Thursday, April 3, 2014

Introducing Arcanum and a Giveaway

Top 10 Writing Tips that Have Nothing to do with Actually Writing

1)      Save and save often. Become obsessively compulsive with it. Ctrl+S is your friend. God hates you. Lightning happens.
2)      Don’t ask your friends and family what they think about your story they will lie to you.
3)      Trust no one. Proof read everything thrice. Then do it again.
4)      Your characters will never do what you originally intended for them to do. Don’t fight them on it. You will lose.
5)      Not all ideas you have are good ones. Let them simmer and check them again on the morrow.
6)      Not all days are good for writing. Some are good for fishing. Some are good for watching moves. Some are good for plotting revenge. If you’re not feeling it; don’t.
7)      If you don’t have money you can’t eat. If you can’t eat you can’t live. If you’re not alive you can’t write. So sometimes it really is all about the Benjamins.
8)      Be your own worst critic, but don’t forget to be your own best defender as well. Everyone will walk all over you if you let them.
9)      If you think what you’ve just written is the worst thing ever don’t fret, chances are you actually have written something far far worse.
10)   If you’re easily distracted, unplug or turn off the internet. Wikipedia, Facebook, etc. will suck not only your soul but all your writing time as well.

Arcanum by M.C. Moulton
Available at:

 Between fighting a race of magic-wielding winged monsters, scaling Krakens, blinding Cyclops, running from Sirens, and being abducted by pirates it’s all Arc Arcanum can do to keep his head on straight; literally. After losing the only home he’s ever known, and with nowhere else to turn, Arc enlists with the Human Liberation Front to fight against a ruthless species known as the Winged Ones and prevent them from unleashing a world-wide human holocaust. He’s tasked (completely by accident) with escorting humanity’s last hope, a red-eyed android named Celeste, across the sea to one of the few remaining human safe havens. To make matters worse he’s accompanied by two fellow cadets: the feisty vixen Rose and the polyamorous playboy Prince, both of whom seem entirely set on making sure nothing goes as planned. It’s a magical journey that proves blood isn’t the only bond that makes a family.

 M. C. Moulton is currently living in Kansas and trying desperately not to be swept away by a tornado to a magical land of munchkins. In his off time he’s lazily at work on the Arcanum sequels or playing way too many video games. Oh yeah and he’s awesome.


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