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New Release from Destiny Blaine

Bestselling erotic romance author, Destiny Blaine, has a new book release from Resplendence Publishing. The long awaited Mary Had a Little Problem promises ménage romance readers a page-turning romance filled with hot love scenes and an unforgettable love story. Order your copy of Destiny’s romance of the year—Mary Had a Little Problem is out today:
Mary Worthington is a widow, or at least, she should’ve been. A former Navy Seals wife, her husband is killed in combat and Mary has a difficult time accepting the fact her husband isn’t coming home. Without a body to bury or witnesses to tell her what happened, there’s no way Mary can put the past to sleep until someone provides her with the truth about her husband’s final hours.
Trying to step out and socialize once again while pursuing facts about her husband’s death, Mary is introduced to Brock Taylor, a hard-core ladies man dedicated to the Marines and sharing himself with any woman who wan…

In the Hot Seat: Darlene Fredette

Welcome Darlene Fredette today to my blog. She has her debut book out at Secret Cravings and the cover alone has me intrigued. Give a big welcome to Darlene...

When did you seriously sit down, and say to yourself, I’m going to write a novel? I first started writing in my teenage years, but school, and then career soon took precedence. I continued writing and completed a full-length novel ten years ago.
If you were to start again, with the knowledge you have now, what would be the first thing you do? To not allow the long pauses in between writing to have control.
Do you have the support of family and friends? Most definitely! They are my support system. They push me when I need a good kick in the butt.
Do you have a book coming out? If so what? Keeping Secrets is my debut novel. I hope to follow up with another novel very soon.
How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing? Not so much my personality, because my heroine’s are more complicated than I am, lol! However, I d…

My Personal Review for Down and Dirty by G. A. Hauser

Are you looking for a hot, naughty story that leaves you hornier than a bed bug on crack? Then *waves a hand over the book cover, Down and Dirty*, grab Down and Dirty by G. A. Hauser. You got tattooed hunks, lots of BDSM play and a love triangle that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Now for my personal review of Down and Dirty.....

Meet Jean DeLac. A professor at a local collage, he decides to get one of his drawings in a tattoo. When he walks into Down and Dirty and meets Harry Callahan…all he can think is that his imagination was oh so wrong. From there he embarks on a sexual journey with the Callahan brothers that will leave him reeling even as he starts to fall for the one man who stirs feeling of something much more than lust. Can Jean accept that being shared between the two Callahan brothers means getting Down and Dirty?

When I started Down and Dirty, I was not thinking I would be drawn to any of the characters...until Jean, Harry and Clyde rolled up on the page. OH MY GO…

New Dreamspinner Press Releases Week of August 29th

To Adam with Love by Adrienne Wilder A Grey Zone Novel  Fantasy/Paranormal Buy in E-book HERE Buy in Print HERE
Adam’s mother brought him as a child to the Gray Zone, the no man’s land between the crumbling city and the Dens where the Kin—the dragons—and Lesser-Breds—their mixed-blood offspring—live. He was different, not completely Human, and she knew fear and prejudice would drive people to do horrible things… like a father trying to kill his son. Five years later, Adam’s father is behind bars and Adam has come home to the Zone, the last place anyone would expect innocence, loyalty, and devotion, to complete his becoming Lesser-Bred and find his best friend and only love, Ean.

But Ean has a life of his own. He’s always wanted to belong to Batu, the Male Kin who has watched over him since childhood, but now Ean’s caught in a deadly trap of biology and vengeance: he isn’t enough to feed his beloved Adam during the dangerous transformation, and Kin won’t allow an emotional bond…

Welcome Selena Illyria/Contest

Welcome my wonderful friend, Selena Illyria, who is a talented author who really knows how to enthrall her readers. All who comment are entered in to win a e-copy of Double Dipped. Please leave an email with your comment so we can contact you if you win.

Out Now! Series: Sex and Chocolate Excerpt Rating (PG-13) There she is! Genre: Paranormal, Interracial, Shifter, Urban Fantasy, Ménage ISBN: 978-1-60521-624-9 Novella: Blurb: Burned by love, healing witch Melody decides to jump back into the singles pool after taking some time to heal herself. She meets two sexy brothers who turn her world upside down and make her feel good again. When love comes calling, will she accept it? Even if it comes in the form of two sexy shifters? Buy Link:
Excerpt: Double Dipped Selena Illyria All rights reserved. Copyright ©2011 Selena Illyria
This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is n…

My Personal Review for Personal Training by Andrew Grey

I got to admit, these gym covers for Andrew Grey's Work Out series just get better and better. I ogle the eye candy and drool before I even open the book. Who wouldn't...just take a look at Personal Training's cover? Isn't it hot?

