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Free Read – a sexy BBW dance story

Today’s economy just isn’t what is used to be, and my heroine, Cassie has been out of work for over a year. Living with grandma doesn’t have many perks, and Cassie is desperate to get back on her own two feet. So desperate she’ll even try to get a job as a stripper!

She doesn’t get the job, but she does find a fresh opportunity in the arms of a professional ballroom dancer. Can he convince her she can do the job?

Thanks to the economic downturn, Cassie lost her job months ago and is living with her grandmother. Desperate to get her life back on track, she applies for a job as a stripper. But Cassie is plus-sized and competition is fierce. When the skinny girls are hired, Cassie’s heartbroken. Until mysterious dark-haired dancer Joaquin shows her what her body can really do – if she’ll only follow his lead.

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Author Bio and Contact:

Eva Lefoy writes and reads all kinds of romance, and is a certified Trekkie. She’s also terribly addicted to chocolate, tea, and hiking. One of these days, she’ll figure out the meaning of life, quit her job, and go travel the galaxy. Until then, she’s writing down all her dirty thoughts for the sake of future explorers.

Book Blast & Giveaway~ A Very Paranormal Chipmunk Christmas

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A Paranormal Chipmunk Christmas by Jackie Nacht
Publisher: MLR Press
Cover Artist: Zathyn Priest

It's time for the chipmunk brothers to take their bear and wolf home to meet the family for the holidays.

A vicious horde of chipmunks? Dallas and Gunner knew that meeting their mate's family wasn't going to be a walk in the park. How could it be when they had eighteen brothers and sisters? This bear and wolf are about to be put to the test, surviving this family holiday. Will they be able to escape just the four of them or will they be taking some of the siblings back to White Pine...involuntarily?

Categories: Holiday, Paranormal, Contemporary

Chapter One
Gunner gripped the armrest, stale air brushing over his face from the tiny fan above. He fucking hated to fly, he really did, but the destination was well worth it in the end. His mate, Phillip, sat next to him, smiling out the window as they flew toward Atlanta. Phillip and Nikko had grown up there and their mother had invited him and Dallas to spend the holidays with them. Gunner was all too excited to meet the family of his mate. Phillip talked about them often and Skyped with them frequently. Gunner had talked to a few of them, but he had a feeling that he was ill prepared for meeting eighteen of Phillip’s brothers and sisters.
The plane tilted, and Gunner blew out a breath, feeling his stomach churn, his eyes frantically searching for the tiny bag in the pouch in front of him but coming up empty. The seats had seen better days, and he focused on the tear in the corner of the seat in front of him until the plane leveled off, praying he didn’t throw up in his mate’s lap.
A hand touched Gunner’s sweaty one, and he glanced over at Phillip, who eyed him with concern. “Didn’t you take the Dramamine?
Gunner swallowed thickly. “I took three.”
“Three!” Phillip shouted in alarm, turning toward him. “You’re supposed to take one, no more than two.”
“I thought…” I was going to crash and die. “Being a bigger guy, it wouldn’t work, and it hasn’t.”
“When did you take it?” Phillip placed his soft hands to his forehead. Silly chipmunk, Gunner wasn’t running a fever, just feeling the effects of motion sickness and fear take hold of him. He might be a bit clammy, but hot he was not.
“Right before we took off, and I’m a big guy. It goes by weight.” Gunner blew out a quivering breath.
Phillip was staring at him, shaking his head as if he’d lost his damn mind. “You’re a doctor…”
“Dentist,” Gunner interrupted.
“You know better. This is going to knock you on your ass,” Phillip hissed at him. Gunner wasn’t sure what Phillip was worried about. His mate should be reading the damn emergency brochure because they were starting to have turbulence.
Oh shit! We’re gonna die!
Nikko stared at them from across the aisle. “What the hell is your problem? It’s not that bad.”
Not that bad.
He was going launch himself out of the seat and choke his brother-in-law. That is if he could unglue his hands from the armrest. Like the pieces of plastic would save him if they plummeted to their death, but the grips were a damn security blanket for him right now, so screw it.
Dallas shook his head from next to Nikko. “He hates to fly.”
“Well, it’s all fun and games until we’re dragging his ass all over Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. You know how big that airport is. Did you hear how much motion sickness medicine he took?” Nikko tattled on him to Dallas.
“They have a train,” Phillip defended him.
Nikko gave his brother an incredulous stare. “Then you carry him to the train yourself. By the time you’re through, you’ll look like fucking road kill.”

