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Book Spotlight~ Renew by Sean Michael

Renew, a Hammer story by Sean Michael

Thank you, Dawn for the opportunity to tell your readers about my latest release.
This story was supposed to be just a bit of fun -- my aim was a July 4 short story with the three couples attending a party at the Hammer club. The men in question, however, had an entirely different idea and before I knew it, I had a longer than planned story written, complete with all three couples having a chance to revisit a bad time for each of the subs when they should have gone to their masters right away and three celebrations of life.
Sometimes I just have to hang on for the ride :)

I love the cover for this one -- it's exactly what I wanted and it makes me smile to see. 
Sharing your problems with your master always makes things better, but it's a lesson every sub needs to relearn now and then. Jim, Montana and Jeremy are no different and a get together at the Hammer has them reminiscing about how Marcus, Billy and Simon have helped to make everything better, once they were in the loop about their subs' problems.

Join these three popular Hammer couples as they celebrate their lives together.


His head hurt. Someone had recognized him as who he used to be. Asked him if he still raced, if he wanted to. Tanny had just shaken his head and walked away. Run away. And headed to the studio to work. Someone had remembered him before he'd killed his sister, before he'd been a loser, before he'd gotten on the meth. He buried himself in his work, fear and loathing chasing each other in his head.
He didn't even realize how much time had passed until his phone rang, Billy's number on the call display. He looked at the display for a long moment, then answered it. "Hey."
"Montana, hey." He could hear relief in Billy's voice. "It's past suppertime; where are you?"
"Working. I'm gonna be late, I guess." Late and hiding. Worried.
Billy chuckled. "You already are, so yes, your guess is right. Call next time, okay?"
"Uh-huh. I will." He looked at his book, sighed.
"You sure you're okay, boy?"
"Yeah." He shook his head.
"Okay. I've got supper warming in the oven."
"Just go ahead and eat. I just... Bye, love." He hung up, then just put his head down on his arms and had a hard, quick cry.
He'd gone back to working -- or at least staring at his book -- when someone knocked on the door. It was late. Too late for customers. "I'm closed!"
"Open up, Montana, it's your master."
"Oh." Oh, fuck. Fuck. He scrubbed at his cheeks as he walked over. "Just a sec."
"One. There. I waited a second. Open up."
He unlocked the door, found a smile. "Hey. What's up?"
"That's my question to you. You told me to go eat and hung up on me."
"I shouldn't be hungry."
Billy shouldn't be around him. He was nasty.
A loser.
A killer.
A druggie.
Billy was giving him a look. "I think you need to tell me what's going on."
He shook his head. "I'm working." He didn't want to.
"You think I don't know you? That I can't read how freaked out you are?"
"I know. Please, go away." He knew. He knew that Billy saw him and one day Billy was going to figure out that he was nasty and awful.
"Montana! I will not just go away."
"You have to. I said so." He wanted a hug, wanted Billy to make it okay.
"I know and that makes me more determined not to go. What on earth is so important that you're working late, lying to me, thinking you can push me around?" Billy came up and touched his cheek, tilted his face to look into Billy's eyes.
He shook his head, squeezed his eyes closed. "Go away. I'm busy."
"No." Billy hauled him in, holding him tight. "I'm not going anywhere, so you'd better just tell me."

And while I'm here -- let me share the amazing cover for the next Sealed With a Kink book because I love it:
Look for that from Resplendence next Wednesday!
Sean Michael
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