were expecting a response like I was exercising, or arguing with somebody, or there’d been a two-for-one sale on female Viagra and I just couldn’t let a bargain like that get away from me.
Note to self…don’t let your negative mullings overwhelm you while you’re brushing your teeth at bedtime. It’ll make your blood pressure spike, and you’ll get carted off to hospital without shoes, and have to come home wearing blue paper slippers.
We have great neighbours and this whole brewha reminded me of that. When my husband called, they came over, took the dog for the night, fed him better than we do, picked us up when I got released, and gave me flowers and some of their canned dog food the next day. There are times when you really need some help and I’m grateful I didn’t have to worry about who was taking care of the dog.
That night, he was on the mend and had a terrific time when all these guys showed up. As always, he was convinced they’d come to see him, got in the middle of all the bodies because, of course, they’d all want to pet him, shook off his collar when our neighbour was trying to lead him away, and wouldn’t budge. At eighty-eight pounds, that’s a lot of budge.
Anyway, at the hospital, I was in what they call acute care. Those curtains around your bed area give the illusion of privacy, but you’re still inside a big, open cavern. You hear everything. The two-year old who’d had a convulsion brought on by fever, and the frantic parents and grandparents. (The baby was discharged after a few hours, re-hydrated and medicated for his throat infection.) The thirty-something man who’d gone to work but couldn’t stop sweating, who was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat. The woman who’d stepped off the curb at an intersection, and been hit by a pick-up truck.
The police officer (tall, blond and hunky) who dropped by to talk to her, told her the driver had been charged, and the driver felt sick about what he’d done.
Another note to self…work tall, blond and hunky police officer into a storyline somewhere.
Anyway, the past couple of days made me realize that, while I’m squirreled away in my little office, working on my books and the business of writing, a whole world of stuff is going on out there. Sometimes the good bits impact you. Sometimes the bad. And some days…some days are more adventure than I was looking for.
Gwen Campbell is an award winning, multi-published romance author. Her website is Her latest book, just released by Shadowfire Press, is Recon. It’s a post-apocalyptic erotic romance where bad things happen to good people and, in the end, they find love. It doesn’t make the bad times better, but it does make them tolerable.

 Recon by Gwen Campbell
A Love from the Ashes Story, Book 2
Futuristic Romance
Shadowfire Press
Available HERE

Her sergeant and last line of defense, he wants her enough to break all the rules.

Corporal Paige Wynn liked serving as a medic in the Army. There was indoor plumbing and she got to sleep in a real bed every night. Her sheltered assignment became nothing but a memory when she was shanghaied and assigned to a front-line reconnaissance unit. Now she's the lone woman serving alongside a bunch of adrenaline junkie, jacked-up guerillas with old-west sheriff complexes. The year is 22GW...twenty-two years after the great war that killed ninety percent of the Earth's population...and her recon unit has the brutal job of infiltrating communities stuck in the dark ages, and deciding if they've got what it takes to build themselves up again.
Her sergeant's a combat veteran with his eye on the prize, as well as on Paige's prize ass. But a romantic hook-up in a covert unit is an absolute no-go. It would compromise their working relationship and endanger everyone around them. Too bad nobody told his heart that.

Friday, August 26, 2011

My Personal Review for Switch by Claire Thompson

I love Claire Thompson's books, especially as she explores the dynamics between two (or more) people in the BDSM world. She is on my auto-buy list and every few months I am picking up one of my favorite ebooks in print.

Switch introduces two characters I absolutely fell in love with. Both were doms and were strong, alpha males in different directions. Nathan is unassuming, content in having his D/s lifestyle kept in the privacy of the bedroom. Dane is a man who thinks he is all that and a bag of chips on the Austin BDSM scene. Stereotypical Dom with leather, chains and the showing off in public scene rooms at various BDSM clubs around town, he thinks he is the master in this world. That is true until a chance meeting with Nathan has his world turned upside down. Two doms battling for control and balance. It's not who will win but who will end up submitting tho their hidden desires and finding the promise of a love worth fighting for.

When Nathan came onto the first pages, I feel completely, irrevocably in love with the man. He is unassuming, doesn't need to swagger or brag about himself and was a plain nice guy with a heart of gold. He pushed every button I had with his quietness, strong demeanor and the sparks that fly between him and Dane...*shakes fingers and blows across them*...oh  my hot. I was afraid the computer screen would melt from all the heat these two were generating. These two guys are total opposites yet work together so well. They fit the other perfectly and I found myself flipping the pages just to see what would happen next for them both.

