Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Review for Goblin Fires by Brantwijn Serrah

GOBLIN FIRES by Brantwijn Serrah
Book One in the Chronicles of the Four Courts Series
Breathless Press
April 25th, 2014
Paranormal/Fantasy F/F

Obtained by self-purchase
Available at Publisher

My Rating: 3.5 Stars

Reagan is the Fae Knight who keeps her Princess safe from harm. Duty and honor has been her mission in life but when she meets Ceri, she finds herself drawn to the royal princess even as it is forbidden.  As a child of the Fae goddess of war, Regan finds herself torn in two even as she falls for Ceridwen. But an enemy has Ceri in its sight and it is up to Reagan to keep her safe but what happens when Regan’s heart gets involved even as she fights to save Ceri from harm.

This is the first book I have read from Brantwijn Serrah and I got to admit GOBLIN FIRES hit all my love buttons. Fae characters, sexy scenes and a fast paced storyline that leaves you clamoring for more. The Fae are ruthless, intriguing and captivating and I love anything I can get my hands on to read. This author delivers a fast paced story that leaves you wanting more. A story of magic, duty, honor and love, Ms. Serrah delivers a story that captures your heart without you even knowing it. The world building this author does is amazing. I loved that the author slowly gave out tidbits of the world and not information dumped on the reader. That made the story line so much better in my opinion.

Meet Regan, A Fae Knight who has fallen in love with her princess, Ceridwen. But as a child of the Goddess of War, it is forbidden to love the princess except no one has bothered to tell that to Regan’s heart. I love, love, love Regan. Her devotion to her princess is outstanding, the love she feels for her is heart meltingly awesome and the author does a great job in creating her as a well rounded character. I have to admit, I normally do not read F/F stories but this one just drew me in right from the beginning. Regan and Ceri are both well written and very enjoyable characters. The author does a great job in capturing their inner most secrets and desires perfectly on the pages of GOBLIN FIRES.

If you enjoy the world of the Fae, simmering sexual tension and more then you just might enjoy GOBLIN FIRES, a story that will leave you left wanting more. Ms. Serrah is one author I am eager to read more of and can’t wait to see what else this author has in store for her readers. Get ready for a story that will knock your socks off and steal your heart.

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Brantwijn Serrah said...

I am so happy you enjoyed the book! Thank you for your wonderful review!

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