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Book Spotlight: Erin O'Quinn's Unkilted

The Renegade and the Runaway I
Erin O’Quinn  (Bonita Franks)

The Story

  Enemies to Lovers
  Slow Burn
  Slow Reveal
  Family Secrets
  Part I of The Renegade and the Runaway (2 novels)

Gregory MacGregor is a moody, angry outlaw who calls himself Grier Black. The British crown has taken his clan name, his tartan, his dagger, and his very honor. His mission in life is one of lawless rebellion.

Iain Stewart is Grier’s uncle, a man who has lost both his brother and his beloved wife. He lives apart from his family in the tall dark city of Edinburgh, where he follows his wits and instincts to help the survival of his clan.

On the eve of a revolution, David Campbell, son of a Colonial American printer, falls afoul of occupying Redcoats. He runs straight into the hands of a ship’s captain and a lecherous opportunist. Weeks later, he finds himself in a place of peril far from home, surrounded by strangers who have learned to despise all Campbells.

…And all hell breaks loose before heaven can intervene.

Unkilted is a slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers tale with a few twists and wynds along the way. A sequel titled Unbroken is in progress.

Self-explanatory: told from the POV of each MC

>>>Chapter Eight<<<

David was in turn mystified, charmed, saddened, and choked with desperate desire. Long he lay in the pallet, tossing on the hard bed redolent of unseen mountains, cupping himself, wondering at the way his small world had become a universe of possibilities.
I want him to desire me…in a different way from Archer…the way I have sometimes dreamed. In the way of David and Jonathan…the same way I want him.
Once, with his far away associate Alan, he had thrilled to the light touch of another man. That was an infinity ago, in a time and place forever lost, and it had lasted mere moments. This new excitement would not leave his flesh, or his fantasies.
He is to be my trainer, hardly my lover. He comes to this place to find women. He lives and thinks at cross-purposes to my own beliefs. Be careful, David.
But he could not expunge from his mind the thought of touching and kissing Grier Black. Yes, a black fox. He thought about the words he had read in Shakespeare…Lean and hungry.
Finally, testicles swollen, throbbing with the pain of holding back, he stroked himself until his hands were wet with spilled longing, and then he slept.


Grier could not sleep. He had unrolled his saddle blanket near Corbie, where his stallion stood in a half-doze. The large animal would lie down later, when deep sleep pulled him to the fragrant new grass.
He lay on his back gazing at the same stars and the same moon he and David had seen half an hour ago. Then, the sky had shimmered with the kind of light he had rarely seen. It had been a canopy of unknown and unknowable mystery, in a singular moment of peace.
He tried to forget the image of the flaxen-haired young man bent like a crescent moon over a reflecting pool…his comely buttocks flexing in mute acceptance of his own renegade eyes…
Stop, Gregory MacGregor. The lad is an innocent in a world of corrupt men.
Never, in all the years he had desired other men, never before had he made love with his tone of voice and the inflections of his speech, with the silent language of his body. He was too restless, too much in a hurry to find the next moor and drink from the burn that lay just over the next hill. He was always trying to escape…something. Some wayward phantom that had never revealed itself.
Och, he had never showed himself so openly…not until tonight. Now, turning once more onto his stomach, he cursed himself—again—for his obvious show of lust to a boy who had already suffered the worst of vile humanity.
Let it go. Let sleep come…

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Author Erin O’Quinn
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Erin O’Quinn’s writing career started in 2012 with the release of a “fantasy for all ages” series, followed by five M/F romance novels. As soon she began the M/M series “The Iron Warrior,” hopelessly hooked, O’Quinn never looked back from the lure of that genre, mostly mystery-action-adventure. With the release of UNKILTED, O’Quinn has published 30 M/M titles. Most of those works are contained in one of five different series.

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