Friday, August 19, 2016

Book Review- Fatal Identity by Marie Force

Another stand out story that will keep the reader entertained and guessing till the very end!

A Recommended Read!

My Rating for Fatal Identity is: 5 Stars

As Lt. Sam Holland gets closer to her one year wedding anniversary to Vice President Nick Cappuano, she is dreaming of the beaches of Bora Bora and lots of time with her husband with no demanding careers coming between them. But she never anticipates a perplexing case that will tear Washington D.C. apart when the truth comes to light.

Government worker Josh Hamilton begs Sam to take a look into a claim that he just might have been kidnapped as an infant and raised by the kidnappers in their family. The shocks keep coming as Sam finds out just who his parents are and just how much complicated it got. When one of Josh’s family members is murdered, Sam has to tie all the puzzle pieces together as she races against the clock to solve the case because whoever is trying to keep this secret is going to any lengths to keep the truth from coming out.

I absolutely adore this series. I picked up the first book in the Fatal series, Fatal Affair, to read while I was waiting for this author’s next Green Mountain series book to get here and was sucked into the story as well as falling in love with characters that just stole my heart. The story is a fast paced thrill ride from start to finish. Let me warn you though, there are scenes of intense passion between Sam and Nick that are graphic if not so hot, I swore my e-reader was going to blow up from all the sparks flying between these two. If you don’t like graphic yet tender sex scenes then I advise you to either skip over those scenes in the book or pass on this author’s book (which I hope you don’t). Ms. Force has a way o f capturing her characters emotions and letting them show their vulnerabilities while keeping them as real as possible, which is a hard feat to do perfectly in a story much less a series where the characters grow and expand. With each page I was drawn into the case and storyline, racing alongside Sam as she along with her team tries to figure out all the pieces of this complex and increasingly weird puzzle that surrounds Josh and his family.

For me in this series it all about the characters as well as the cases they have to solve. I love how this author delivers complex casers that leave the reader breathless with twists and turns that you don’t expect. For this new case I was perplexed alongside Sam and felt the author did a bang up job in capturing the secrets as they come to light of the Hamilton family. I love the main characters, Sam and Nick. They are completely perfect for one another and has such a passion for one another that it makes me blush sometimes at how connected they are to one another. That kind of love and romance just hit all my love buttons and I was melting as I read their sex scenes, hoping my e-reader won’t melt from all the heat these two can generate. FATAL IDENTITY is a rollicking good time full of twists that left me hanging on the edge of my seat, flipping pages to see what happens next.

What makes this series stand out is the core cast continues to grow and evolve with each book and that right there makes me invested in the series as a whole. Ms. Force is a dynamic writer that knows how to get her characters to open up, show their vulnerabilities and strengths in a way that will leave you eager for more. As I continue to explore this author’s backlist for more reads to explore, I find myself drawn to her work in a way that astounds me sometimes. Ms. Force is fast becoming one of the few authors I will pre-order books and am eager for more. Now all I can ask from this author is when her beloved readers can get another dose of Sam and Nick as well as their friends again. If you enjoy red hot romance, intriguing yet complex cases and a setting set in the heart of Washington DC then you will definitely want to check this series out because I guarantee you will fall in love with this series and binge read it like I did in a week.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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