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Welcome Loc Blin to the Reading Nook. Take a peek into two of their books and maybe get ready to find a new to you author to enjoy this winter.

End Detour
The Mystic Museum Series 4
By Loc Glin
Genre: Erotic Romance
Word Count: 32,964
Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Categories: Erotic Romance (MF), African-American, Contemporary, paranormal elements, HEA

Visiting Minerva’s Mystic Museum can change lives forever. Magic makes life altering changes possible. Can Shamika and Harold forgive and forget? Can they overcome trust issues and make a life together?

Shamika must give up the life that she has come to accept and trust as normal. Is it time for a change? Does she really want a change? Will her history as a prostitute make that change impossible? Does Harold’s stubbornness prevent it? The unlikely pair are about to find out.
One encounter in a barn catapults these two strangers down a road of self-examination and rediscovery. Past events have tainted their visions of what life should be. The ‘powers that be’ have given them the opportunity to change their lives. Join them as they conquer their fears and past disappointments that haunt them.

Family ties will be drawn into question. A possible future together will terrify them.

Note: This book contains forced seduction.

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Every full moon Minerva stands outside the doors of the Mystic Museum. She is its appointed guardian and caretaker. She watches for the sign indicating the chosen mystic walker. The light of the full moon will swirl around the mystic walker creating a radiant aura that can be seen only by the guardian. It is the guardian’s duty to guide the chosen one to their destined path.

With hat in mind consider this:
Will she embrace a new beginning when it is offered to her? The “powers that be” have chosen her as this full moon’s mystic walker. Join Shamika on her journey to a new life.
Mystic Museum magic is in the air. 

Story Excerpt
His mouth closed into a disapproving thin line. Gnarled fingers tightened on the steering wheel. Black hair speckled with enough white to make it more salt than pepper dipped into a slight V, breaking up a wide forehead. The creases on his already wrinkled brow deepened with his frown. His clear dark eyes were bright with anger, or something else, she couldn’t tell.
“Look missy, if you’re going to ride with me, you will show the proper respect. We don’t use that kind of language around here. It’s not lady like,” he said in a Midwestern drawl.
Shamika snorted. “Do I look like a lady?”
“Looks can be deceiving. I’ve learned not to judge a book by its cover.” His chest rose as he took a breath trying to get his anger under control. “I’m willing to start over if you are.” He removed one hand from the steering wheel shoved it toward her and waited for her to take it. “My name is Hugo Turner, and you are?”
Did he mean it? He reminded her of her father. Her father was always willing to give someone a chance, always looked for the good in people. She took his hand.
“Shamika Adams. I apologize for my previous rudeness. Three cars passed me without a second glance. Do you have any idea how long it takes for three cars to travel on this road?”
“A da—a very long time. I can assure you of that. I’m pleased to meet you, Mr. Turner.” She released his hand.
“Likewise, Miss Adams.”
“Call me Shamika or Mika, please.”
“I’d like that, and you may call me Hugo if you’d like.”
“Thank you. I’d like that, Hugo.”
“If you don’t mind me asking, how did you become stranded out here?”
“I don’t mind. I just don’t have an answer that I think you would believe. It’s happening to me and I don’t believe it. Maybe I’m losing my mind.”
“Why is that?”
“Well, one minute I was in the museum, and the next I was on this road.”
“A museum, you say?”
“Yes, Minerva’s Mystic Museum in New York City. Minerva touched me and then, poof, I was here. It’s impossible, but here I am.”
 Thinking about her situation made her lips quiver. She folded her hands together, trying to hide her trembling fingers as she fought her fear.
“New York? That explains the way you’re dressed.”
“What’s wrong with the way I’m dressed?” She bristled with insulted indignation, but she knew what was wrong with it. 
“It’s not what I would call respectable.”
Her father wouldn’t call it respectable either. But she latched onto the familiar defense reflex burgeoning through her inner turmoil. It helped her to put the absurdity of her situation out of her mind. “So what?”
“You’d best get rid of that chip that’s on your shoulder, missy.” He took one hand off the wheel to wag a finger at her.
She had to smile. If she didn’t know better she would think he was her father, and that helped to calm her raw nerves and fear. “You’re right, sir. I’d best do that. I’ve been carrying it around for a long time now. Sometimes I forget how I should act without it.”
“My Cecily came home with the same chip on her shoulder. She went to New York City, too. She came home dressed funny like you…not in a bumblebee outfit, but her clothes were too tight and too short, just like yours.”
“Bumblebee outfit?” She looked down at her striped top and gold skirt. She had to laugh. “I guess it does look like a bumblebee. I never gave it any thought.”
“That don’t sound right…a woman not thinking about what she looks like.” He took his eyes off the road to look at her for a moment.
“I didn’t say I don’t think about my appearance, I do. I have to look a certain way for my work.”
He took his eyes off the road again. “Let me guess, undercover narcotics agent posing as a prostitute?”
She laughed. He had a sense of humor. “Half right, and we both know which half that is.”
“Narc cop it is then.” He smiled and winked.
“Thank you, Hugo. I appreciate that.”
“I don’t take kindly to people who use drugs. Drugs killed my Cecily. She came home an addict. She kicked it, and got herself clean. She found a good man that loved her. She loved him, too, so they got hitched. She and Billy were happy. When she got pregnant they were thrilled, especially Billy. When he was killed in Afghanistan, before the baby was born, it broke Cecily’s heart. You would think that having a baby would give her something to live for.”
“It didn’t?”
“After little Billy was born she got that postpartum depression really bad. She started using again. A year later she overdosed.”
“I’m sorry to hear that.”
“Thank you. Like I said, I don’t take kindly to people who use drugs.” He looked at her pointedly.
She saw a question, not an accusation in his eyes. For some crazy reason she cared what this man thought of her. “We’re in agreement about that. I may dress the part of someone who more than likely uses, but I assure you I don’t. I lost a close friend and a few acquaintances to drug overdoses. I can’t abide the stuff.”
“It’s bad enough that you lose someone that you love. I don’t know about you, but I’m still dealing with being angry with her for doing it to herself. It’s just so senseless,” Hugo grumbled.
“I know exactly what you mean.”
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to burden you with my sorrows.”
“Hugo, you don’t have to apologize. It’s good to know that I’m not alone. I thought I was a bad friend because I was so mad at him.”
“He was more than a friend, wasn’t he?”

