Friday, August 26, 2011

My Personal Review for Switch by Claire Thompson

I love Claire Thompson's books, especially as she explores the dynamics between two (or more) people in the BDSM world. She is on my auto-buy list and every few months I am picking up one of my favorite ebooks in print.

Switch introduces two characters I absolutely fell in love with. Both were doms and were strong, alpha males in different directions. Nathan is unassuming, content in having his D/s lifestyle kept in the privacy of the bedroom. Dane is a man who thinks he is all that and a bag of chips on the Austin BDSM scene. Stereotypical Dom with leather, chains and the showing off in public scene rooms at various BDSM clubs around town, he thinks he is the master in this world. That is true until a chance meeting with Nathan has his world turned upside down. Two doms battling for control and balance. It's not who will win but who will end up submitting tho their hidden desires and finding the promise of a love worth fighting for.

When Nathan came onto the first pages, I feel completely, irrevocably in love with the man. He is unassuming, doesn't need to swagger or brag about himself and was a plain nice guy with a heart of gold. He pushed every button I had with his quietness, strong demeanor and the sparks that fly between him and Dane...*shakes fingers and blows across them*...oh  my hot. I was afraid the computer screen would melt from all the heat these two were generating. These two guys are total opposites yet work together so well. They fit the other perfectly and I found myself flipping the pages just to see what would happen next for them both.

The internal struggle Dane has in accepting he has a submissive side, the intense scenes between both men as they struggle with themselves as they go on this journey as they try to figure out what this connection between the two really mean. The intense and emotional roller coaster between these two was just one part of the story I fell for. The sex scenes also add a dimension that had me squirming in my seat at times as well. The characters alone are worth reading Switch. They are engaging, complex and so wonderfully written, I was hoping to meet them at the local bar myself.

Ms. Thompson continues to show her readers she is the ultimate storyteller. She delivers complex and emotional stories that the reader can not help but fall in love with. No matter what your orientation, Switch will deliver more than two people finding their heart's desires but that in order to go out your comfort grounds, you need to embrace all of yourself, not just parts of you. I couldn't put Switch down and now have to grab this in paperback because I plan to re-read it again.

My rating for Switch: 5 Stars

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Tara Lain said...

I love Claire Thompson! Great review. gotta get my paws on this book. : )

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