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Book Spotlight & Giveaway for Dark Wolf Enterprises

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The big break Trudy Hollander’s small accounting firm needs has finally arrived, but unfortunately it comes with murder, mayhem and Kristof Farkas, a man she just can’t seem to resist. Even worse, Kristof is the CFO of Dark Wolf Enterprises—the one person who can pull the plug on the job that will take her company to the next level.

And then there are the assassins who can jump from three stories up and still be able to run away…

Kristof has no intention of giving in to his inner wolf and claiming Trudy. She’s human. Too fragile to withstand being a shifter’s mate. But the need to protect her is stronger than his resolve, and his desire is more powerful yet. He’ll fight with everything he has to keep her safe, both from those who would hurt her, and from himself.

Enjoy an excerpt:

Kristof leaned back against the car as the police vehicles came to a screeching halt not too far from him. Two officers jumped from the vehicle with guns drawn and trained on him and Lajos.

“Don’t make a move! Put your hands up where I can see them!”

“Aw, this is just great,” Lajos said.

Kristof put his hands up and clasped them behind his head. “Do as the nice humans have asked,” he whispered.

“Are you the punks that broke into the house?” one of the officers asked, as he looked down the barrel of the gun.

“No officer. My brother and I have an appointment with Gertrude Hollander. When we arrived we noticed her kitchen window had been broken. We looked through the window and saw some men trying to break down one of the doors inside.” Kristof tilted his head toward Lajos. “This is my brother Lajos. He broke the front door down to try to capture them while I went to the back to head them off.”

“Uh huh, so where did these other men go?”

“They got away sir.”

“Sure they did,” the officer said, not too convinced.

Kristof resisted the urge to glare at the human. “We just flew in from Michigan. I have my wallet in my pocket. If you’ll allow me, I’ll retrieve it for you.”

“Sure, and while you’re getting your wallet you can also get out your gun.” Both officers laughed. “Keep your hands up. My partner will get your wallets. One move and I’ll make your night.”

At that, Kristof did glare. But he stood still as he was patted down and his wallet removed. After the officer finished with Lajos, with wallets in hand, he went back to his partner. “Their ID says who they say they are.”

His gaze flickered to two women, one holding a dog, the other in curlers, and a man walking toward them. Although the dog no longer barked, he recognized them both instantly. The wolf in him stirred.

She drew closer and stood behind the officers. He didn’t have enough time to appreciate her before, but now there was no mistaking. Gertrude Hollander was beautiful. She was taller than most human females and had a shape he could appreciate. She didn’t look like one of those starving female models that human men seemed to fawn over. No, she had curves—nice curves.

“Ma’am, are you the one who called the police?” The police officer asked.

“Yes, Officer.”

“Are those the men who tried to attack you?”

When her gaze rested on him, he saw that her eyes were the prettiest green he’d even seen. Then she looked to Lajos and then back to him. “N-no.”

“Take a good look. Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. The other guys were the same ones that broke into my business yesterday. They were paler than these two, bigger and had on all black. Their hair was longer too.”

“These two say they had an appointment with you, is this true?”

Her eyes instantly brightened. “Oh my God!”

She rushed forward and his wolf sniffed the air that she stirred. His wolf pushed forward. Kristof closed his eyes to control the shift. Not now.

About the Author:A. M. Griffin is a wife who rarely cooks, mother of three, dog owner (and sometimes dog owned), a daughter, sister, aunt and friend. She’s a hard worker whose two favorite outlets are reading and writing. She enjoys reading everything from mystery novels to historical romances and of course fantasy romance. She is a believer in the unbelievable, open to all possibilities from mermaids in our oceans and seas, angels in the skies and intelligent life forms in distant galaxies.

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Book Spotlight- Sean's Sweetheart

Layer by layer, Talia peeled away his resistance.

Sean has spent five years cleaning up his life. He’s shoved his past behind him and built a profitable business in the town’s most popular dance club. Falling in love with a college sophomore wasn’t in his plans. But, from the moment he rescued Talia, she brings out his every protective instinct. He tries to resist getting involved on a personal level. Talia’s persistence, however, is stronger than his will.

Despite just ending an abusive relationship, Talia finds an instant connection with a man unlike any she’s dated before. Older, tattooed, and totally inappropriate for her, Talia couldn’t keep Sean off her mind, especially once he calls her “sweetheart” in that deep drawl of his.

When Talia is in danger, they discover just how strong their relationship is. Can Sean and his sweetheart make things last when horrors from their pasts come back to haunt them and family seems determined to keep them apart?