The internal struggle Dane has in accepting he has a submissive side, the intense scenes between both men as they struggle with themselves as they go on this journey as they try to figure out what this connection between the two really mean. The intense and emotional roller coaster between these two was just one part of the story I fell for. The sex scenes also add a dimension that had me squirming in my seat at times as well. The characters alone are worth reading Switch. They are engaging, complex and so wonderfully written, I was hoping to meet them at the local bar myself.

Ms. Thompson continues to show her readers she is the ultimate storyteller. She delivers complex and emotional stories that the reader can not help but fall in love with. No matter what your orientation, Switch will deliver more than two people finding their heart's desires but that in order to go out your comfort grounds, you need to embrace all of yourself, not just parts of you. I couldn't put Switch down and now have to grab this in paperback because I plan to re-read it again.

My rating for Switch: 5 Stars

Find out more about Switch HERE

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With the release of their erotica novel STEEL EMBRACE pending this month, we have handed our weekly blog over to Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane, writers published with Carnal Passion. ~ Angelica and Zi


Where do our ideas come from? That question is easy to answer. Observing the world about us. Sit in a park and you will see an elderly man woo a woman and she coo. Walk through a mall and listen to the curt and blunt jargon of the young people fencing for the purpose of partnering. Sit in any cafeteria and there are the endless interactions of man and woman offering and resisting, teasing and taunting, and yes, really sharing their loving feelings. Go to any club and you will easily notice that after a glass or two of liquid courage both men and women act out the risqué and tawdry scenes of connecting.

We believe our characters come from the essence of life.

The man in IT MAY BE LOVE is a collect of men that time has shared with us. His madness comes from the haunt associated with the fear of abandonment. His obsession to be controlling, is the culmination of a practical attempt to replace the rattle and shake of his emotional foundation with something more stable. Is he an evil man? Reading the entire manuscript may never disclose that. He may be just a regular man, scared and scarred.

The following is an excerpt from an e-mail the character sends to a woman he is pursuing:

An interesting quote for you… “True love is like seeing ghosts: we all talk about it, but few of us have ever seen one.” Penned by La Rochefoucauld, early 1600s… I charge you with this thought; believe in your dream(s)… take comfort in it (them)… know that your life-mate waits… but be open to accept him… I believe I shared with you before that it is wonderful to have dreams… but we also have to be requited by their coming true… basking and bathing in the joy of the knowledge that your dream has come true is in my eyes the most fundamentally sound act/action any of us can do for ourselves… so many of us want and want… it is for them the wanting that is the mission… they never know what to do when their dreams actually come true… so when they do, many want for something different… that is sad… I see the greatest reward of life is loving the same people forever.

Ghosts… I have seen a ghost… I lived with one… she was my neighbor… moved in with me after she died and her sister moved into her home… this is either a great story… or this boy is a wack-a-doo… to know me is to know the answer… I am smiling.

Me… complex… yet so simple.

So serious… so deep… yet so lust filled… could he be true… or just a distant dream… dream of me… and I’ll dream of you… where we might meet… our gentle waltz in the beams of moonlight… eyes that hug the other’s… silent desire shared… as we kiss in the subtle glare of a distant star… our belly’s butterflies dance in harmony… and when we fornicate in the midst of the shadows… fingers interlocked… hearts asking… soul’s answering… eventually, culminating so pleasantly that it awakens us… a smile of satisfaction reflects off your eyes… I just embraced my dream… you… and it was grand.

There is an old saying, “Let your love be like a misty rain, coming softly, but flooding the river.” As the years edge up on both of us we must be wise in that we trust our instincts and risk-taking enough that we can jump in with both feet… fully clothed.

Clothed… wet… clingy… that brings thoughts… your sorta busty… braless… an option you entertain… skinny dipping… a bath… together… is this too much information… I am asking for… just a thought… an old man teasing… with thoughts so pleasing.

The following, by Keats, is how I feel about this day’s possible love-to-be I have for you:

“I love your hills, and I love your dales,
And I love your flocks a-bleating—
But O, on the heather to lie together,
With both our hearts a-beating!”
John Keats

This is a naughty bounce your eyebrows kinda poetry… go Keats!

