Thursday, December 31, 2015

WRITERS WRITE... WRITING PARTNERS FEUD ~ Resolutions and Nostalgia

Many bring in the New Year with hope, enthusiasm, and a bit of nostalgia, and do it all as they party hardy.  As we get older the parties grow less and the nostalgia oft overpowers all. 

We remember not just the last year but the last several decades.  We miss family and friends who have passed, we yearn for things that could have been, we smile at the victories and mourn the defeats.  Mostly, though, we reflect on those moments when joy held court and life was good.  We want to find those good times again, hence New Year's resolutions!

A:  (Looks at what Zi typed)  You sound like a wise old man.

Z:  The gray gives it away, eh?  

A:  And the nostalgia.  By the way, I still party on New Year's Eve.  (Points to her sparkly new dress and cardboard dazzled tiara)

Z:  (He points to her Tasmanian furry slippers)  You are zzzzzzing by midnight. 

A:  Maaaaybeeee, but I party first.

Z:  With grape juice and fruit loops?

A:  Ok, so you caught me, I party with my grandkids, and have more fun than I used to watching the Apple drop in Times Square.  (Sticks out her tongue for emphasizes)

Z:  You were never in Times Square on NYE!  

A:  I watched it on TV.  Now, stop being evasive, what are your resolutions?

Z:  You first.

A:  I resolve not to make any resolutions except to never give up, never surrender.

Z:  Watched Galaxy Quest again, huh?

A:  Gotta love that movie.  Now, you.

Z:  Since we are being nostalgic, I will to review the last couple years of resolve.

Zi's Dieting - New Year Resolutions

2010: I will get my weight down below 180 pounds... I can do this!  (Remembers doing three jumping jacks after typing that out)
2011: I will follow my new diet religiously until I get below 200 pounds... I shall eliminate gummy bears and gummy bear related products  (Had managed two... two jumping jacks)
2012: I will develop a realistic attitude about my weight... I am the master of my own fork  (Couldn't get off the ground)
2013: I will work out 3 days a week... Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays... I have joined a gym and have signed a three year commitment... I am resolved (Tied his shoe and called it touching his toes)
2014: I will try to drive past a gym at least once a week... and stop if I'm dressed for it.  (Does mental gymnastics... one Mississippi... two Mississippi... three miss my cupcakes... I'll be back)
2015: I will use the word gym in a sentence once a week while doing twelve ounce curls, ie, lifting a diet soda can.  (Eventually, decides to use six ounce cans)
2016: I will blame my parents on my imperfect genetic code... they are the reason I am portly... no cake for them this year... more for me.  (Plans on a triple layer Italian cream cake with a side of cheesecake... and two forks... why... he is the master of his own forks) 
A:  Good for you.  Can  I have a piece, too?

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