Excerpt 1
With his hand on the small of her back as a guide, he directed her out the back door to the service alley. He led her over to a big black Harley and held a helmet out to her.
“Uh…” A motorcycle? Why couldn’t he have a sports car or a truck? Of course a tattooed bartender would drive a motorcycle.
The smug look on his face made her want to prove his assumptions wrong. Prove to him she wasn’t a goody-goody, scared shitless to climb on top of a motor with wheels and fly down the road under someone else’s control.
“It’s this or you call someone.”
Screw that.
She snatched the helmet from his hand. Talia gave him the address and fiddled with the strap, trying to figure out how to adjust it. His hands came up to tighten it for her and their fingers brushed. She sucked in a deep breath at his touch. His low chuckle took that spark of anger and kindled it into a blaze of desire. With the street lamps behind him, she couldn’t read his expression. His hand closed over hers for a brief second before he jerked it away. He straddled the bike and pulled his own helmet on.
She climbed on behind him and he started the motor. Talia jumped at the sudden roar of the engine and clung tight to his broad back. His chest shook with laughter beneath her hands. Talia relaxed a bit as the bike moved and they didn’t crash. She slid her arms around his waist and started to enjoy the ride, to enjoy the feel of holding a man.
She’d never been on a motorcycle before. Had never wrapped her arms around a complete stranger like this, either. She didn’t know his name, but she knew the strength in his muscles and the rhythm of his breathing. When she hugged him tighter, her fingers slipped through the button placket on his shirt. Instead of removing her hand, she combed through the tangle of hair on his chest, surprising herself with her boldness. His hand dropped back to squeeze hers for a moment, but he didn’t pull her hand away.
The ride ended too soon when he rolled the bike to a stop in front of her house. She stumbled getting off the bike, but he caught her before she face-planted on the sidewalk. He even walked her up to the door and waited behind her on the porch while she tried to unlock it. Her trembling hand dropped the keys and he bent to grab them before she could react.
“My name’s Sean, by the way.” He unlocked the door for her and handed her keys back.
“Sean. That’s a very nice name. It fits you. I’m Talia.” Did he expect to come in? They had just met and she still had a boyfriend, at least until she could find the nerve to dump the jerk. She’d never been the cheating type.
He leaned one broad shoulder against the wall next to the door and stared down at her. Shadows hid part of his face from her, but his eyes glittered in the dim light.
Sean’s chest rumbled with a deep chuckle. “Would you’ve said the same thing if I’d told you that my name was Bruno?”
A giggle snuck out. Bruno? Not a chance Bruno would fit him.