Undivided Attention

The Mystic Museum Series 5
By Loc Glin
Genre: Erotic Romance
Word Count: 30,233
Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Categories: Erotic Romance (MF), bondage, spanking, paranormal elements, HEA

On the eve of her wedding, Korina discovers the rumors of her betrothed’s hideous looks are true. Fearing the stories of his brutality are also factual she takes drastic action. The result of which lands her in an alien dimension.

Five years later she is compelled to visit Minerva’s Mystic Museum. The ‘powers that be’ have interceded giving her the chance to change that destiny.

Korina is sent home where she discovers it is the morning of her wedding day. Determined to do the right thing, she marries Adam.
Witches are not unknown to Korina, so how will she handle the curse that has divided her husband into two men?

Adam is caring and kind. Arun is, well, a bastard! Unbeknownst to her they are two halves of the whole man she has married. 

Will Adam’s ugly face and Arun’s kinky sexual desires send her running home? Or, will she stay with her husband, honoring her betrothal commitment?

Does Korina have a kinky side as well?

How will she break the curse? Does she want to?  

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Every full moon Minerva stands outside the doors of the Mystic Museum. She is its appointed guardian and caretaker. She watches for the sign indicating the chosen mystic walker. The light of the full moon will swirl around the mystic walker creating a radiant aura that can be seen only by the guardian. It is the guardian’s duty to guide the chosen one to their destined path.

