Sunday, May 4, 2014

Talking with Sean Michael

The Shibari Auction House series by Sean Michael

I’ve really enjoyed writing the Shibari Auction House stories. I get to explore different kinks and different characters. And there always seems to be a new man wanting to auction himself off at Shibari.

The latest Shibari Auction House story will be out tomorrow at Changeling Press.

Sam follows up on the three men first introduced in Robin.

Robin and Sam want someone who can be Dom to both of them. Will Master Renard fit the bill?

You can find Shibari Auction House: Robin here:

As I said, Sam follows up on the story, checking in with Sam, his lover Robin and the man who’s Dom enough for both of them – Master Renard.

When he and Robin put themselves up for auction, hoping to find a Master who could give them both what they needed, Sam knew it was a long shot. Now that they're with Master Renard, though, he's beginning to believe that the man is exactly what they were looking for.

Sam's getting the firm hand he's been desperately wanting and Robin is coming out of his shell, flourishing under Master Renard's attentions.

Are they destined to find pleasure and happiness all together, or is this magical week going to end in tears?

Look for it on Thursday at Changeling Press:

Thank you very much, Dawn, for having me today!

Sean Michael
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