Excerpt 2
Sean let Talia clasp his hand in her small soft one as she led him across the parking lot. He shouldn’t encourage her like this, but he couldn’t bear to dim her eyes with disappointment whenever he pulled his hand away. Her brother and father stood looking over the loaded pickup. They caught the tail end of an argument between Zane and his dad as they walked up.
Her father grunted. “That couch is damn heavy and once we go up and down those stairs twenty times with all those little boxes, we’re gonna be too tired to carry that couch upstairs. I swear the darn thing is made of lead.”
Releasing his hand, Talia wrapped her arms around her dad from behind in greeting. “Would it make you feel better if I said I brought someone to help with the heavy lifting, Daddy?”
The older man glared in response as Sean shook hands with Zane. He reminded the older man of his name and stuck his hand out in greeting. Her dad’s eyebrow rose, but didn’t offer his own hand in return. Well, alrighty then. Would it kill him to be polite?
The older man scowled at him and said simply, “Sam Richmond.” The overprotective father crap was getting old.
Zane broke the tension. “Okay, Dad, we will do it your way. Sean, you think you can handle one end of the couch while Dad and I get the other? It’s really heavy. I didn’t realize how heavy, until Dad and I were loading it by ourselves. I, for one, am glad you are here.”
He nodded and the three of them pulled the couch off the truck. Talia tried to help, but Sean told her to just grab a box, he didn’t need her underfoot when they went up the stairs. Zane snickered at the glare on her face, but didn’t comment on it until Talia stomped up the stairs ahead of them.
“You are a brave man, Sean. Brave, I say. You haven’t seen her temper yet, have you? She acts all sweet and shy, but she’s a little hellion when you piss her off. And I think you may have done just that.”
Sam chuckled at Zane’s words, but didn’t say anything as they carried the weighty couch up, pausing at each landing to angle it around the support posts in the breezeway.
Once they got it to the landing of the third floor, Sean could see Talia standing with her arms crossed outside the locked door of her brother’s apartment. She looked angry. Crap, Zane was right. He was in trouble. Where’d that spirit go when she was dating that asshat?
They eased the couch down next to the door and Zane dug the keys out of his pocket to unlock the door. Shoving past her brother, Talia snatched up her box and stomped inside. Sam laughed out loud. “Yup, she’s mad.”
Sean sighed and shook his head. Well, at least he’d made her dad laugh even if it was because he’d pissed Talia off. The heavy couch put up a hell of a fight going through the door. They finally battled it through and had to take a minute to catch their breath. The crashes and bangs coming from the kitchen made Sam and Zane both snicker.
Zane elbowed Sean, mock-whispering, “Good luck.”
When the other men started back down the stairs to get more boxes, Sean followed the noise to Talia. With her back to him, he watched as she slammed the cabinet door with such force it rattled.
“Hey, I didn’t mean to upset you out there,” he murmured. As he laid his hand on the small of her back, she tensed at his touch.
“You said I was in your way. Do I look like a child? Or maybe you think I am too stupid to get out of the way?” Her eyes flashed in anger as she spun to face him.
“Now, I never said that. I just didn’t want you to get hurt, that’s all.”
“I thought you were different, Sean. Caleb always treated me like I was too stupid to breathe on my own, and I won’t go through that again. I can’t.”
“I really didn’t mean it like that. I should have phrased it differently, I can see that now. I’m sorry.” He didn’t get how he’d called her stupid, but he enjoyed seeing this side of her. He’d have to piss her off more often if she’d look at him like that. It was a heck of a turn-on for her to be confident enough to stand up to him. He liked his women to have some spunk. Damn, she’s gorgeous when all worked up. He wondered if her eyes filled with such fire when she made love.
He moved closer and she retreated in response until she bumped into the counter. Tilting forward and placing his hands on the granite next to her hips, he surrounded Talia with his arms. He whispered low in her ear, “Anyone ever tell you how stunning you are when you are mad? Your eyes are sparkling and so damn expressive. Sweetheart, you’re really making me forget that we need to be just friends.”
He nuzzled her throat, inhaling her sweet scent. Her hands reached up to fiddle with the button placket on his shirt. When she leaned toward him, he knew she’d forgiven him. She shuddered and he pulled back to look at her. When she licked her lips, he couldn’t take it anymore. Fuck being just friends. He needed to taste her again. Groaning, he bent his head toward hers. A mere second before his lips touched hers Zane kicked the door open and walked in with another box.
Biggest cock-block ever.

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Author Bio:
As a busy mother of five, Allie sneaks time to write between breakfast and tickles. Always a Kentucky girl at heart, she currently makes her home near Nashville. 
Author links:

Book Spotlight and Giveaway for Just Stay

Check out Aria Grace's Just Stay, her next book in the More Than Friends Series. Don't forget to enter the contest at the end of the post to be in the running for a $25 Gift Card to Amazon, iTunes, or AllRomance plus a signed paperback of Just Stay.

Just Stay
More Than Friends Book Four
Publisher: Surrendered Press
Cover Artist: Sexy Men Pix
When Spencer agreed to help take down the leader of a Portland crime family, he didn't realize he'd end the night with the bloodied body of an unknowing accomplice in his arms. His initial interest in Dylan was purely physical but when Dylan stepped in front of Topher's gun and saved Spencer, the lust quickly turned into something more. Something he wasn't sure he'd ever find in the fast-paced dot com world he was from. 

For mature readers.

Categories: M/M Romance

He looks over his shoulder at his back, straining to see the smeared blood. “This should be fun.”
I turn around and step back to him. “Oh, right. Well, um, I can, you know, help with your back…if you want.”
Dylan’s eyes drop to my crotch and slowly trail up to my face. “Sure, if you don’t mind.”
I silently follow him into the bathroom. He turns on the bath faucet and sets the temperature. Looking down at his boxers then back at me, he steps over the side of the tub and lowers himself into the rising water, careful to keep his bandages dry. “Ahh, that fucking hurts but it feels good.”
I reach for the bar of soap and unwrap the delicate paper surrounding it. Dipping it in the water with a hand towel, I lather it up. “Lean forward a little.”
Dylan looks deeply into my eyes before scooting forward and resting his cheek on the side of the tub. With gentle strokes, I wash away the smears of blood on his back and side. When there isn’t anything left on his back, I hold my breath and move the towel to the outside of his bronze bicep.
One eye peeks open and Dylan smiles faintly without stopping me. “I could just fall asleep.”
“Well, I probably can’t lift you out without hurting your shoulder so try to stay awake for another minute.” With much more force, I run the sudsy towel over the front of his torso, stopping about an inch from the waist band of his wet boxers.

