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Talking with Willa Edwards and why Younger Men are Better!

The Top Ten Reasons Why Younger Men Are Better

In my newest release, Valentine Next Door, my heroine Miranda explores a different kind of relationship than she’s used to. A relationship with a man almost ten years her junior, her next door neighbor Jeremy. Though Miranda is extremely apprehensive about this relationship in the beginning, over time she comes to see that not only does she need a younger man in her life, but she specifically needs this younger man, Jeremy, to give her everything she’s ever wanted.

So today, I thought I’d go through the top ten reasons why having a younger man in your life can be very very good.

1. Their fit and athletic builds. Tight, hard, muscular. You get the drift. We’d all be kidding ourselves if we didn’t put that one high on the list.

2. Sex drive. The male sex drive peaks at 18 years old, while women’s peaks almost ten years later. The closer you can get to that wave, the better off you’ll be.

3. Exercise. Exercise keeps you fit and healthy. With your younger man, you’ll definitely be getting a great deal of exercise. See above reason number 2 for clarity.

4. Energy. Their zest for life can only improve your days, and your nights. No rolling over at 9 pm to go to sleep for these guys. The energy of a younger man will definitely put a pep in your step.

5. Flexibility. No I’m not talking about physical flexibility, though they probably have that too, I’m talking about flexibility of thought and lifestyle. Unlike older men that tend to be set in their ways, younger men are ready to explore the world. Interested in living abroad, they’ll jump on board. What to pursue a new career, they’re right there with you.

6. They can set up your computer, your dvd player, your printer, your surround sound. You name it. Those skills may not be sexy, but they definitely come in handy.

7. Staying young at heart. Studies show that staying informed, active and part of the mainstream culture keeps you young at heart, and can go a great distance to keeping you healthy longer. There’s no better way to accomplish this than having your very own boy toy guide to the hip and happening.

8. Limited competition. Since they’re just starting their careers, while you are several years into yours, you’ll most likely be on different career trajectories. This will limit your need to worry about stepping on his toes or pulling out ahead of him, and can lead to less conflicts, leaving more time for loving.

9. Ditch those gender roles. This generation of men have been raised by women who work outside the home, who split the housework with their significant others and can take care of themselves. This generation of men is less concerned with gender roles then any generation before them. They’re content to be house husbands, mannies, and stay at home dads. They are more than willing to take on their portion of the household chores and childrearing. Nothing to complain about with that.

10. Different prospective.  True you might go to the Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons with an older man, but eating kebabs off a food truck and exploring the city you live in, or travel to, with a younger man will give you a whole new perspective on the world you know, and open up even more possibilities for the two of you.

Older woman and younger men falling in love is a fairly new trend, in society and romance, and I really enjoyed exploring this dynamic throughout writing Valentine Next Door. I hope you enjoy reading it half as much as I enjoyed writing these two characters, and their touching romance.

Blurb: Jeremy Callahan has been in love with his next door neighbor, Miranda Valentine, since he was fifteen years old. As a teen he used to watch her, fantasising about how he could make her his. But he never acted on it. Miranda was older, married and out of his league. Forced to return home ten years later after being injured on a photo shoot, all those old feelings return, and this time there's no reason to keep them at bay. She might be a decade older than him, but Jeremy's not about to let a few numbers stand in his way.

Since her husband's death, Miranda's been left with a big hole in her life. Never able to fulfil her dream to be a mom, Miranda isn't sure what to do with herself. She certainly isn't expecting to find the most gorgeous man she's ever met next door. She can't believe Jeremy Callahan is that sexy younger man, or that he's had a crush on her for years. When he kisses her, all bets are off. Jeremy's young, gorgeous and makes her feel more than anyone has before.

But she knows he can't want the same things she does. He can't be ready to settle down and start a family, but she's running out of time. Will her dream of being a mother keep her from the man she loves? Or can they find some middle ground where they both can get everything they want?


Miranda hastily climbed the porch steps, balancing the cake in one hand while pushing the doorbell with her left index finger. If she was lucky, the Callahans would be in the middle of dinner and she could just drop off the cake and head back home. She was already looking forward to settling down in front of the television to watch the latest romantic comedy Netflix had sent her, something about finding love in the wilds of Africa. That and the carton of ice cream that wouldn’t be taking up space in her freezer for much longer.

The door slid open and one of the most gorgeous men she’d ever seen stood in the doorway. His dark hair was cut short. His chocolate-colored eyes focused on her and she swallowed. He looked at her with such intensity her skin tingled. His red T-shirt clung to a chiseled chest, and a pair of dark sweats bunched up around the cast molded to his right leg.

“Jeremy?” This couldn’t be little Jeremy Callahan standing before her. The man holding the door open was very different from the boy who had left home.

But he has to be. How many men could the Callahans have wandering around their house with a broken leg?

He smiled at her with the same boyish grin he’d given her that first morning she and Leo had moved into the neighborhood. She still remembered him standing in his driveway playing basketball with one of his buddies a few weeks before his first days of high school.

Jeremy had always been tall, but as a kid he’d been skinny and lanky. He’d definitely grown into his height. His chest was now broad and solid. His biceps flexed as he dropped the doorknob, crossing his arms along his chest. Even his waist was thick with muscle, the kind that would be defined beneath that red T-shirt.

“Hi, Mrs Valentine.”

She cleared her throat, gripping the cake container a little tighter in her sweaty hands. “Please, Jeremy. You’re not in school anymore. You don’t have to call me Mrs Valentine. Miranda is fine.”

“Okay. Hi, Miranda.”

She liked the sound of her name on his lips. It took her a second to realize she’d never heard him say it before. He’d always been a very polite boy, always respectful. But she was starting to like the man a lot better.

“Well, I...uh, made this for you and your folks. Just a little I-hope-you-feel-better cake.” She handed the dessert to Jeremy, forcing herself to stop rambling.

He grabbed the Tupperware container with quick hands that looked much bigger than they used to.

“Thank you.” He glanced down at the Bundt cake. “Is this mocha fudge?”

She nodded.

“Good. I always loved that cake.” He leaned forward a little, as though to tell her a secret, his mouth moving toward hers.

His woodsy, masculine smell wafted to her across the space between them. His heat and strong presence calling her like a moth to a flame.

“I’ve always had quite a sweet tooth.” He grinned at her. Her mind flashed to what else he could do with those teeth. Those lips. That mouth.

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