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A: (Ang stood in full custom as she entertained, acting out with exaggerated facial expressions, arms waving, adding a tap dance despite the rug beneath her tap shoes and the fact she never had a single tap dance lesson... yes... her form jiggles... wiggles... and giggles with joy-filled zeal)

It was late Halloween and three young vampires went into a club and walked up to the bar.

“What will you have?” the cool looking bartender asked.

“I’ll have a full glass of warm blood,” the first replied.

“I’ll have a full glass of warm blood, too, thanks,” said the second.

“I’ll have a full glass of warm plasma,” said the third.

“OK, let me get this straight,” the bartender said, “That’ll be two bloods and a blood light?”

Z:  (Just stares at her... dumbfounded... speechless!)

A:  Ang bounds to her left... then to her right, grabs a baton out of the corner and sort of twirls it.  She thinks herself in complete vaudeville mode, tosses the baton, it nearly misses her head but she keep at it)

A  giant vampire bat came flapping in from the night covered in fresh red blood and parked himself on the roof of the cave to get a good night's sleep.

Pretty soon all the other vampire bats smelled the sweet blood  that covered the giant vampire bat and began hassling him about where he got it.

He told them to go away and let him get some sleep but they persisted until finally he gave in.

“OK, follow me,” he said and flew out of the cave with thousands of  flying vampire bats behind him.

Down through the valley they went, across a river and into a forest full of trees.

Finally he slowed down and all the other vampire bats excitedly milled around him.

“Now, do you see that tree over there?” he asked.

“Yes, Yes, Yes!” the vampire bats all screamed in a frenzy.

“Good” said the giant vampire bat, “Because I sure as hell didn’t!”

Z:  (Zi is astonished by her choice of costume and does not hear any parts of her story)

A:  (Her dance changes to her rendition of ballet, pirouetting and twirling)  Where does a ghost go if they want to swim?

Z:  (Silence follows as his eyes parrots every movement she makes)

A:  Where?

Z:  (Zi provides no audible reaction)

A: The Dead Sea!  (She screams it out, arms up in the air as if just making a touchdown)

Z:  (Sighs)

A:  (An epiphany slashes her like ice water from a bucket.  She stills and mutters)  I will never tell him stories again, while dressed as Elvira.  This top barely holds the girls in.




“Have you found a job?” he asked.


“No. I am considering options.”


“Why did the wizard wear red braces?”


“Why?” She looked at him wondering.


“To keep his knickers up.” He smiled as if a sheepish boy, bounced his eyebrows, and squeezed her hand playfully.


Indeed she needed to kiss him, being stirred by the coltishness. In Kati’s vision, she erected an alcove, one cut off from the main flow of traders, vendors, and pedestrians. Her mysterious nameless man led her

there, and she didn’t prevent him. Of course, she would never allow this in reality, but this was her musings, and she intended to surrender to all sorts of possibilities. Might he drag her by the hair as would a otherworld primitive? She liked that idea. Would he commander her to strip? Willingly she would

concede. Would he ask or take? Of course he’d take.

“What did the conjurer say at the end of long tiring day?”


“I going gnome.”

So puckish she wanted more of him.

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Angelica Hart and Zi ~ Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane - -

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Discover Shauna Aura Knight

Talking with author Shauna Aura Knight...

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
The best word for me is probably multigeek. I was raised on Starwars, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth and Ladyhawke, so it wasn’t really any surprise that I became a fantasy artist and author. I’m always cooking up something, whether that’s a story, a painting, doing graphic design work, or planning an event. I once built a life-size Jabba the Hutt to decorate a party. One of these days I’d like to host a Faerie masquerade in Chicago.

What is your book(s) about?
Werewolves in the Kitchen is about Ellie, a young woman who moves to a retreat center. She’s trying to get clarity on her life, but she develops a crush on two sexy guys working in the kitchen. Little does she know that they also have the hots for her…and also, they are werewolves. Ellie doesn’t quite know what throws her for more of a loop—the werewolves thing, or that she wants to be with both of them.

