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Character Spotlight/Interview with author Amber Daulton

Please give a warm welcome to Mason Harding from Arresting Mason by Amber Daulton today as we sit down and see what makes him tick.

Q: So tell us about yourself. What got you in the cross-hairs for your author?

I’m a mechanic with a past, and that’s all people needed to know. Unfortunately, Amber—my author—told everyone the dirty, brutal truth. I’m still a little pissed at her for it, but Mia, my girl, keeps nagging at me to forgive her. Doesn’t it just suck when the heroine and the author do lunch and margaritas together? Damn.
Anyway, I’ve made a ton of mistakes, some of which are embarrassing, but I’ve moved on with my life. I’m not ashamed of myself, and I like myself for the most part.
You see, I went to prison for a stupid, drunken mistake, but now I’m a free man. I’m determined to do right and stay out of trouble. It’s difficult, sometimes. Mia is everything to me, so I’ll do what I must to stay away from my past.

Q: What was it that drew you to your mate?

Her fire and stubbornness. Mia doesn’t take my bullshit. When I’m acting like an ass, which I tend to do when I’m stressed or mad, she gets right in my face and tells me what’s what.

Q: A little naughty fun, where was the wildest place you seduced your partner(s)?

I’m on parole, so I can’t risk doing the dirty in public places where we could easily get caught. God, I wish I could. You know, maybe I should risk it.
To date, the wildest place would have been on the rooftop of Mia’s store. It was pretty secluded and quiet up there.

Q: Boxers, briefs or Commando on a man?

Boxer-briefs, but I’m good with commando too.

Q: If your partner wants to seduce you, what's one sure fire trick they can do to seduce you?

A strip tease and a slow, sensual dance. Mia knows just how to get me in the mood.

Q: What is the one place on your partner's body that you know will drive them wild-in and out of bed?

Mia loves it when I run my fingers softly down her spine. It gets her all tingly. I especially love doing it when we’re out in public and she has to bite her lip to keep from moaning aloud. Then she gives me a devil look, but I wink at her and she melts.

Q: What was one of the most embarrassing things your author did to you in Arresting Mason?

God, there’s too many to count. Amber told the readers about my experience in prison, but if I talk about that shit, my good mood will go down the crapper and I’ll probably start acting like an ass.  Trust me, you don’t want that.
One embarrassing thing I will talk about is how Amber humbled me. Before I met Mia, I was cocky and perhaps arrogant to a fault. I’m still cocky, but now I know the love of a good woman makes you a good man. Mia is strong and feisty, just what I need. Dropping my façade for her was hard, but she was worth it.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

Mia and I have a lot of friends and family members, so we’ll be showing up in their stories. Keep an eye out for Arresting Jeremiah, which will hopefully be coming out with The Wild Rose Press sometime in 2020. That story is about Jim, Mia’s brother. He was also my former parole officer, so I bet you can guess how badly that affected my and Mia’s relationship.
If want to learn more, then you know what you gotta do. Pick up the book.

Thank you Mason for joining us on 'Meet the Character' day here at Dawn’s Reading Nook Blog. You can find all of Amber Daulton’s books at Amazon and Goodreads.

Series: Arresting Onyx (book 1)
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Release Date: April 30th, 2018
Print ISBN: 978-1-5092-2007-6
Digital ISBN: 978-1-5092-2008-3
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 80k
Heat Rating: 5 Flames


Once you’re in a prison gang, you’re in it for life. That’s what Mason Harding thought until the boss accepted his resignation. After the State releases him on parole, a sexy divorcée behind the wheel of a car almost ends his life quicker than a shank. His chance encounter with Mia Eddison results in a night of passion, but her brother—his parole officer—catches them together and doesn’t approve.
Mia falls hard for the cocky ex-con, but not because of his chiseled body. She vows to break through his walls and discover his secrets, but never expects those secrets to threaten her life.
When members of an organized crime ring kidnap Mia to force Mason’s return to the gang, he goes up against an old friend to save the woman he loves. Will his sacrifice be enough or will everything fall apart in a blaze of gunfire?


Their chance encounter resulted in a steamy affair, but will his former gang and a parole officer tear them apart?



“Which one is your car?” She glanced around the crowded parking lot. A few streetlights pushed back the darkness and shadows. The restaurant served customers until midnight on the weekends, but no one loitered in the lot, at least from what Mia could see.
“Don’t have one at the moment.” Mason hooked his thumbs in the belt loops of his jeans. “I took the bus. It stopped a few blocks from here.”
“Would you like a ride?” She pulled the car keys from her purse. “I feel a little ridiculous we met here tonight. I just wasn’t sure if you were some kind of freak.”
His eyebrow lifted, and he closed the distance between them as a tiger would zero in on its mate. A sexy, masculine smile curled his lips. “Have you made up your mind yet?”
“I’ll let you know in the morning.” Desire trickled down her spine. Mia nodded toward the passenger side of the car for him to hop in.
He confiscated her keys instead to unlock and open the driver’s side door for her like a gentleman. Then he leaned closer and nuzzled her temple with his nose.
Not sure if he planned to seduce her in the parking lot or if he merely wanted to tease her, Mia pressed her hand to his chest and tried to think straight. “You’re the first guy I’ve gone on a date with since my divorce. I haven’t slept with anyone since Evan.”
He tunneled his fingers through her wavy, chestnut-brown hair. “I haven’t dated anyone in a long time either. We’ll take it slow or fast, whatever you want, but I promise you one thing. After I’m done with you, you won’t even remember that bastard’s name.”
Oh, God. She almost melted right then and there. “Fast. I want you, Mason.”
“Take me to your place and you can have me.”

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About the Author

Amber Daulton is the author of the romantic-suspense series Arresting Onyx and several standalone novellas. Her books are published through The Wild Rose Press and Books to Go Now, and are available in ebook, print on demand, audio, and foreign language formats.

Amber lives in North Carolina with her husband and four demanding cats. Feel free to visit her at

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Amber Daulton said...

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