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Book Spotlight~ Billi Jean's Claiming a Demon's Heart

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So, first of all, I’d like to say thank you for having me at Dawn’s Reading Nook.  I’m one of those readers that enjoy learning more about a series, or book, or the author. I hope you’re the same! Today I’d like to share how difficult it can be to be an author. In particular how hard it is for new authors.
But first, this month is special for me because my newest book, Claiming a Demon’s Heart, will finally hit the shelves. I say finally, but really I barely handed this manuscript in and my wonderful publishers rushed it out to you, my readers. Why? Well….that answer is complicated, but I’ll do my best to explain.
When I was still wet behind the ears, I went with a fairly new to the publishing world publisher for my first book – Midnight Star. I was so shocked and thrilled someone thought my work worth putting on paper that I ignored some warning signs along the way. I compounded my judgment error by making some wrong decisions when it came to book two, Silver’s Chance. It’s easier than you think to do. My mistakes were small ones, but in the end those issues became bigger and bigger. Remember, when you publish a series, the publisher owns the rights to your series. That means, you are kinda stuck with them for a long, long time. Kinda, meaning, you are.
For me, now, that’s great. I hope Totally Bound always wants to work with me! But back then, I was very depressed and worried. To be completely honest, I almost quit writing! A publisher is key to an author’s image in so many ways. If there are mistakes, or they push you to remove or change something, and you do against your better judgment, and doesn’t go over well, too bad, it’s done and out there. So, for me, I was stuck…. unless my publisher released me from my contracts or turned down a manuscript.
That’s what happened to me. Some people hate having their MS rejected. I celebrated with a bottle of bubbly! J
But I’m jumping ahead.
Back then, the first two books were part of a bigger world I created, with endless stories, and countless hours of writing. I wasn’t about to submit these stories, so I sank into depression and considered quitting on my characters. Just when I was at my worst, I listened to a very wonderful author friend who suggested I submit a contemporary story to this publisher she loved -- Totally Bound.  I listened. Best decision ever! Totally Bound took Running Scared, first in my contemporary Love’s Command series and I’ve grabbed on to the opportunity to work with them and haven’t let go since! 
But wait, right? The first publisher owned this world. Not so, once they didn’t take a manuscript, I was free to go elsewhere. I couldn’t publish the books under Sisters of the Moon, which was tricky, but Totally Bound was more than willing to help me figure out a way to continue the series.
Thus the Sisterhood of  Jade was born.
Fast forward to this past summer. This summer Totally Bound re-released my first two books, Silver’s Chance and Midnight Star. They even went so far as to re-order the series, and place the books where they belong. I was stunned, touched and completely thrilled.
If I could give advice on starting out on your author career, I would say, listen to your gut. Don’t take any offer presented to you. Read a few books the publisher has out there, ask fellow authors, and other readers, then, and only then submit your work. Read your contract. Negotiate if it seems unfair or extreme. But always, always ask others. Authors are out there, they are great people! More than willing to say something, or maybe not say something, which, is saying something! But also, listen to yourself. You wrote the story, it’s yours, don’t accept someone else making it less than it can be.
And, of course, I hope you get a chance to read Midnight Star and Silver’s Chance, in the order they were meant to occur and written the way I meant them to be written. J
Thank you very much and if you have any questions, I am absolutely willing to answer them!  And don’t forget to stop back by for my post on coming up with characters!
Hugs, billi jean  

This is book seven in the Sisterhood of Jade series.
Agni’s obsession will either claim his heart or bring him more pain than any other event in his existence.
Since first learning his mate is the third Sister of the Moon, Agni Fe Tarra, Prince of the Fire Demon Realm, has stayed as far away from the young girl as the mortal world would allow. But when she ventures to the Fay Realm and returns a full grown—and fully developed—woman secure in her Wiccan powers as well as in her Fay abilities, can he still stay away even if that’s the only way to keep her safe?
Blood Moon, once called Bethany by her family and friends, knows with Agni’s first kiss, he’s hers—but the demon’s first words to her don’t seem to match up. Is she to listen to what he says and leave him forever—or stay with him until she can claim his heart?

About Billi Jean:
Billi Jean was born in California but didn't stay put for long. She's lived in New York, Indiana, Missouri, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts and Vermont. She's lived in and worked from ranches to beach-side coffee shops to the woods in western Massachusetts. Now living and working in China, she continues to write for Totally Bound Publishing.
Billi Jean has been writing since high school when she couldn't wait for Robert Jordon to write his Wheel of Time series faster. As an adult, she still finds herself drawn to fantasy-adventure stories, but with an erotic romance flair. Her books are extremely hot, with a focus on strong characters that are shoved into fast-paced adventures. Her unique style of incredible journeys infused with hot passion leave her fans hoping for more.

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