Korina snuggled down under the feather comforter, trying to prolong a wonderful dream in which she was in her old bed in Kire Dell. Inhaling deeply, she enjoyed an almost forgotten pleasure. How long had it been since she’d inhaled the sweet fragrance of Kazmi? Her mother favored the scent and made sure that the sheets at home always smelled of it. A lump filled her throat, and she sighed around it. A strong wave of homesickness assailed her.
Why had she run away? That question frequented her mind often. She’d done it because the man she was betrothed to since birth was reported to be ugly, deformed, and mean. She’d heard the rumors but steadfastly refused to believe them until the night before her wedding day.
The memory played again in her mind.
Alyssa, her lifetime friend, had run into her room. “He’s here. I saw him arrive,” she said, out of breath, her hands clutching at her chest.
“And?” Korina asked.
Alyssa’s horror-filled expression said it all, but she had to hear it.
“I’m so sorry, Kori.” Alyssa wrapped her arms about Korina in a hug.
Korina slipped out of Alyssa’s arms. “Tell me,” she said, full of fear.
“It is worse than we imagined.” Alyssa dramatically plopped onto the bed and started to cry. “He is the ugliest man I have ever seen.”
Korina paled, staggered to the bed, and sat down.
“What am I supposed to do? How can I marry someone that ugly? If that’s true about him, then he must be mean too. He’ll beat me.” Her fear escalated.
“You could run away,” Alyssa suggested. She sat up and started to think about that as a possible solution.
“Where could I go that my father couldn’t find me and bring me back? This marriage is important to our family. It’s about honor. The commitment was made years ago. If I run away, we will be disgraced.”
“Not if you’re kidnapped.”
“We can make it look like a kidnapping. No one will know it wasn’t.”
“That’s a good idea,” Korina agreed, her hopes rising. “But it won’t work.”
“When I’m released or escape and I’m home again, the wedding will still take place.”
“We could fake your death.”
“By having a witch put a spell on you.”
“And what happens when I come back to life?”
“You don’t. If you come back to life, it will be the same as running away.”
“But that means I have to go away forever,”
“You’ll find some way to do it, and you’ll find some way to let me know that you’re okay and where you are.”
“That’s a pretty drastic plan.”
“Kori, I know what he looks like, and believe me, it’s not drastic.”
Well, she’d gone to that witch and gotten that spell.
Only something had gone wrong. She never woke up. Instead, she’d found herself on an alien planet. Luckily, she’d been able to fit in. Her ability to learn quickly had served her well on Earth. The similarity between the two worlds was uncanny. She quickly discovered the differences and found that she liked them. Women had more rights in her new world, so she was able to take care of herself without many problems.
If she wasn’t so homesick and lonely, she might even be happy. Finding a man to love and making friends in this new world was beginning to seem impossible. There were times when being around people here gave her the heebie-jeebies. Maybe they felt the same way about her. That might explain it.
Korina inhaled deeply. The scent of Kazmi once again filled her nostrils.  With her eyes still closed, she pulled the covers closer to her face savoring the moment, not wanting it to end. This is wonderful, a bit strange but wonderful.
The door burst open.
“Kori, Kori, wake up,” Lena chirped as she bounded across the room. The bed rocked as she jumped onto it.
Korina froze. This is really bizarre. It feels so real.
A touch of panic infused her. She peeked out from the covers. Her little sister sat on the bed. Lena’s long blond hair curled to her waist. The child was dressed in her blue bunny pajamas, complete with the ears. Tears filled Korina’s eyes. This is exactly how she remembered her sister. This dream was so real it hurt.
Lena leaned close to her. “Why are you crying, Kori?”
“Because I love you. It’s been so long since I talked with you.”
Lena smiled and laughed. “I love you too. Mommy sent me to wake you up.” Lena furrowed her brows. “I talked with you last night. Did you forget?”
“No, I didn’t forget.”
Lena kissed Korina’s cheek. Korina touched the wet spot left by her lips.
“Mommy says you have a lot to do today. It’s your wedding day, remember?”
“My wedding day?”
Korina bolted upright.
“Then I’m not dreaming? I’m here?”
“Where else would you be, silly?”
Lena clambered off the bed.
“I’ll tell Mommy you’ll be down in a few minutes.”
The door slammed closed behind Lena after she ran through it.
Korina pinched herself.
“Ouch.” She smiled.
“I’m really home.” She started to laugh. “Thank you, Minerva!”

