Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Welcome back author Sean MIchael

The Merry Month of May

Thanks, Dawn, for hosting me at the Reading Nook this month.

In keeping with all “m”s I’m going to share my first book published directly by All Romance Ebooks – The Millionaire’s Mistake.

I was asked to participate in ARE’s Bad Boys series, which were all featured this past month. I jumped at the chance. I mean, bad boys, right?

My pair are former lovers and it ended badly. AW, bad boy millionaire, who is really a spoiled brat, and even more so five years ago, dumped Reid because Reid had the audacity to say no to something AW had asked him to do. Yeah, AW was that spoiled!

Of course, Now AW is older and not quite as spoiled and most definitely alone. Oh, he can pick up twinks for one night stands any time he wants. Problems is, he doesn’t really want that anymore. He wants someone he can love, be partners with. It’s just too bad he threw away the guy he had that with!

This one was a lot of fun to write, and because they were former lovers, I was able to jump right in with the kink. And you know me, I kind of like my kink.


Is it too late to win back the heart of the man he loves?
When Reid Allen said no to spoiled millionaire Ambrose Walter Simpson five years ago, AW kicked him out on his ass. Now AW is ready to admit he’s thrown away the only man he ever truly loved.

The rich bad boy has learned the value of sticking around when the going gets tough. But is it too late to make amends and win Reid back?

You can pick it up at All Romance Ebooks, where it’s currently #1 on their bestseller list!


“Two cappuccinos, an Americano, and two drips, Reid!”
“You got it, honey.” Reid pulled coffee, humming under his breath as they worked through the morning rush. There’d be another one at lunch and a tiny one around four. It was perfect.
“Reid, I’m going to grab the cranberry muffins. We’re down to only blueberry and one lemon.” Barb, his other employee rushed by from where she’d been bussing tables.
“Run a load of cups, huh?” He needed to pick up more; they were starting to run low. It never failed to amaze him how he had to buy another couple dozen every few months, like clockwork.
David nodded from the register. “Cups good. Muffins good. Customers like wild, slavering beasts.”
“Are you allowed to say that where we can hear?” asked the next customer, the man’s voice like liquid fucking velvet.
“Oh, yeah. You guys are sharks. What can I get you, man?” The grin in David’s voice was audible.
Reid didn’t look, even though his cock jerked at the husky tone—the customer’s, not David’s.
“I’ll have a double espresso.” God, that voice was beginning to settle in his balls.
“You got it. Muffin?”
Reid went still, halfway through pulling the Americano. He knew that voice. He did.
“No, I want something…sweeter.” The customer was looking at Reid; he could feel it. Especially now that he knew who it was.
“There’s muffins and raspberry scones. Those are your options, Walt.” He didn’t meet his ex’s eyes. Fucker.
“So you do remember me.” That husky voice went even deeper over the words. “And I’ll have the raspberry scone.”
Reid plated up the scone, pulled the espressos, put them on the counter. “Double espresso, scone.”
“Thank you. Will you join me?”
“Will I what?” He did look that time, right into Walt’s eyes. The dark blue was as intense as ever and Walt didn’t flinch for a second.
“I said, ‘Will you join me?’”
“I’m working. Rush. Sorry.” No. No, he wouldn’t. He couldn’t.
“When the rush is over then. Excellent.” Walt walked away like it hadn’t been five fucking years.
Reid stood there staring. No. No. Working, then he’d go to the back. No way he was fucking talking to Mr. Playboy Everybody Loves Me.
Walt glanced back and gave him a smug little smile.
They’d been together for three years, right after university. Three years of wild kinky sex and one night Walt had said “get out.”
One fight about time and work and the club and shit and Walt threw him out with his wallet, his backpack, and his laptop. Fuck him. The man had been painting the town red with some baby twink the next Friday night too. Asshole. Waltzing back in like he owned the place. God damn spoiled millionaire bastard.
Reid made the next order, reminding himself that he’d done fine. He had a life, a good life. He’d built a strong business. He had friends, lovers. A cat.
All the while he worked, he could feel Walt’s eyes on him. It was like a fucking touch. How could that still be possible after five fucking years?

Sean Michael
Smut fixes everything

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