Channeling his spirit though not nearly his talent I share the following.

At our distance I share your hand
We on our back; a grassy hill’s land.
We silently watch the clouds morph
A unicorn… a teddy… a dwarf.
Energy silently races skin-to-skin
Our minds thoughts atwin-to-akin.
Like Tom knew the mind of Huck
We both understood we wanted to fuck.

Not quite Keat-like… but charming… he asks?.. or was the man far too bold?

Hugo helps me with, “What a grand thing, to be loved! What a grander thing still, to love!”… Sunny my love… love as powerfully as you can… its reward is awesome… its dance sexy… so, dance as hard as you can… and part of that time I’ll lead… and part I’ll watch in utter awe of you.

One more piece of me, given freely to you:

Kiss my senses with your words.
Enlighten my soul with your thoughts.
Be as loving to me as I wouldst be to you.
And if our hearts are to grow, it will be so.

So this day’s letter is of possible love-to-be… licked a little by lust… find the freedom in your being to accept it as intended… let it be your dance partner… and don’t worry who leads… it is the answer to who I might be… the man’s inner heart.

Might I ask
Do you
Would you
Do the oral task
I’ve a frown
You ask
You’re not goin’ down
Be my friend
Make my want end
I’ve a dread
Will you give me head

So with respect to our limited time together and to the thoughts within this letter, I’ll say, I love you m’Sunshine … accept this kiss of faith that you shall someday know love as powerfully as you wish.

This close slow dance with my thought on love is not about what is… but how I feel about what I’d like them to be if I ever discover love again… I hope I have not caused you to say… too much… too quick… whoa, dude… for I do understand we are not in love… but I thought you might like to know what I thought being in love meant to me.

Did you see his pain? Notice his controlling? Could you sense the frailty in his character? Again, consider, is this man good? Evil? Or just a blend of the everyman?

We hope so!

This is Zane saying... I want you... to read!


He plunged his shaft into her moist vagina, evading the dark hole; masterfully, once more bringing her to the brink. Hearing her whimper and implore for more became an aphrodisiac to his senses. The man had an appetite for power and hungered to feast upon those who submitted, and gave of theirs to him. As she coalesced to each claim he felt a deep emotional arousal that translated that control into his sexual energy. His heart raced, his pulse quickened, his skin moistened, and with all of this his penis grew, now throbbing with redirected blood. He thrust harder, stopped, started, stopped, until her pleading became incomprehensible, then he readjusted her weight, slid his cock along her ass cleft. At the same time, he snatched a small battery operated vibrator from the bedside table and slipped it inside her pussy at the exact moment he penetrated her, slowly, letting her adjust to him, measure by measure.

Her sexual nerve endings responded to the double penetration. Her movements reeked of animalistic pursuit. She panted like a hot feline. He doubted she could think or see anything beyond being taken. To him, she was a squirming toy--a tool to stimulate his pursuit. That she offered her total submission despite belonging to another only intensified the enjoyment of the moment. He grabbed her hair, yanked her head, arching her back as he invaded her fully now, ripping into her without caring if it still hurt, almost hoping it did. That willingness to take the pain vested further her commitment to him.


Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane are with Carnal Passion and also write as Angelica Hart and Zi as well as Dona Pena Tattle, Esq. and Associate Wrye Balderdash who are with Champagne Books and have a number of titles.

Their combined accomplishments include book publications in print and/or electronic versions of thirty-seven titles, twenty plus romance specific, EPPIE finalist for three books, Cecil Whig award, Hob-Nob Reader's Choice Award, Champagne Books Novel of the Year Nominee, Champagne Books Author of the Year Nominee. Plus, they have written over 500 shorts with numerous published in both nationwide and small press magazines, articles published in various local, city and statewide newspapers, including four as a Guest Columnist in addition to trade articles. Both are members of various writing groups

We'd love to hear from anyone interested in what we do. Anyone who writes us at and leaves an s-mail address, we will send you a gift and add you to any future mailings.

Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane

Angelica Hart and Zi

THE FABLE OF SIN-SIN CINDERELLA Series (monthly piece) piece)
Dawn's Reading Nook (Thursday's piece)

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Welcome Lacie Nation today

When did you seriously sit down, and say to yourself, I’m going to write a novel?

