Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Welcome Sean Michael today

Everything Old is New Again

It’s always exciting to have an older, out of print book come out again with a new publisher. You get to brush it up a bit, get a new cover for it, and bring it to the attention of your newer readers who never had a chance to see it before.

I’ve just had The Dog Next Door rereleased by Resplendence Publishing.

Keifer’s a vet with a secret. Felix is his hunky next door neighbor. One weekend when they’re both out enjoying a beautiful Saturday morning, Felix asks Keifer out for dinner and ice cream. One thing leads to another and the two discover they’re very compatible, in and out of bed.

Keifer’s got that secret, though, and he’s not sure exactly how to tell Felix about it, and he’s more than a little worried about how Felix is going to take it. What happens when the truth comes out unexpectedly, and that truth has a tail?

**Publisher’s Note** This title has been previously released. The cover art and publisher have changed.

I also have The Wizard and The Thief being re-released next month:

Plum is as good a thief as any he's ever met, aided by the fact that he has a little magic to his light fingers. So when he's hired to steal a wizard's treasure, he doesn't think twice.

Corm is no regular wizard, though, and he finds Plum absolutely enchanting, deciding he must have the pretty thief at all costs. When secrets arise between them, Corm finds he might lose everything he's worked so hard to gain with Plum, and he has to summon more than just his magic to set it right.

Look for it at Amber Allure on April 6:

Thank you, Dawn, for letting me share the news about a couple of my older books coming back!

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