Tour Dates: December 19th, 2014

About the Author

Short, sexy and sweet— where a little love goes a long way.
That’s the best way to describe Jackie Nacht’s stories. She was introduced to M/M Romance through her sister, Stephani, and read it for years. Then, she thought it was time to put her own stories on paper. Jackie began writing short and sweet stories that ended with a happily ever after.
Thinking back to her own book addiction, where there were many nights Jackie stayed up way too late so she could read just one more chapter— yeah, right— Jackie decided to write short romances for young adults as well as adults. Hopefully, they will give high school and college students, or working men and women something they can read during their lunch hour, in between classes or just when they want to briefly get away from the daily stresses of everyday life.

Where to find the author:

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Thursday, December 18, 2014


(Ang walked into the office but Zi was not there... she went to the kitchen and there at the counter he was making gingerbread men cookies, but the men were not men but women)

A:  What are you doing?  (Grabs the discarded beaters and begins to lick.  Despite modern day warnings, she has been a licker since way back.  [Note to reader:  Get your mind out of the gutter]

Z:  Today is Bake Cookie Day... so I am baking.  (Wears his pharmacy store bought half glasses to better to see them with... yup, just like the wolf in Red Riding Hood)

A: [Double note to reader:  Ang has been eating too much sugar and it shows in her writing and on her hips.  {Rebuttal:  Does not!}]  Why did the cookie go to the doctor's office?  ...  It was feeling crummy.  (Smacks him on the back, thinking her joke hysterical.  His glasses fly off and land on Mitzi's head.  Ang takes a phone pic.  Mitzi takes the glasses under the couch.)

Z:  (Feigning eye problems)  Is the hair nice on these cookies?  I used tinted coconut.

A:  Blue?  (Finished with the batter on the beaters, she starts licking the bowl, not paying any attention to the strange look Zi is giving her... why the strange look... she was putting her face in the bowl... when she rose from it... smudges appeared all over her face and head... but she was happy)

Z:  They are punk!  (Focuses on his artistic endeavor with his transgender gingerbread cookies.  [note to reader:  not transgender... female... the cookie cutter did not have a notch for the male package... thus, other than trimming the waistlines and adding tittage they were the same... after due consideration... I guess they were transgender... never mind])

A:  (Lifts her head from the bowl, once more, batter creating clown lips)  How can you tell that a blonde has been baking chocolate chip cookies?  ... There's M&M shells all over the floor.

Z:  ( Not really listening, catching a word or two) They are not blonde but blue heads.  Give me your opinion.  Have I made the boobs too big?  (Affectionately rounds out a couple of his creations)

A:  Yes!

Z:  I could go bigger!  (Notices she had eaten the remaining batter and actually can't go bigger)

A:  They are fine.  (He returns to his project while she is watching)  This seems like a nice time to story you:

            The children were lined up in the cafeteria of a Catholic elementary school for lunch. At the head of the table was a large pile of shiny, bright red apples. The nun made a note, and posted on the apple tray: "Take only ONE. God is watching." Moving further along the lunch line, at the other end of the table was a large pile of huge chocolate chip cookies. A child had written a note, "Take all you want. God is watching the apples."

Z:  Give me your thoughts.  I have made the choggies more the 60s style with full bushish. 

A:  White coconut?

Z:  Yes.

A:  So they aren't naturally blue heads?




Luke spread one hand out toward his pets. “My Nuni, your Nina, thinks I need companionship and has provided me with all these dear pets as friends, but she has gone too far this time. Gaa, you’re a person.”


“My yenta of a grandmother has struck with her peculiar sense of love.”

“What are you talking about?”

“She has aligned each of our stars to collide.”


“My Nuni believes herself to a grand matchmaker.” He grimaced. “Sorry, Nuni, I love you.”

“I’m not following. Are you saying you are not privy to Nina’s plans?”

“Never. Let me please repeat, never! No one is. I mean, she found a medical book and started diagnosing everyone. My Nuni, I love her, has a tinge of wacky about her. And she does it all out of love.” He looked at Anya trying to coax her approval of his point.

As if in tune to the conversation, Baby provided an explanation. “Pretty girl.”

They both stared at the bird then back at each other.

“You're grandmother pimped me out?”

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Angelica Hart and Zi ~ Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane - -

Welcome Breathless Press Author Pippa Jay

Please give a warm welcome to Breathless Press author Pippa Jay as we talk about their new book, No Angel.

