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“It’s the month of flowers, candy, romance and hearts-a-pumping,” announced Tattle.

“And just to make it a little steamier and redder as in not hearts but the color of that which vampires dine upon…” Wrye paused and provided a villainous look “…we are reviewing a book with romance and creatures and vamps, oh yea!”

“Ready for our Love of Literature Leap?”

“Let’s go!” encouraged Wrye.

SATIN AND STEEL, Blood and Fire, II by Brantwijn Serrah, a romantic horror fantasy.

Tattle and Wrye find themselves in early nineteenth century, London. There, in a household once owned by humans and destroyed by vampires, Councilwoman Rhiannon, a vampire, had lost the woman she loved, Aijyn, along with her will to go on. Yet, she couldn’t bring herself to allow the sun to consume her, either. Another promise not realized and left to haunt her. So, she does her duties blindly and was moved by little until she was drawn into hunting down a new threat. It was the distraction she needed. Though she had lost Aijyn a half century before, her grief hadn’t been resolved.

She would have preferred to take on the assignment alone, but Sölva, her bodyguard wouldn’t be left behind and the Viking vampire brought her own sadistic set of troubles, including daily advances to Rhiannon. Then she was expect to take Glory, her young cousin on this dangerous expedition. It was an unreasonable and impossible request despite the younger vampire seemed stronger and more skilled than she once had been.

The task was to destroy a beast that killed indiscriminately and wildly. Only, it wasn’t humans it massacred, but their own kind. Some thought it a werewolf, others a demon or shadow-walker, none really knew. The presence of one particularly fascinating shadow-walker kept her attentive and involved in some deliciously hot ways. All the warring races were determined to see the creature brought down, and in their zeal, politics created a new treacherous danger. The ever-present game of murder was what just might bring about Rhiannon’s demise.

“Brantwijn Serrah has done it again!” Tattle stomped a foot for emphasis. “A solid, intriguing, and soul grabbing read with sharp wit and believable dialogue.”

“And, if possible, this is even more alluring than her first book of the series, LOTUS PETALS. And you don't have to read book one to get instantly involved and hooked on book two.” Wrye skipped through the paragraph’s until he found the main character and pointed. “Look at Rhiannon, she is so well-drawn, mature and complex. Brantwijn has a significant talent in the way she brings out a natural realness to characters that don't really exist in our world." He grinned. "Or do they? Ah, but that's beside the point. I especially like how layers characters with ideals and defining points of view. You can tell Brantwijn loves her creations and the world she has so deftly created for them.”

“I am also a fan of the complexity of the storyline.” Tattle scrolled the pages. “This is a romance beneath the finely woven story. At its core, you find a hot, sexy, fan-yourself and sigh-to-distraction romance, but it is also a significantly intense story of political intrigue. She fashioned a society where werewolves, demons, shadow walkers, vampires, a host of other mythical creatures and humans co-exist. There is this undercurrent of consistent war and plans to eliminate each other, yet somehow maintaining a balance between mysticism and realism.”

Wrye claimed a thoughtful expression. “It is amazing how she intertwines such intricacies and makes it all understandable. It is a literary piece of work coated in horror, fantasy and romance. I am impressed and fascinated.”

“If readers want a something to haunt their night, prod their intellect and heat their bed, SATIN AND STEEL, Blood and Fire, II by Brantwijn Serrah is the book to read!”
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