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Book Review- Fury's Mantle by Yasmine Galenorn

Eight long years have passed as Fury, Tam and the rest of their friends and allies recover from the second world shift. It's an edge of the seat ride from start to finish!

My Rating for Fury's Mantle: 5 Stars and a Series Recommended Read

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It’s been eight long years since the second world shift and as Tam, Fury and their friends and allies recover and grow, civilization as they knew is no over and they have tried to move on, to recover from all the changes that have happened. But as they settle in this new life they made, a danger grows in the distance.

Lycanthropes are attacking under a strange banner and rumors are circulating about an old god returning to earth. Whomever this god is, danger grows, and deaths are coming fast and furious. For Fury, Tam and all their family and friends, this danger scares them to death and Hecate warns Fury that if we can’t stop them, all we have built in UnderBarrow and Willow Wood will be decimated forever.

Wow is all I can say after finishing FURY’S MANTLE and I can honestly say hold on to your hats, ladies and gents, its about to get bumpy. Ms. Galenorn delivers another wonderful heart pounding installment in the Fury Unbound series and it is one that has twists and turns around every corner. An old god has returned to earth and in its wake danger and chaos comes. Lycanthorps are massing under this god and deaths follow as they move toward Willow Wood and the UnderBarrow. I was glued to the pages of FURY’S MANTLE to the very end and I can say this has got to be one of the best books so far in this series and that isn’t because the first four are not as good. Nope, this takes Fury and the gang on a new adventure, one filled with uncertainty, danger and death every time they turn around. This is an author who just takes Fury on a wild ride right off the bat and in the end, the reader is left hanging on for dear life. I loved every minute of Fury’s adventure and loved at how much she has grown since book four, Fury Calling.

FURY’S MANTLE gives the reader a glimpse into the world Fury and Tam have created in the last eight years since the second world shift. Some of the gods stayed with humanity and began to build up their temples again, survivors tried to live and grow in a world they no longer recognize, and Fury became a Queen of the UnderBarrow as well as beloved to the goddess, Hecate. Life moves on and as Fury grapples with all the changes that have happened, danger mounts and it scares her spitless. I love, love, love Fury. Her growth is tremendous in a sense she is finally at peace with her marriage to Tam and being a queen. She is also feeling pent up as she hasn’t done much work for her goddess, Hecate, the last several years. But times are changing, and Fury learns to adapt and roll with the punches. I love how much all of my favorite characters have grown since the last book, Fury, Tam, Jason, Elan and more all have grown even as they loved and moved on as best, they can. The characters are vibrant, alive and just so entertaining. This is an author who knows how to create characters that fairly brim with life and jump off the pages and into your living room. Even the gods play a major part in this series and all are just as unique and enjoyable as the main characters.

FURY’S MANTLE kicks off a new story ARC in this world and its one I am chomping at the bit to read more of. The ending of the FURY’S MANTLE is a little bit sad, a lot happy and there is a few twists that I sure didn’t see coming. I can’t wait to see where Ms. Galenorn goes next in Fury’s world and I am eager to see if Fury will take up arms yet again next to her goddess, Hecate. If you enjoy a character driven series that just sucks you in and keeps you up for hours to see what happens next, then I urge you to grab this series. You can start from book five, FURY’S MANTLE, but I strongly urge you to start from the beginning in order to see how Fury got to where she is in this latest book. You won’t be disappointed.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

Series Reading Order:

Book 1:Fury Rising

Book 2: Fury's Magic

Book 3: Fury Awakened

Book 4: Fury Calling

Book 5: Fury's Mantle

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