Can you please tell us about your latest/upcoming book(s)? It’s a futuristic urban fantasy short along the lines of Bladerunner with angels and demons. It centres around Lucien, formerly a guardian angel, but now condemned to serve Satan as an incubus for daring to kiss a mortal woman.
How did you come up with the idea for this story? It started with a submission call for angel stories from my publisher, but also from two TV/film characters: Peter Capaldi as the Angel Islington from the BBC’s TV adaptation of Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, and Jude Law’s Gigolo Joe from the film AI. Gigolo Joe does this move in the film where he half turns and swishes his jacket out around him, and it’s an image that’s really stuck in my head as something that would catch any woman’s eye (and probably mens’ as well). And Capaldi singing I’m In Heaven in Neverwhere is the same - not seductive as such, but quite mesmeric. I also had this really fun idea of who I wanted to cast as His Infernal Highness as the story - don’t know why or how the idea came about, just one of those flashes of insanity, but it’s amused some of my readers so far.

Who is your ultimate "book boy/girlfriend"? You know, that hottie you read about and drool over. Well, aside from my own characters, I have a real thing for Ethan, a Mechatronic Automaton from CE Kilgore’s space opera, Ghost in the Machine. And he’s blue, which happens to be my favourite colour. Did I mention he’s a machine? Maybe that’s why Gigolo Joe ended up as inspiring another of my characters too...

Who is your Celebrity crush? And what would you do if you ever meet them? Oh, David Tennant. Loved him as the tenth Doctor. I’d probably either gush horribly and embarrass myself or be too star-struck to squeak a word. Hoping for a hug might be too much...

If you could collaborate with another author on a secret project, who would you pick to work with and why? Jaine Fenn, who I admire as an author very much. But I think I’d be too scared to ever suggest it!

No Angel
Paranormal Romance
Breathless Press
Available at Publisher

How far would you fall for love?

Centuries ago, guardian angel Lucien committed a terrible sin. He gave into his own desires and revealed himself to the mortal woman he'd been charged to protect. By kissing her, he condemned himself. Torn of his wings and his angelic powers, thrown down into the City Below, Lucien now serves Satan as an incubus who claims souls for his master from the City Above, and who feeds on the energy stolen from his mortal lovers. Dark, sexy and charming, he's been top of his league for decades uncounted.

Until His Infernal Highness decides to send Lucien looking for a lost angel. Lucien has no idea what he did to deserve such a punishment, and the touch of an angel could destroy him. Yet the challenge and the potential kudos of seducing one of his former heavenly kin leads him on.

But when he finds the angel, he learns he still has more to lose than his already forsaken soul.

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Teaser Excerpt:

A new burning consumed his body. He wanted to reach out and hold her. Wrap his arms around her, and drown in her kiss. But even as he took one shaky step toward her, the light and goodness within her scorched him and he staggered back a step, one arm thrown up to shield himself.
"Lucien." Her voice washed over him like a sweetly scented summer breeze. He dared to drop his arm and look at her again.
"Miranda." Her name came out as a growl, and he cursed himself for it.
Her frown deepened. "Lucien, what's happened to you?" She took a step closer and he shied away. No matter how she'd come to him, welcomed him, her angelic powers could still be deadly. "Oh, my love, what have you become?"
My love. The words cut him as deeply as the priest's forgiveness. The pain stirred his resentment. She had been the cause of his fall. The reason for his torment. And now she was scolding him for it?
"What I am is what you helped turn me in to." He raised his head, glared at her. "What I am is because of you."
She shook her head. "Is that really what you think? That it's all my fault?" Tears glimmered in her eyes. "I've watched you for a long time now. Waiting for the right time to come to you. I've seen how your existence has come to trouble you more in the last decades. How the tasks set to you have crushed what remains of your soul."
Lucien snorted. "My soul? I lost that with my heart. And my wings."
"No. You didn't. You hate what you do. You sealed your heart in stone to protect yourself, but you can't bring yourself to fully give into the darkness, no matter what."
Lucien shuddered. "You're wrong."
"You know I'm not." She took another step toward him, and though he tried to back away he found himself trapped against the brick wall. She put up her hand, palm outward, as if to touch him. His breath stalled in his chest and his whole body might just as well have become stone. He couldn't move.

About the Author

After spending twelve years working as an Analytical Chemist in a Metals and Minerals laboratory, Pippa Jay is now a stay-at-home mum who writes scifi and the supernatural. Somewhere along the way a touch of romance crept into her work and refused to leave. In between torturing her plethora of characters, she spends the odd free moment playing guitar very badly, punishing herself with freestyle street dance, and studying the Dark Side of the Force. Although happily settled in the historical town of Colchester in the UK with her husband of 21 years and three little monsters, she continues to roam the rest of the Universe in her head.