It’s a short novella but a very sexy, smoking hot read.

What are you currently working on?
Actually, I’m just finishing up a short story sequel to Werewolves in the Kitchen called Werewolves with Chocolate. It’ll be offered as a freebie for people on my mailing list. I’ll also be releasing a novella, A Fading Amaranth. Alexandra’s psychic abilities have made it impossible for her to be in a relationship until she meets Nathaniel, a vampire who has lost his muse. When a Faerie monster begins stalking the streets of Chicago, they face dark magic and danger.

What do you do when you’re not writing?
I’ve always got a dozen irons in the fire. I write fiction and nonfiction, and I’m also an artist and a graphic designer, I do my own covers and I do graphic design and covers for other authors. I also travel and teach. In other words, I keep pretty busy with creative projects.

Are any of your characters like you?
Definitely. I give most of my characters a little piece of myself. Often one of my own deeper flaws; it makes them more interesting to write, and gives them a bit of an edge.

What genres do you write in?
Right now, paranormal romance and urban fantasy, but soon I’ll have some epic fantasy and scifi romance coming out.

Do you have a favorite quote from your book?
“Kyle groaned. ‘If you dress up as Red Riding Hood, Jake and I are completely not responsible for our behavior.’ “

If you write a series do you reread your previous books before you begin the new one?
I do. I want to get back into my characters heads and remember how they talk. Particularly in writing the short Werewolves story I wanted to get back into Jake and Kyle’s banter.

When writing, how do you keep track of timelines, ideas, inspiration and such? By notes on the computer, a notebook perhaps?
For the most part, I can keep plots, timelines, and ideas in my head. Unless we’re talking about one of my epic fantasies which takes place over decades or even hundreds of years, or making up the language they speak. Once I start writing a story it goes into its own document. I don’t write in a linear way, so I write scenes as I’m inspired to. That’s how I’ve ended up with 60 novels partially finished. These days my task is just finishing them!

I’m always looking for book recommendations. What books have you been reading? Would you recommend them?

I read a lot of Emma Holly, Angela Knight, and Sherrilyn Kenyon. Some recent authors I’ve enjoyed are Jory Strong (particularly her Inked Magic and Inked Destiny) and Erin Kellison’s Shadow Bound.

Werewolves in the Kitchen
Genre: Paranormal romance (MFM ménage)
Series: This is the first book of the SpiralStone series
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens Press
To buy:

When Ellie moved to the SpiralStone retreat center to figure out her life, she expected peace, quiet, and spiritual practice. She had no idea that the two sexy men running the kitchen would seduce her…much less at the same time. Kyle and Jake turn out to be wilder than they seem and Ellie finds herself wrapped up in devastating magic. She must choose: stay with Jake and Kyle and risk who she has been, accepting the dangerous world of shapeshifters? Or leave them and risk madness, or worse?

A Very Spicy Excerpt from Werewolves in the Kitchen:

Jake turned the shower on while Kyle kissed her senseless. Ellie threaded her fingers into Kyle’s short blond curls, and suddenly Jake was behind her, untying her shorts. Kyle drew her top up, and she could feel Jake’s bare chest against her back.

She was just in her bra and panties when Kyle released her to pop the button on his jeans. Then he kissed her again, nipping his way down her body.

Jake made an appreciative noise from behind her, and she turned her head. He kissed her, grinding his hips against her buttocks. Distracted by Jake kissing her, she gasped when Kyle brushed his fingers over her mound, rubbing her through her panties. He nipped at her hip, and she felt him dragging her underwear down. She tugged him up and kissed him.

“Shower first,” she murmured.

Kyle grinned, placing her hands on the waistband of his jeans to tug them off. Her jaw dropped just a little as his length sprung out. “Oh my,” she whispered.