 I don’t think I ever said that. I’ve always written as a way of getting stuff off my chest. Apparently I have a lot to say because I ended up with a novel. LOL

If you were to start again, with the knowledge you have now, what would be the first thing you do? Never start a sentence with the word “it” and put commas where they go. There is so much I’ve learned, I couldn’t name them all.

Do you have the support of family and friends? Honestly, if I didn’t have my family and friends, I wouldn’t have had the courage to even seek publication. Every time I chicken out they are always behind me telling me I can do this.

Do you have a book coming out? If so what? My first novel comes out August 31, 2011 titled So Beautifully Broken. 

How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing? Everything I write has some sort of personal aspect to it. With So Beautifully Broken, I used a lot of very personal things to tell Lilly’s, the main character, story. The other characters also have little pieces of friends and family in them as well.

Do you have a set schedule for writing or do you just go with the flow? If I’m working on a project, I like to try and write every day. I don’t have a schedule though. If it’s not there, it’s not there.

What do you have coming up? Any teasers you want to give us? I actually just got a contract for my second book tentatively titled One Courageous Dare. It involves one scandalous dare, a soldier and a tragedy. It’s all about love and healing. 

What is your writing routine once you start a book? I have to have certain movies playing. LOL… with So Beautifully Broken I believe it was “Avatar,” I’m pretty sure my DVD is worn out.

What are your thoughts on love scenes in romance novels, do you find them difficult to write? I don’t find them hard to write if a scene calls for it. I’m a strong believer that a love scene will pretty much write it’s self if it’s meant to be.

What kind of research do you do? I mostly write from a very personal place so not much research is needed. Normally it’s for medical things or legal aspects of a story.

Fill in the blank favorites –
Dessert- Cheesecake.
City- Sea side California
Season- Winter.
Type of hero- Strong, and protective.
Type of heroine- Independent, strong willed, and fiercely loyal.

What are some of your favorite things to do, or your hobbies? I love horseback riding, I would ride everyday if I could. Strangely enough, I enjoy playing video games with my boyfriend. 

Who are some of your other favorite authors and/or genres to read? I’m a HUGE paranormal-romance fan. Josephine Angelini is a favorite of mine.

Which of your books has been the easiest to write? Once Courageous Dare just flowed. The hardest? So Beautifully Broken, it was hard to tap into those places to write some of the things I wrote.  The most fun? Writing in general is fun for me so they were both enjoyable.

Which comes first, the story, the characters or the setting? Honestly, I would have to say the setting. I will be cooking or cleaning and BAM a scene will pop in my head. I can’t do anything but turn that scene into a story.

If we asked your muse to tell us three things about you, what do you think they might say? HA… I would imagine he would say once I start something, I can’t put it down until it’s finished. Writing/reading takes up way to much of my time. I am my own worst critic.

What is your favorite season and why? Winter, I live in Georgia which until late Oct is extremely hot and humid. I don’t like the heat. 

Congratulations, your novel was just picked up by a major Hollywood studio. They are letting you cast the characters. Name the book you would choose to be made into a movie and who you think would play those characters.  I would have to say So Beautifully Broken. It’s the something that means a great deal to me. As far as characters go: Tyler Hoechlin as Jack Hollister. He looks the closest to what I picture Jack looking like, although he doesn’t have tattoos like Jack. As far as Lilly goes, I really can’t think of anyone right off the top of my head that I could see playing her.

If you could choose anywhere in the world to set up your desk and write, where would you like it to be? What’s so special to you about this place? I would have to say Seaside California, I spent some time there several years ago and I loved it. The climate, the people, just everything about it relaxed me.
 So Beautifully Broken
Coming to Secret Cravings Publsihing
August 31st
Lilly’s entire life has been filled with people who have manipulated,
violated, and hurt her beyond repair.  She is left feeling as though the
numbing affect of drugs is the only way to cope.  She’s back in her
home town now and starting a new job at Tilt.  What happens when
she meets a group of people who understand her pain and love her in
spite of it?  What happens when she meets Jack, her boss and former
addict?  Will she be able to live a life filled with love and people who
support her not tear her down?

Follow Lilly and Jack though their relationship as they fight demons
from Lilly’s past that come back with a vengeance.
Check out the Book Trailer HERE