Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Personal Review for Down and Dirty by G. A. Hauser

Are you looking for a hot, naughty story that leaves you hornier than a bed bug on crack? Then *waves a hand over the book cover, Down and Dirty*, grab Down and Dirty by G. A. Hauser. You got tattooed hunks, lots of BDSM play and a love triangle that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Now for my personal review of Down and Dirty.....

Meet Jean DeLac. A professor at a local collage, he decides to get one of his drawings in a tattoo. When he walks into Down and Dirty and meets Harry Callahan…all he can think is that his imagination was oh so wrong. From there he embarks on a sexual journey with the Callahan brothers that will leave him reeling even as he starts to fall for the one man who stirs feeling of something much more than lust. Can Jean accept that being shared between the two Callahan brothers means getting Down and Dirty?

When I started Down and Dirty, I was not thinking I would be drawn to any of the characters...until Jean, Harry and Clyde rolled up on the page. OH MY GOD..Harry had me at the first moment he stepped onto the page. Sexy, Tattooed and so drool worthy I felt unworthy to be in his presence. Then his adopted brother, Clyde, came onto the page and I almost fell off my chair as I tried to still the burst of lust I felt for them both. Add in a sexy professor, Jean and I felt like I hit the lottery.  JACKPOT!!!

The characters are quite enjoyable, life-like and definitely deliver a complex story amid the sex scenes that had me on the edge of my seat. Not to say the sex scenes were nothing. *shakes fingers* On the contrary, they literally were so damn hot I was afraid I would need to call the fire department to cool off the computer. Ms. Hauser is a talented author who know how to deliver an erotic story that hits all the right buttons. Sexual tension simmers through out the entire story and the ending was one I sure didn't see coming. It was quite a surprise to me. The sex scenes helped enhance the connection between Harry, Clyde and Jean perfectly. They didn’t take over the story as some others do but enhanced the complex relationship growing between the three men. 

 If you like your books naughty and full of intriguing characters with a few twists thrown in, then grab Down and Dirty. Down and Dirty is just that-a dirty, dirty book that will steal your heart in the end. Author G. A. Hauser has a new fan and I so can not wait to check out this author's back list titles to see what else I can find to amuse me.
All I can ask this author is..can we get more of "Dirty" Harry, Jean and Clyde in the future?

My rating for Down and Dirty~ 5 Stars and a recommended read

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GA Hauser said...

Thank you so much for the amazing review! Yes, you can be sure you will get more of those men in an up and coming, (pun intended) novel. GA

Dawn Roberto said...

YAY *dances with glee* More Harry, Jean, Sam and Clyde stories.

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