Thursday, February 16, 2017


Alter-ego time!


Tattle and Wrye read their way through CLAIMED by Andrea R. Cooper, a paranormal, fantasy romance. 

Dream jobs aren’t always the dream you expect them to be, and Renee Maxwell soon discovers that truth. Being an assistant to sensuous and dreamy archeologist, Damon Cubins, in the ancient ruins of Turkey has its perks.  Mostly, it is a grueling work and feverish nights. Not, hot, ooh la la type of nights but actually feeling sick with a legit fever. It doesn’t help that visions insert themselves over reality. Damon, though, incredible handsome to begin with becomes even more tempting, taking on the traits of a chiseled, perfect hot-to-the-bone god. Meanwhile, Travis, a volunteer, she swears is beginning to look gnome-like. Was it the heat? Was it the flu? Was it the weird dreams? No, no, and no! She had recently dug up a crystal, an insignificant find, she pocketed, intending to make it into a necklace, but it is also affecting her.

What she doesn’t know is that the crystal is the very one Damon has been seeking. Damon Cubins is an incubus and if he doesn’t find the crystal and feed off of its energy, he will turn into a full demon. Once he knows Renee has found it, he realizes he must get that crystal away from her. Ironically, the full-figured beauty has feminist views and, unlike most women who fall for his charms, she resists his romantic overtures. She is quite content to let his model thin girlfriend have him all to herself. Well, maybe content isn’t the exact word. Attempting to resist might be more accurate.

Damon though needs that stone. Though he can feed off others’ sexual energy, he refuses to do more than siphon a taste, rather than hurt them. Unlike his cousin, Clive who feeds off violence and war, Damon cares for humanity. He soon finds he also cares for Renee. Will she run when she realizes what he is? Will Clive create enough chaos to put them all in danger? Will Damon lose Renee and become a demon? Read to find out!

Tattle sighs. “This is one of those romantic, paranormal romps you want to jump into as if it is a shimmery lake and discover it has a tumultuous undertow.  It has just the right blend of danger, adventure, sexuality and romance to satisfy every emotional nook and cranny of your literary being. I really like Renee, especially how she keeps sticking to her views and independence. It was a hoot, however, watching the very likable and sexy Clive not get the girl right off the bat. Cooper’s writing has a clean, crisp feel, giving the storyline a swift pace. The dialogue is very believable with a grand amount of bantering that kept me smiling even though I kept rooting for them to reveal their true feelings to each other. This is the perfect book to curl up with on a quiet, cozy night with only enough light to read by.

Wyre grins. “I toughly enjoyed reading CLAIMED. It is reminiscent of the grand style of romance novels blusterous beginnings. It is a compelling read yet had its own unique speed, I couldn’t put it down but I didn’t want to rush it. I felt the need to read each phrase, every word. I liked the play of good and evil, especially showing an incubus that is more than simply sexually driven. Cooper took paranormal to a different level, writing a story that wasn’t a clone of what is already out there. It had a unique plot and its own remarkable style. This author will quickly gain a following, and I am personally looking forward to her next book.”

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