Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Discover author JP Bowie's new book~ The Vampire and the G.I.

Any readers who might follow my work know I have a thing for vampires. I’ve actually written 14 vampire stories and am working on the 15th right now. The original story My Vampire and I started out as a short story in a collection of shorts, but the characters suddenly had a lot more to say than I had planned. Funny how that happens. It was as if Marcus Verano, Master Vampire was telling me that his story certainly did not belong in a collection, but deserved its own stand alone novel – and I’m not silly enough to argue with a vampire!

  So the short story became a novel and the novel a series and I guess I was hooked from then on. Which brings me to my latest release. Last year I wrote a novel titled The Vampire and the P.I. for Wilde City Press and it did very well. I hadn’t intended on a sequel but the idea just popped into my head one day and became The Vampire and the G.I which has already received some nice reviews and was recently an All Romance best seller.

Here’s the blurb:
The Middle East War is finally over and veteran, Cole Everett, is trying to build a new life in Los Angeles and reconnect with his cousin, Sean Martin, a private investigator. His hopes stall when he learns that Sean’s mate, Arturo, is a vampire.
It might be 2034 and vampires are an accepted part of society, but Cole can’t accept that anyone would willingly mate with the undead. That is, until he meets Arturo and is introduced to the handsome Rafael Barrantes. Attracted to Rafael, Cole has to rethink everything he thought he knew about vampires.  
After he takes a job as a security guard for a high-tech company, Cole becomes suspicious when all is not what it seems with so-called ‘government’ contracts. He can’t decide if he should play it safe and call the cops, or take a chance on his newfound vampire friends.

Safe and secure, or caution to the wind? Find out in The Vampire and the G.I.

Cole reluctantly agrees to go to a party hosted by Vampire Lord Rafael Barrantes at his mansion in the Hollywood Hills…
His thoughts were interrupted when from his peripheral vision he saw a tall figure walk quickly over to them. “Arturo, Sean—so glad you could come!” The deep, melodious voice belonged to the most stunning man Cole had ever seen in his life, ever. He watched, his mouth slightly open as the man embraced first Arturo, then Sean, then turned to face him.
God Almighty. It was as if everyone and everything in the room had simply disappeared, leaving this man as Cole’s single focus. Handsome didn’t even come close to describing him. Tall with wide shoulders, his smooth-skinned, chiseled face was crowned by thick black-as-night hair, and his eyes, which seemed to mesmerize Cole, were a piercing amber under finely shaped brows. Cole thought he could examine this face in detail forever and find nothing wrong. Heat invaded his body, and that part of him he had thought no longer could be aroused by any man was proving him to be very wrong.
“You must be Cole, Sean’s cousin,” the incredible-looking man said. “I am Rafael Barrantes, and I am very pleased to make your acquaintance.”

Holy… even his voice is beautiful, and I’m about to ruin the moment by stammering like a demented troll.
Amazingly, he didn’t. His voice sounded smooth and even to his ears as he held out his hand. “ Very pleased to meet you, sir.”
“Please, no formalities. I am Rafael.” He enclosed Cole’s hand in his, and Cole gasped. The grip was firm yet not overdone—Cole was sure Rafael had no need to prove his obvious strength—and the feel of his skin was pleasantly cool… and sensual. “Arturo tells me you are ex-military. You fought in the Middle East War.”
“That’s right.”
“Then you have seen things no man ever should, I fear.”
Those amber eyes framed by long, thick lashes were steadily looking into Cole’s. He dropped his gaze to Rafael’s mouth and was almost overcome with the need to kiss the vampire’s lush lower lip. He felt his face grow hot with embarrassment, remembering what Sean had said about a vampire’s ability to read minds, but Rafael simply smiled and raised his glass in salute.
“But we will not talk of that tonight. I drink to you, Cole, and to your bravery in the service of your country.” He took a sip of his wine, and again Cole’s eyes were focused on Rafael’s lips. He pulled himself together long enough to raise his glass also and murmur his thanks before drinking the chilled champagne.
Rafael turned to where Sean and Arturo were watching with surprisingly smug expressions on their faces; expressions that quickly morphed into bland masks when Rafael put his hand on Cole’s shoulder.
“There are other drinks if you prefer. Scotch, beer, vodka, and there is a buffet of things you might like in the dining room. Again, it was a pleasure to meet you, Cole.”
“And you, si… uh, Rafael.” Shit, he didn’t want the man to leave so soon. Of course, he had dozens of other guests to mingle with, but… “Uh, maybe we can talk again later ?”
“I would like that very much.” He smiled and gave Cole a slight bow, an affirmation perhaps of his pleasure at the thought of seeing and talking to Cole again.
Or am I hallucinating?

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