Sales Links:

Tour Dates: December 29th, 2014

About the Author

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Aria enjoys the year round sunshine and laid back environment of the west coast. She lives with her husband and two children on a quiet hill that gives her lots of time to read and write. Her first series was a semi-traditional look at sexy gigs found online. She has now ventured into the exciting M/M world of gay erotica. She loves to hear from readers so please feel free to drop her a note or visit her at

Where to find the author:
Twitter: @ariagracebooks


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Cover Reveal for Melting Into You

Check out the smokin' hot cover for Cassandra Carr's newest book, Melting Into You. 

Blurb:  Seth Mason's life as a macaroni and cheese food truck owner in Austin, Texas, is pretty good, except for one thing: he'd like to find a man to share that life with. As part of an organization Seth founded, he donates leftovers to the local homeless shelter, and meets Ben, a new employee. He's a preppy guy, and very much not Seth's usual type, but the attraction is strong and not going away.

Ben's just moved to Austin from Connecticut to take a job as a case manager at the Austin City Mission, the first time he's left home and family. But only a short time after he starts work, he meets a man who, though he looks like an extra in a surfing movie, intrigues him. He's hardly seen what life in Austin has to offer, and yet finds he wants to discover that with Seth's help.

The passion burns hot between them--hotter even than Austin in the dog days of summer, and neither man can deny it. As they grow closer, both must decide if they have the necessary ingredients for lasting love, or if the relationship will go up in smoke.

Author bio
Cassandra Carr is a multi-award winning romance writer. When not writing she enjoys watching hockey and hanging out online. Cassandra's books have won numerous "Best Book Of" awards and her novella Unexpected Top was nominated in the E-book Erotic Romance category of RT's Reviewers' Choice Awards.

She thinks the best part of being a writer is how she writes about love and sex while most others struggle with daily commutes, micro-managing bosses and cranky co-workers. Her inspiration comes from everywhere, but she'd particularly like to thank the Buffalo Sabres, the hockey team near and dear to her heart.
For more information about Cassandra, check out her website, "like" her Facebook fan page or follow her on Twitter.

Submission Call from Manlove Romance Press


What’s harder for a Soldier/Marine/Airman/Sailor than leaving on a deployment? Returning. Whether it’s for R&R or redeployment. Whether it’s yesterday or years ago. The happiness, anticipation and fear (yes, fear) are there. The memories of those they left behind were strong while they were gone; the might have been buried deep for survival but they were there. The memories that they bring home are just as strong. 

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: March 1, 2015 – stories will release May 22, 2015 for Memorial Day

Everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day!

From the celebrations in Chicago and New York to the quiet hills of Ireland, everyone dons green on March 17th. The veil between the worlds is the thinnest it is all year. Celebrate all that is Irish on this day. From green beer to the Blarney stone, from green-dyed rivers in the US to an ancient castle in Ireland – the settings are as endless as the legends of Ireland.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: January 10, 2015 – stories to release on March 13, 2015

Raise Your Heart Rate
What is it about a man in a white coat? Ooooh, or scrubs? Why does that make a heart rate accelerate and other things raise? The man behind the degree (whether it’s a medical or nursing degree) does more for his patients and their families than just practice medicine in some cases. 
Rev Your Engines
Put on some leathers. Piercings? Tattoos? Straddle a motorcycle. Then hit the road. The bad boys catch our attention and our imaginations. What would happen on the open road? What about back at a club’s bar.Motorcycle clubs are family. Breaking in to one or out of one could be the death of someone. In this close nit group figuring out love could be a challenge. 
Any questions can be sent to Kris Jacen at
Submissions should be sent to

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Breathless Press Day with Mia Epsilon

Talking with Breathless Press author Mia Epsilon

Can you please tell us about your latest/upcoming book(s)?
When You Believe is a love story and also a story of the love between townspeople in small town America. Monica and Dan are already in love, it's staying in love they have a bit of trouble handling. the town of Abbeville is struggling and then a very mysterious stranger shows up and weird things begin to happen.

How did you come with the idea for this story?
My friend and fellow BP Author Monica Corwin hosted a 'write-a-thon' one weekend to aid the Wounded Warrior Project ( I had no clue what to write about but knew I had to write, and a lot, to benefit this worthy cause. So I was watching an episode of 'Urban Legends' and this segment came on. I recognized the story and my muse began chattering away. I began to write and got the 'bones' of When You Believe written in that weekend.