Andrew Grey is one of my favorite authors to read..mainly because his stories are rich in characters you cannot help but fall in love with. A talented author and a wonderful friend, Mr. Grey delivers another stellar gym story with Personal Training, book six in the Work Out Series.

Holton is determined to change his life by eating better and getting in shape. Signing up at the local gym, he meets Marcus, the manager there, and is immediately smitten with him. But Holton thinks a god like Marcus would even look at him much less want to be in a relationship with the likes of him. Marcus has become interested in Holton when he spies the shy man coming into the gym. Marcus finds out that even though they have some things in common after as…

Welcome Gwen Campbell Today

Welcome the lovely and talented Gwen Campbell today to my blog. She has a hot new book out in her Love From the Ashes series, now available at Shadowfire Press.

It’s been a bad, bad month
It’s been a heckuva few weeks. The cat died, the dog’s sick, the phone and internet went down, and I didn’t get paid this month. Yes it sounds like a weepy country and western tune. Unfortunately, it’s true. I also found out the hard way that, if you have an insane, out of control blood pressure spike, it mimics a heart attack. So, one frantic 9-1-1 call later, and a houseful of firemen and paramedics, I found myself in the local emergency ward for fourteen hours. Pretty much the first question everybody asked was what was I doing when the symptoms started. I was brushing my teeth. At this point, they all stop, blink, then stare at you in disbelief for a few seconds. Behind their blinking eyes, you can see they were expecting a response like I was exercising, or arguing with somebody, or there’d been a tw…

My Personal Review for Switch by Claire Thompson

I love Claire Thompson's books, especially as she explores the dynamics between two (or more) people in the BDSM world. She is on my auto-buy list and every few months I am picking up one of my favorite ebooks in print.

Switch introduces two characters I absolutely fell in love with. Both were doms and were strong, alpha males in different directions. Nathan is unassuming, content in having his D/s lifestyle kept in the privacy of the bedroom. Dane is a man who thinks he is all that and a bag of chips on the Austin BDSM scene. Stereotypical Dom with leather, chains and the showing off in public scene rooms at various BDSM clubs around town, he thinks he is the master in this world. That is true until a chance meeting with Nathan has his world turned upside down. Two doms battling for control and balance. It's not who will win but who will end up submitting tho their hidden desires and finding the promise of a love worth fighting for.

When Nathan came onto the first pages, I fe…


With the release of their erotica novel STEEL EMBRACE pending this month, we have handed our weekly blog over to Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane, writers published with Carnal Passion. ~ Angelica and Zi


Where do our ideas come from? That question is easy to answer. Observing the world about us. Sit in a park and you will see an elderly man woo a woman and she coo. Walk through a mall and listen to the curt and blunt jargon of the young people fencing for the purpose of partnering. Sit in any cafeteria and there are the endless interactions of man and woman offering and resisting, teasing and taunting, and yes, really sharing their loving feelings. Go to any club and you will easily notice that after a glass or two of liquid courage both men and women act out the risqué and tawdry scenes of connecting.

We believe our characters come from the essence of life.

The man in IT MAY BE LOVE is a collect of men that time has shared…

Welcome Lacie Nation today

When did you seriously sit down, and say to yourself, I’m going to write a novel?
I don’t think I ever said that. I’ve always written as a way of getting stuff off my chest. Apparently I have a lot to say because I ended up with a novel. LOL
If you were to start again, with the knowledge you have now, what would be the first thing you do? Never start a sentence with the word “it” and put commas where they go. There is so much I’ve learned, I couldn’t name them all.
Do you have the support of family and friends? Honestly, if I didn’t have my family and friends, I wouldn’t have had the courage to even seek publication. Every time I chicken out they are always behind me telling me I can do this.
Do you have a book coming out? If so what? My first novel comes out August 31, 2011 titled So Beautifully Broken.
How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing? Everything I write has some sort of personal aspect to it. With So Beautifully Broken, I used a lot of very personal …