Pippa Jay is a dedicated member of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade, blogging at Spacefreighters Lounge, Adventures in Scifi, and Romancing the Genres. Her works include YA and adult stories crossing a multitude of subgenres from scifi to the paranormal, often with romance, and she’s one of eight authors included in a science fiction romance anthology—Tales from the SFR Brigade. She’s also a double SFR Galaxy Award winner, been a finalist in the Heart of Denver RWA Aspen Gold Contest (3rd place), and the GCC RWA Silken Sands Star Awards (2nd place).

You can stalk her at her website, or at her blog, but without doubt her favorite place to hang around and chat is on Twitter as @pippajaygreen.
You can also find her on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Wattpad

Blogs –
Adventures in Scifi -
Spacefreighters Lounge -

Discover Sinful Rewards Six and talking with author Cynthia Sax

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Talking with author Cynthia Sax.....

Has there been any characters that started off as supporting characters, but then developed into a more prominent character?

Cynthia Sax: Almost all of my minor characters have a potential to be heroes or heroines in their own stories. Sinful Rewards is a love triangle. Bee is torn between a billionaire with a dark secret and a bad boy biker. One of these hunks won’t find love. I’d love to write a story around him.

When and where do you like to write? Are there any favourite places you like to go?

Cynthia Sax: I prefer to write fresh words every morning (when I’m able). I dream of my story at night and wake up inspired, ready to write. I face a blank wall when I write. The lack of distractions allows me to fully focus on my story. I’d love to write on the deck of a cruise ship, overlooking the sea.

Who has been the biggest influence in your writing?

Cynthia Sax:  Before I met my dear wonderful hubby, I didn’t truly believe in love (and definitely not love at first sight) and I didn’t have a solid understanding of what a lasting, loving relationship consisted of.  There’s a bit of him in every hero I write.

What has been the defining moment in your career that made you think “Yes, I am now a writer!”?

Cynthia Sax: When I first received money for one of my stories. I was a journalist for a daily and a weekly newspaper in high school. I didn’t realize that someone would pay me for writing! It was a crazy, life-changing concept.

How do you like to relax after a day writing?

Cynthia Sax: Writing is my relaxation. I’ll always be a reader first though. There’s nothing like escaping into another world, living another living, going places, doing things, meeting people I never could in the real world.

If a movie or TV production company chose to produce your books into a series of shows or movies, who would your ideal cast be?

Cynthia Sax: For Sinful Rewards, I’d love Natalie Portman to play Bee. I understand she’s vertically challenged also so she would sympathize with Bee’s challenges. Nicolas’ role could be played by Diego Boneta, the Latino heartthrob in Pretty Little Liars. Nicolas has the same gorgeously thick dark wavy hair. Hawke is a tough role to cast. How about Hafthor Julius Bjornsson aka The Mountain from Game Of Thrones? Although Hawke has a much sweeter personality, he has the same size and not-so-handsome face.

How much of your own personality bleeds into your characters?

Cynthia Sax:  Part of the fun of writing is NOT being ourselves, exploring views of the world we wouldn’t necessarily hold. For example: I’m not overly concerned about my appearance yet Bee, the heroine in Sinful Rewards, is a fashionista. I’m not a great cook. She is.

BUT the emotion is real. I know what it is like not to fit in. I know what it is like to be responsible for other people, to not have the luxury of thinking only about myself when making life decisions.

If you weren’t a writer, what would you be doing?

Cynthia Sax: Before I wrote full time (thanks to the dear wonderful hubby covering the bills), I was in business, new product development to be specific, and I loved it. There’s a reason I write about billionaire executives. I spent a lot of time in the boardroom (and not in a sexy way – though some of the executives I worked for were pretty darn hunky – grins). There’s a reason I used to call those men ‘Kings of the universe’. Power rolled off their suit-clad shoulders in heavy waves.

Sinful Rewards # 6
A Billionaires & Bikers Novella # 6
By: Cynthia Sax
Releasing December 16th, 2014
Avon Red Impulse
Add to your Goodreads Shelf 

Bee Carter has spent a lifetime creating her good-girl persona. Three harsh words uttered in anger shred this carefully crafted fa├žade, testing her relationships.