Adult Excerpt 
Warning Adult Language or Content
“I can see that we need to go next door.” He scrambled on top of her, pulling her arms behind her back.
“Are you going to behave and get up on your own, or am I going to have to twist your arm?”
To add emphasis to his words, he moved her right arm up the middle of her back.
“I’ll get up.” She nearly screamed the words. “You’re hurting me!” He wasn’t, but she felt she felt honor bound to protest.
“Liar,” he said and released her.
She had lied, so she scrambled to her feet and tried to run toward the door. He was upon her before she’d taken three steps.
He hoisted her over his shoulder once again.
“I see you like to play.”
This time he pinched her exposed ass. The pinched skin burned when he released it.
“I’m going to have a black-and-blue mark. That hurt.” It had, but it had also been oddly exhilarating, and strangely, she wanted more.
“Then don’t lie to me. You said you would behave.” He carried her out of the bedroom.
“I did not! I said I would get up.” She punched his back for emphasis.
Her lips curled up in a smile. Excitement, not fear, pumped through her veins. If he wanted to hurt her, he could have done so many times over. She remembered how insulted he’d become at her accusation about Rout and the whip. Maybe all this bluster was an act. Deep in her heart, she knew Arun would not hurt her any more than he would hurt Rout.
He took a few steps down the hall to the next door, which he opened. Korina strained to see what was in the room, but couldn’t see past his broad shoulders.
“So, you’ve caught me with a technicality?” He chuckled. “You will pay for that.”
He rubbed his hand over the bare cheeks of her ass. She tightened those muscles in anticipation of the slap she expected would be her punishment. It never came and she was disappointed.
This time before he put her down he pulled off her boots. After tossing them into a corner, he slid her down his chest. Her breaths were shallow and coming quickly. There was no doubt in her mind. His rock-hard body excited her, and she liked the things he was doing to her. Truth be told, she wasn’t afraid of him. Her gut told her that he wouldn’t hurt her regardless of what he’d said. His words were empty threats.
Korina’s eyes barely had time to settle on the contents of the room before he was yanking off her blouse and removing her jeans. The whip on the wall immobilized her. What had he said about the whip? While in her stupor, he’d removed her bra. The only thing remaining on her body was her thong.
“You are beautiful,” he said.
He was frowning.
She couldn’t understand why he made it sound like an insult. More than that, she didn’t understand why what he thought about her mattered, yet somehow it did. She didn’t have much time to contemplate her silly emotions before he pulled her arms behind her back arching her chest to his waiting mouth. Lowering his head to her breast, he pulled her budded nipple into his mouth. He sucked, and her pussy began to throb. Just as she was almost delirious with the sensations overwhelming her body, he abruptly stopped. A whimper escaped her lips.
“Don’t stop,” she whispered.
Without letting her go, he moved to a tall leather-covered table, reminiscent of a massage table although not long enough for the length of a body. This table was much more solid and appeared to be bolted to the floor. Pliant in his arms, he turned her from him, and then, facedown, leaned her torso over the table. His massive chest covered her back. Thoughts of Adam and sex heated her. Arun’s body felt so much like Adam’s. She basked in its comforting warmth and was lulled into submission by his sensuous touch. He stretched her arms down the side of the table, his hands sending shivers of pleasure over her body. Before she realized what he was about, he locked her wrists in place on either side of the table.
“What are you doing?” she protested when she could finally connect her voice and a coherent thought.
She felt her legs being nudged apart by his knees. His hands traveled down her thighs to her calves. Only his touch mattered as she felt his fingers encircle her ankle, and then straps were buckled loosely around it. Her ankle was now held securely in place. His hands traveled down her other leg in the same manner.
She tested the restraints, which made him laugh. When the second ankle was secured, her insides turned into uncontrollable flutters.
“What are you doing to me?” she whimpered pulling at her bonds. It wasn’t fear she was feeling. It was uninhibited lust. Her pussy was throbbing with desire. She was locked in place, leaning over this table with her legs spread apart, exposing her private parts. She was so aroused it almost hurt. Why wasn’t she screeching in protest? Where was her sense of modesty? At least I still have my thong on. That’s something.
“I almost forgot these.” His finger threaded under the lacy string of material that disappeared into the crack of her ass.
“No, please don’t.” He had to see through that protest. It sounded false to her own ears.
“Then you want me to fuck you with them on?”
“Then I’ll remove them.”
Before she could say another word, the material was torn in half and was being pulled from beneath her. She gasped in surprise.
“You bastard. What do you think you’re doing?”
“I think I’m going to put my cock inside of you and fuck you until you apologize for calling me a bastard.”  
“You don’t have to do that. I’ll apologize right now.”
She had to appease him. He must be out of his mind. The seriousness of her situation hit her. She was at the mercy of a complete stranger. Her jaw tightened and she swallowed her pride.
“I’m sorry that I called you a bastard.”
“Not good enough. I don’t think you really mean it.”
“I mean it,” she lied, and she knew that he knew she’d lied.
He slapped the bare cheek of her ass.
“I told you not to lie to me. Now I have to punish you for too. Oh, Korina, you are just making this too easy.”
The way he purred her name was so erotic.
He went to the wall, removed the whip, and then made sure that she saw it.
“What are you going to do with that?” She tried to fill her voice with bravado.
“Remember what I told you the whip did for Rout? It will do something like that for you too. The fear of the pain I can inflict will make your blood pump. It will heighten your awareness of me. Every fiber of your being will be focused on me. When I finally sheath myself inside you, you will come, just because I tell you to.

Author Bio

I live in Little Falls, New Jersey. I am happily divorced, and I’m proud to be able to say that my ex-husband and I are still on friendly terms. We created two beautiful daughters in our union together. For that we will be forever grateful to each other.
My son in-law is proudly defending our country. Because of that, I see too little of my grandson. Duty stations are never close enough to home. In December of 2017, I was blessed with the arrival of a granddaughter.
I share my home with Tiger Lily, the cat I inherited from my daughters, and the man I consider my soul-mate.
Recently retired - I find myself immersed in my blog work and constantly editing my as yet unpublished works.
 I like to read and watch TV or movies. I enjoy sitting poolside and swimming. Horseback riding? Yes, I love it. Unfortunately, my body and age seem to get in the way of that particular enjoyment. Memories will have to suffice. (sigh)
I’m the first to admit that my life is uneventful, one could consider it dull. But I’m happy, that’s what matters. Not many people can truly say that. If more people were happy, the world would be a better place.

 Find me here:

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