Saturday, August 27, 2011

Welcome Gwen Campbell Today

Welcome the lovely and talented Gwen Campbell today to my blog. She has a hot new book out in her Love From the Ashes series, now available at Shadowfire Press.

It’s been a bad, bad month

It’s been a heckuva few weeks. The cat died, the dog’s sick, the phone and internet went down, and I didn’t get paid this month.
Yes it sounds like a weepy country and western tune. Unfortunately, it’s true.
I also found out the hard way that, if you have an insane, out of control blood pressure spike, it mimics a heart attack. So, one frantic 9-1-1 call later, and a houseful of firemen and paramedics, I found myself in the local emergency ward for fourteen hours.
Pretty much the first question everybody asked was what was I doing when the symptoms started. I was brushing my teeth. At this point, they all stop, blink, then stare at you in disbelief for a few seconds. Behind their blinking eyes, you can see they were expecting a response like I was exercising, or arguing with somebody, or there’d been a two-for-one sale on female Viagra and I just couldn’t let a bargain like that get away from me.
Note to self…don’t let your negative mullings overwhelm you while you’re brushing your teeth at bedtime. It’ll make your blood pressure spike, and you’ll get carted off to hospital without shoes, and have to come home wearing blue paper slippers.
We have great neighbours and this whole brewha reminded me of that. When my husband called, they came over, took the dog for the night, fed him better than we do, picked us up when I got released, and gave me flowers and some of their canned dog food the next day. There are times when you really need some help and I’m grateful I didn’t have to worry about who was taking care of the dog.
That night, he was on the mend and had a terrific time when all these guys showed up. As always, he was convinced they’d come to see him, got in the middle of all the bodies because, of course, they’d all want to pet him, shook off his collar when our neighbour was trying to lead him away, and wouldn’t budge. At eighty-eight pounds, that’s a lot of budge.
Anyway, at the hospital, I was in what they call acute care. Those curtains around your bed area give the illusion of privacy, but you’re still inside a big, open cavern. You hear everything. The two-year old who’d had a convulsion brought on by fever, and the frantic parents and grandparents. (The baby was discharged after a few hours, re-hydrated and medicated for his throat infection.) The thirty-something man who’d gone to work but couldn’t stop sweating, who was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat. The woman who’d stepped off the curb at an intersection, and been hit by a pick-up truck.
The police officer (tall, blond and hunky) who dropped by to talk to her, told her the driver had been charged, and the driver felt sick about what he’d done.
Another note to self…work tall, blond and hunky police officer into a storyline somewhere.
Anyway, the past couple of days made me realize that, while I’m squirreled away in my little office, working on my books and the business of writing, a whole world of stuff is going on out there. Sometimes the good bits impact you. Sometimes the bad. And some days…some days are more adventure than I was looking for.
Gwen Campbell is an award winning, multi-published romance author. Her website is Her latest book, just released by Shadowfire Press, is Recon. It’s a post-apocalyptic erotic romance where bad things happen to good people and, in the end, they find love. It doesn’t make the bad times better, but it does make them tolerable.

 Recon by Gwen Campbell
A Love from the Ashes Story, Book 2
Futuristic Romance
Shadowfire Press
Available HERE

Her sergeant and last line of defense, he wants her enough to break all the rules.

Corporal Paige Wynn liked serving as a medic in the Army. There was indoor plumbing and she got to sleep in a real bed every night. Her sheltered assignment became nothing but a memory when she was shanghaied and assigned to a front-line reconnaissance unit. Now she's the lone woman serving alongside a bunch of adrenaline junkie, jacked-up guerillas with old-west sheriff complexes. The year is 22GW...twenty-two years after the great war that killed ninety percent of the Earth's population...and her recon unit has the brutal job of infiltrating communities stuck in the dark ages, and deciding if they've got what it takes to build themselves up again.
Her sergeant's a combat veteran with his eye on the prize, as well as on Paige's prize ass. But a romantic hook-up in a covert unit is an absolute no-go. It would compromise their working relationship and endanger everyone around them. Too bad nobody told his heart that.

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