Nicolas, her handsome billionaire, is hiding a decades-old secret. Bee's scandal will draw unwanted attention to his dark past, placing the real estate empire he's built and the employees he manages in peril. Hawke, her tattooed bad-boy biker, protects the rich and famous. His high-profile clients won't want their bodyguard to be linked to Chicago's wild woman.

Both men desire her, craving her touch with a white-hot passion, but who will risk everything to stand by her side—her biker or her billionaire?

 Adult Teaser Excerpt:

The doorbell rings mere seconds later. “Aargh.” I stalk across the main room, unable to handle more deliveries. “Make it stop.” I swing the door open, aggravated.

“I’ll make it stop, sweetheart.” Hawke stands before me, clad in his ugly black T-shirt, his faded blue jeans, and big army boots, his tanned skin covered with a sheen of moisture as though he ran the entire way. He’s big and broad, a mountain of a man, and there’s no one I trust more with righting my world.

“Hawke.” I throw myself at him, my heart pounding.

He catches my smaller body, cups my ass, and lifts me upward, pressing me against his solid form, the barbed wire tattoo encircling his right bicep rippling.

“I’m here.” Hawke walks into the condo, carrying me easily, and I link my fingers behind his neck, never wanting to let him go. “Everything will be okay,” he assures me as he kicks the door shut behind him.

“I don’t know how anything will ever be okay again,” I mumble into his neck, inhaling his unique scent, a combination of engine grease, leather, and man. “I’ve put my best friend in danger.” I gaze up at his rugged countenance, the silver scar on his chin a reminder of his difficult life. “I—”

Hawke covers my lips with his, the force of his kiss driving my head back, evaporating my thoughts and tightening my nipples. I open to him, welcoming my badass biker into my mouth, our tongues dueling, dancing, drawing us together, meshing us into one being.

My fingers spread over his skull, his hair short and soft under my palms. Hawke’s chest flattens my breasts. His defined abs undulate against my fabric-covered pussy, the pressure exciting me. He strokes into me, the stubble on his chin blazing a trail across my skin, and I respond with no inhibitions, sucking on his tongue as I wish to suck on his cock, tasting him, savoring him.

There’s no fear of Hawke judging me, rejecting me. He embraces my wild nature, encourages my perversions. With him, I’m safe, accepted, worthy.

He falls backward, his ass smacks against the leather couch cushion, and I bounce on top of him, the contact driving my arousal upward. His massive hands slide up my back, the friction delightful. I arch, rubbing my taut nipples against him, frustrated by the layers of clothing between us.

He breaks our kiss and rests his forehead against mine, the tips of our noses touching, both of us breathing heavily. “Who are you thinking about, love?”

“What?” I blink at him, my brain fuzzy with passion.

Hawke smiles his lopsided smile, his white teeth flashing in his tanned face. “Exactly.” He nips my bottom lip. “When we kiss, you don’t think about anyone else.”

Buy Links:  Amazon | Barnes | iTunes

 Author Info
Cynthia Sax lives in a world filled with magic and romance. Although her heroes may not always say, "I love you," they will do anything for the women they adore. They live passionately. They play hard. They love the same women forever. Cynthia has loved the same wonderful man forever. Her supportive hubby offers himself up to the joys and pains of research while they travel the world together, meeting fascinating people and finding inspiration in exotic places such as Istanbul, Bali, and Chicago.

Author Links:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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Welcome Breathless Press author Erzabet Bishop today

Talking with author Erzabet Bishop today....

Can you please tell us about your latest/upcoming book(s)?

Hi Dawn and thanks for having me. I'm Erzabet Bishop and my latest book is called Holidays in Hell. It's about an incubus who has one more soul to claim for his contract…but he falls for her instead.

How did you come with the idea for this story?

The idea originally came to me for an anthology topic. Christmas and kink. You just can't get better than that for subject matter. Think about all the naughty ideas you can come up with for garlands and candy canes. I'll say no more…

Who is your ultimate "book boy/girlfriend"? You know, that hottie you read about and drool over.

Every single one. Lol. I have to fall a little in love with the characters of each book I read or I  just put it down and walk away.

Who is your Celebrity crush? And what would you do if you ever meet them?

That's a good question. I so rarely watch television. Maybe the cast from American Horror Story. Now that would me amazing. So would meeting Laura Antoniou or Anne Rice.

If you could collaborate with another author on a secret project, who would you pick to work with and why?

I have never collaborated save for group projects for an anthology or a box set. It would be amazing to work with New York Times or USA Today bestselling authors to see how they handle things differently…It just so happens I am involved with a group right now with some of those very traits so I'll let you know what I find out.