He drew her to him and into the steaming shower, kissing her. Jake closed the glass shower door behind him; it was just big enough for three. She took them both in before they drew closer.

Jake tipped her head back into the water to wet it before he began lathering up her hair, his fingers massaging her scalp as she blissed out.

Kyle grabbed a washcloth and washed her from shoulders to feet until she shivered. Ellie blushed and protested when his fingers slipped between her folds until she moaned. Jake claimed her lips as Kyle began to circle her pearl where she was slick with arousal. “So wet, baby.”

Jake slid his hands over her body, down to her buttocks, lathering up her back with body wash as Kyle drove two fingers into her pussy.

She cried out into Jake’s mouth at the sensation. She’d never been kissed like this before—the hot water falling on them, Jake’s tongue lapping at her lips even as Kyle was pleasuring her where she’d been swollen and hot for them for so long.

Ellie moaned, thrusting down onto Kyle’s fingers. How many times had she blushed, fantasizing about them doing this to her? She was already on the edge of orgasm from the thrill of having them both totally focused on her pleasure and so many days without release.
Kyle circling her pearl had her gasping for breath against Jake’s lips. “That’s it,” he murmured, stroking in and out.

Their touches finally drove her over the edge. Ellie cried out, bucking, and they had to hold her up as her knees gave. Jake kissed her, and then Kyle kissed her, and she threaded her fingers through both their hair while they murmured sweet things, petting her.

“Feel a little better?” Kyle asked, and she blushed.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Jake grinned.

She panted, knowing the two of them were not done with her yet.

Bio for Shauna Aura Knight:
An artist, author, and presenter, Shauna’s work is inspired by the mythic stories of heroes, magic, and awakening mythic imagination. She’s a fantasy artist and author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy including Werewolves in the Kitchen, A Winter Knight’s Vigil, and The White Dress, the Autumn Leaves. Her mythic artwork and designs are used for magazine covers, book covers, and illustrations. She also travels nationally offering intensive education in the transformative arts of community leadership, facilitation, and personal transformation, and is the author of numerous articles and books on those subjects. 

Book Spotlight & Giveaway~ RJ Scott & Chris Quinton's Heat


Available from Love Lane Books, Amazon and All Romance EBooks

The Book

Serving up passion, family, love and hate, with a side order of arson.

Lewis has lost nearly everything, and now it seems that Devon is here to take the last thing he has left - working in his beloved restaurant, Laurels. But when an arsonist threatens everything Lewis loves, he realizes sometimes everyone has their ghosts, and he discovers an unexpected ally who is prepared to risk everything for him.

* * * * *

Set in the small cathedral city of Salisbury, Master Chef Lewis Mandineau no longer owns the Laurels, the restaurant that had been in his family for generations. Betrayed and robbed by an ex-lover, he's had to sell to Carnegie Enterprises, an American corporation. That isn't all Lewis has to contend with. Rachel, his beloved younger sister has been left severely hurt by the car crash that killed their parents, and taking care of her has to be his priority.

Enter Devon Trelawney III, sent to assess the viability of the restaurant and its staff. Devon knows all about family tradition. But he also knows sentiment has no place in business matters, and the Laurels' potential is swamped by the debts it has accrued. Devon is a hardheaded businessman, first and foremost, but Lewis and Rachel test his resolve in different ways. Soon Devon is forced to admit that what seems like an impossible love can sometimes become something very real.

Author Bios

RJ Scott has been writing since age six, when she was made to stay in at lunchtime for an infraction involving cookies. She was told to write a story and two sides of paper about a trapped princess later, a lover of writing was born.

As an avid reader herself, she can be found reading anything from thrillers to sci-fi to horror. However, her first real true love will always be the world of romance where she takes cowboys, bodyguards, firemen and billionaires (to name a few) and writes dramatic and romantic stories of love and passion between these men.

With nearly seventy titles to her name and counting, she is the author of the award winning book, The Christmas Throwaway. She is also known for the Texas series charting the lives of Riley and Jack, and the Sanctuary series following the work of the Sanctuary Foundation and the people it protects.