Who is your ultimate "book boy/girlfriend"? You know, that hottie you read about and drool over.
Joren from Decadent Kane's 'Steele Your Soul'. Pirate Captain. 'Nuff said.
Roarke from JD Robb's 'In Death' series. Irish poet God. 'Nuff said.
Alex & Gabe from Kirsten Blacketer's 'Shadow Guardian' series. Knights.
Michael from Devika Fernando's When I See Your Face.  Small town boy.

Who is your Celebrity crush? And what would you do if you ever meet them?

Ben Cumberbatch and he could just look at me with those blue eyes. I'd be a very happy lady. if I ever got finished staring at him, I'd love to ask what he likes to read and the shows or movies he watches.

If you could collaborate with another author on a secret project, who would you pick to work with and why?
Any of the Wonderland Special Edition authors because they are an utterly fabulous and amazingly gifted group of writers.

When You Believe
Weddings by C&C Book Three
Breathless Press
Available at Publisher / Amazon
Add to your Goodreads Shelf

Monica has deep roots in the small town of Abbeville and manages the local coffee shop, which serves as the hub of town news. Deeply in love with Daniel, she still can't help but notice the gorgeous stranger, Micheal, who seemingly appears out of nowhere. When Dan begins to pull away from her, what's a girl to do? Tempted to sit home and cry, Monica is determined to push through the uncertainty. Does that mean exploring new options?
Daniel carries secrets he can't share with anyone, even Monica. He's a man with no past and no relatives, so he doesn't believe he deserves a bright future. Pulling away from Monica, his love and the closest thing he has to a family, he believes is the only way she can truly find happiness. But when tragedy strikes Abbeville will the man with no roots become its savior? Or will he discover Micheal's true reason for appearing among them?
Book Excerpt:
"Am I interrupting something?" Dan came in the door and stood just inside, his expression confused. "Is everything okay?"
"No. Amber is convinced Michael is some assassin here to kill someone for Jamie Manning who's part of the Irish mafia." She pointed at Dan as he burst into laughter and glared at Amber. "There. See how ridiculous you're being?"
"Oh, that's too funny. Adam and Emily would get such a kick out of that. I bet Chief Owens would, too." Dan bent over as he continued to laugh. "Come on that's too silly to be real."
"Well, okay, so maybe it is." Amber conceded with a hard note in her tone. "But you have to admit the guy is weird and freaky things happen around him."
Dan straightened and walked over to put an arm around Monica's shoulders. "He is, I agree. But he's no killer. He grabbed the Marley kid out of the street a few weeks back. And Monica told me how he saved Anna from falling right before she gave birth to the twins. No assassin does nice things like that."
"So what's his last name? And where is he staying?" Amber demanded. "I'm going to find out before something really bad happens. Then you two will have to eat your words." She stomped off to the back room, shoulders and spine stiff straight.

About the Author
Mia Epsilon lives with her ever patient and tolerant soul mate hubby in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, USA. She's an avid reader of almost anything but particularly romance, with too many favorite authors to name. Mia is a huge Doctor Who fan, isn't so certain about the writing in the new series yet absolutely adores the new Doctor and his Scottish accent. She also happily suffers a chocolate addiction which causes her to visit her favorite chocolate store, The Chocolate Fetish an abnormally high number of times.
Mia can most often be found at her computer spinning new tales or in a quiet padded nook (a nook, she swears, not a padded room) with her e reader happily engrossed in a new story. She's currently hard at work on her series 'Weddings by C & C' and trying to build its reputation from 'just another wedding story' to 'OMG you have GOT to read this book!' She appreciates all reader input and comments on her Face Book, Twitter, Amazon and Good Reads pages. Her released titles include: 'Wedding Belle Blues', 'Take a Chance on Me', 'When You Believe', and 'That Night' along with a short story in The Wonderland Tales 'Leave Your Hat On'.

Blog: Authors, Books & Chocolate: The True ABC's of Life
Face Book: MiaEwrites (Mia Epsilon Author)
Twitter: Mia Epsilon @MiaEpsilon
Breathless Press home page: Mia Epsilon

Book Spotlight~ Life on the Leash

LIFE ON THE LEASH By Victoria Schade On sale September 18, 2018! Trade Paperback • Price: $16.00 • ISBN: 9781501191671 eBook ...