Now check out Erzabet's latest release, Holidays in Hell

Holidays in Hell
Publisher: Breathless Press
Author: Erzabet Bishop
Heat level: 4
Pages: 54 approximately
Deck the halls with all things kinky. Jonas is an incubus with an incurable lust for gingerbread and holiday lights. When he finds himself falling for Holly Pendleton, the woman he has marked as the final soul to end his contract, he faces a heart wrenching decision: take what he needs to feed his hunger or sacrifice himself for the woman who has lit his own demonic soul on fire. Tied up with red ribbons, Holly just might be Jonas's deepest Christmas wish and the one woman who could set him free.
"It's twisted." Mallory sniped, her tone coolly disapproving. Grabbing Jonas by the arm, they trudged down the main street of the Old Towne shopping district, dodging tourists and rabid consumers on a mission.
"You’ve lost your mind completely. Here? At a shopping mall? Seriously?"
"Why not? It's not like they'll even notice." Jonas glanced in Mallory's direction and stared after the white coat of a woman he'd just seen in the crowd. It was strange, but it almost seemed like she was following them. Jonas didn't care. He stuffed the panic down and resumed his vigil. Somewhere out there was his last conquest. He just had to find her.
Holiday music piped through the air and the smell of chestnuts roasting wafted toward the crowd. The Carver Hills Old Towne Winter Carnival was in full force and it warmed Jonas’s soul to see it. Throwing caution to the wind, he let out another burst of energy and sent it spiraling into the crowd. What could it hurt? He was here on a shopping expedition of his own, and it wasn’t for the latest transforming doll or gadget. Nope. Lust was his mission. He was hungry.
"Because..." Mallory's voice trailed off as she patted the squirming dog in her purse. Terrance yipped and gave an indignant growl. Stuffed into a red sweater, the little black Chihuahua looked absolutely miserable.
 "Oh my God, Jonas. Why do you have to always pick the toughest crowd? It's a needle in a haystack."
“You’re entitled to your opinion. I, for one, am going to check things out and find something, or someone, to eat." Jonas's lips curved up in a smile at Mallory's irritated and completely unladylike snort.
"Mallory, if I want a cheeseburger I'll go to a drive-through. I want something a little more substantial. And that means I'm going to have to work for it, okay?"
She stared at him, a mutinous look on her face. Terrance yipped and she reached down absently to pet him. He shook, trying to curl himself into a ball inside Mallory's large gold purse but having a hard time.
"You'd better get him in out of the cold. The little guy's shaking like a leaf."
"He's fine," she snapped.
"Okay. Don't say I didn't warn you when his little bladder decides it's time to void all over your cell."
"Ugh! Jonas. That's disgusting. Terrence wouldn't do that, would you, honey?" Mallory reached down and gave the dog a kiss on the top of his smooth black head.
The dog whined and shook.
"Go on, Mal. I'll be fine." Please. So I can get down to business.
 He knew what he wanted. Lust was, after all, his personal vice of the seven deadlies. It really didn't matter the form. It was usually sex that got people into trouble, but any old lust would do. And right now, he wanted to indulge in a little proclivity of his own. If Mallory would leave him the hell alone, that is. The need was there and it was clawing at his gut relentlessly. But so was the desire to revel in the holidays. If things went badly, it would be his last ride on the bus, so to speak. He didn’t want to miss a thing.
 This was his most favorite time of year. Christmas. Twinkling lights. Tacky reindeer yard ornaments. Tinsel. Garlands. Ah, the things you could do with a garland. A little tricky rope work and a willing partner and you had yourself your own little bondage Christmas carol. A happy smile tilted up the corner of his mouth. It was funny as Hell, really. A lust demon with a fetish for Christmas ornaments.

About the author:
Erzabet Bishop has been crafting stories since she could pound keys on her parents’ old typewriter. She has only just learned that it is a whole lot more fun writing naughty books.
Although she is new to Breathless Press, she is a contributing author to several websites and magazines and has an extremely impressive backlist of more than 50 books, articles and short stories and was also a finalist for the GCLS 2014 awards in two separate categories. She will be releasing several new titles through Breathless Press in the coming months.

She lives in Texas with her husband and furry children, and can often be found lurking in local bookstores. She loves to bake, make naughty crochet projects, and watch monster movies.
When she isn’t writing, she loves to review music and books.
Follow her reviews and posts on Twitter @erzabetbishop.

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