Her goal is to write stories with a heart of romance, a troubled road to reach happiness, and most importantly, that hint of a happily ever after.

Chris Quinton started creating stories not long after she mastered joined-up writing, somewhat to the bemusement of her parents and her English teachers. But she received plenty of encouragement. Her dad gave her an already old Everest typewriter when she was ten, and it was probably the best gift she'd ever received – until the inventions of the home-computer and the worldwide web.

Chris's reading and writing interests range from historical, mystery, and paranormal, to science-fiction and fantasy, writing mostly in the male/male genre. She refuses to be pigeon-holed and intends to uphold the long and honourable tradition of the Eccentric Brit to the best of her ability. In her spare time [hah!] she reads, embroiders, quilts and knits. Over the years she has been a stable lad [briefly] in a local racing stable and stud, a part-time and unpaid amateur archaeologist, a civilian clerk at her local police station and a 15th century re-enactor.

She lives in a small and ancient city in the south-west of the United Kingdom, sharing her usually chaotic home with an extended family, three dogs, a frilled dragon [lizard] and sundry goldfish and tropicals.


The office door banged open.

“Where’s the restroom?” Devon demanded. Lewis smiled and pointed.

When Devon returned, he paused by Lewis’s workstation just as he finished filling the piping bag with the very pink buttercream icing. Yesterday’s fairy cakes sat on their tray, their tops already sliced off and halved to make the wings.

“For the dining room?” Devon asked doubtfully.

“No, for my sister.” No one else was in the kitchen at the moment, and the door to the staffroom was shut, so no one could overhear Lewis snipe at the new boss. “And before you say it, the ingredients are my own, bought and brought in for the purpose. I’m sure you can work out how much to charge me for the gas I used to bake them.”

Devon opened his mouth to say something, then shut it just as quickly. Evidently he didn’t want to grace Lewis’s comment with an answer. Immediately Lewis felt lower than low. He was a trained, sought-after chef, not a kid taking cheap shots at someone in his class he didn’t like.

Then Devon spoke and any inner commentary about feeling guilty was wiped away in an instant. “What is that crap you kept on bringing me?”

“Peppermint and camomile. It’s good for migraines and headaches. And it’s mine.” Then he couldn’t resist. “I’ll be sending you a bill later.”

“Fine. You do that.”

“I will.”

“And you can fix me another one while you’re at it!”

“Fine!” Lewis met Devon’s glower with one of his own. The three-inch difference in their heights made a nose to nose face off a little awkward, but he’d be damned if he’d let the man stare him down. Then Lewis saw the amber flecks in Devon’s coffee-dark eyes and lost track of his anger. If he leant forward just a few inches, Devon would be in kissing range.

Handsome is as handsome does… Em’s voice echoed in his mind, and he stepped back. Devon moved away at the same time, and the subtle tension that had nothing to do with anger faded away.

Their gazes were still locked, and gradually the silliness of their confrontation struck Lewis. He struggled to contain his smile, knew he was failing and bit his lip. Devon glanced down and focused on Lewis’s mouth. Devon flushed, and suddenly Lewis’s gaydar kicked in.

It was like a bucket of icy water thrown in his face. Having the hots for a straight man was one thing: they were suitable dream fodder, safe and out of reach. But not for another gay man. Not after Peter. Especially his boss, an ill-tempered arsehole who seemed to be hell-bent on alienating every one of Laurels’ staff.


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Welcome Rebekah Lewis today

Talking with author Rebekah Lewis....

Can you please tell us about your latest/upcoming book(s)?

Mercury Rising is the first book in a companion trilogy to The Cursed Satyroi that is actually 1/3 of a single story. Because Hermes as a recurring character is so popular among my readers and he takes over scenes when he is involved I wanted to do something where you see what he is up to while the satyrs go on their own way. But he needs time to deal with his heroine's "issues."

How did you come with the idea for this story?

Well, I sort of wrote myself into a hole in that Melancton couldn't go to Olympus due to rules in the world building. However, I had already planned to do the Hermes series so it became the perfect plot for the first part: the great nymph rescue!

Who is your ultimate "book boy/girlfriend"? You know, that hottie you read about and drool over.

I have to pick just one? Oh, Lawd! My favorites right now are Jamie Fraser from Outlander and Lothaire from Immortals After Dark.

Who is your Celebrity crush? And what would you do if you ever meet them?
Speaking of Outlander, Sam Heughan is currently reigning supreme in my fangirlish heart.

If you could collaborate with another author on a secret project, who would you pick to work with and why?

Oh, so many. But I think none of them would want to work with me since I can't keep my writing schedule as consistent as I'd like. But Kresley Cole is the author I am currently idolizing. IAD is a go to comfort read. Her YA series is freaking amazing. I just can't put into words how impressed I was with Poison Princess.

Mercury Rising
A Novella of The Cursed Satyroi
The Adventures of Hermes Book One
Breathless Press
Available at Publisher

Nymphs in peril, obsessive gods, females who literally cannot admit when they’re wrong, and unruly satyrs. Just another typical day for Hermes.
When Zeus refuses to demand Apollo release Daphne from captivity in Olympus, the only option left is for Hermes to free the nymph himself. A simple task for a god with his skillset, but risking the wrath of Apollo never went well for anyone.
However, imprisoned nymphs aren't distraction enough when a former flame crashes back into Hermes' life. It’s been a long time since he laid eyes on Hybris, and the timing couldn’t be worse. As the goddess of hubris, she has many quirks—such as being incapable of apologizing. And no matter how much she tries to assure him she can be trusted, the memory of her betrayal remains.
As they formulate a plan to rescue Daphne, Hermes soon suspects no threat is greater than the tribulations of the heart.
Don’t miss the first part of The Adventures of Hermes, a companion series to The Cursed Satyroi.
 Teaser Excerpt:

"I don't have time for this, Hy. I have things to do. Important things." A promise made to a satyr, one Hermes intended to keep. A damsel in distress. Heroics and all.
Hybris yawned. "Yeah. I see. Meandering around California and swimming at the beach is a matter of life or death."
Shaking his head, he opened the glass door into the house. He attempted to shut it behind him, but she shoved past. Hermes made an extensive effort not to notice she still smelled like pomegranates.
He failed.
"Well, I was waiting for Zeus to summon me before you showed up with your judgy...judginess." He closed the door and turned back to find her relaxing on his couch, despite her soaking wet clothing. Rude.
She studied her nails. "And did he?"
"Not yet."
"Then you aren't doing anything important." Her gaze flicked down to his groin. "Yet." Standing, Hybris advanced toward him.
"No. Oh, no, no, no. No." Hermes rocketed away and hovered out of her immediate reach. "We are so not going there again. Not this time. Not this day. Not happening." Was she for real? After all she'd done, she wanted sex from him?
Unsure if his ego or her influence on his personal hubris affected him, a warm smugness took hold. He'd always been cocky, but she could bring it out to the maximum.
"And why not? I'm a beautiful woman, you desire me, and you have an open schedule. Take off your pants and pleasure me."
About the Author
Rebekah Lewis holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. She is an award-winning cover artist for digital publishers, and enjoys every minute of it when not immersed into a world of satyrs and Greek gods. Always feeling the need to be productive, she can be found creating something whether with words or images, or with arts and crafts. She resides in Savannah, GA with her cat, Bagheera.
If you would like to follow Rebekah on social media or contact via email, use the following information:
Twitter: @RebekahLLewis

Welcome Kelli A. Wilkins today

Please give a warm welcome to Sam Hixton , the hero from Lies, Love & Redemption by Kelli A. Wilkins . T oday we sit down and see ...