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My Top 5 Favorite Military Men in Film

Men in Uniform are generally quite popular, especially in romance fiction. Military men (and women) are especially intriguing to me because in reality, they are making a huge commitment and sacrifice that many of us would never contemplate. There have been scores of films over the years featuring both real and imaginary protagonists – and I thought I would mention my top 5 faves. Feel free to add yours to the list in the comments section.

1. Eric Bana – Black Hawk Down. Eric played the part of SFC Norm “Hoot” Gibson of Delta Force. His character is a composite of several real-life heroes and the film is based on very real events that took place in Somalia. It’s a difficult and emotional film to watch, but very much worth it.
2. Jeremy Renner – The Hurt Locker. Jeremy played SFC William James. Another amazing film, very intense. It is set during the war in Iraq. Both of these films pack non-stop tension throughout.
3. Jude Law – Cold Mountain. Great music (by Jack White) hilarious performance by Renee Zellweger, and incredible hotness by Jude Law as a Civil War soldier. However, I hesitated to mention this one because the film itself is incredibly depressing, but um, it’s Jude Law, ya know?
4. Owen Wilson – Behind Enemy Lines. People had mixed feelings about his film, but I really liked it. Again, it’s not a feel good thing (it’s war after all). It’s a suspense filled ride for a lone American soldier trying to get back to safety after crashing – you guessed it – behind enemy lines. This one is set during the Croatian-Serbian conflict.
5. Steve McQueen – The Great Escape. I decided to pay homage to a classic, especially because it stars a true man’s man, Steve McQueen. The uber masculine Steve plays the part of Capt. Virgil Hilts aka “Cooler King”. This film is a must watch – it is based on the true escape of a group of soldiers from a German prisoner of war camp during WWII.

Guarded Desires (Uniform Encounters 4) Blurb:

A sexy young National Guardsman, a snarky bear of a DEA Agent and a vicious Mexican drug cartel. Someone’s going to be sorry.

Special Agent Stephen Morris thought his home life had settled into a pleasantly dull routine. Hanging out in his yard and barbequing is a typical weekend for the brawny mid-thirties man—and his partner Rigo from the DEA office is usually there with his family to keep him company. Being assigned to a main border crossing in Nogales, Arizona, keeps him busy enough at work, so he doesn’t have time to worry about love. However, that doesn’t mean he’s not lonely.

Twenty-two year old PFC Guardsman, Joseph Pirelli, is on an active-duty-for-training mission to help support border patrol and the DEA. The Vasquez drug cartel has become even more vicious than ever—going so far as to target civilians on both sides of the border. Joseph and Stephen are thrown together in a direct conflict with the cartel and a part of Joseph’s dark past is revealed.

Joseph is incredibly attracted to Stephen, even though he doesn’t typically go for older men. He longs to find love, but is still recuperating from an abusive past. The idea of becoming close to a man who could physically harm him brings up fears that may ruin his chances at any kind of relationship with the big teddy bear agent.
Sometimes love shows up when you aren’t looking for it and gives you a chance you shouldn’t ignore. Both men will have the opportunity to wonder what it would be like to lose the other and to decide what they’re willing to risk to be together.

In this excerpt, a night mission has fallen apart and one of the agents has been killed. Joseph just saved Stephen’s life, but there is still activity out in the desert and the agents and guardsmen need to act fast.

From Guarded Desires (Uniform Encounters 4)

They both took one more look at their surroundings with the goggles to verify they were clear. The military grade glasses were more involved than any Stephen had used before, so Joseph had to show him how to adjust the lenses. They were close enough to one another that Stephen could sense the heat from Joseph’s body in the cool night air. Joseph had the clean scent of soap mixed with the sweat from the past few hours of intensity. Stephen had never experienced that before with another man where he had noticed such small physical details.
Once they were able to clear the area, they headed back to the Humvee. Stephen noted that Joseph didn’t even acknowledge Private Kim when he got in the truck. It was the right call. In the heat of things they didn’t have time to get into it with the kid.
“Get a hold of Sanchez?”
“Yeah. They have us and the rest of the Humvees on GPS. Helicopters will be here in a few, and a caravan of more Humvees should arrive in about forty-five to an hour. They’re treating it as a full engagement. They’ve requested we hold our positions until reinforcements arrive.”
Joseph slapped the steering wheel of the truck with both hands. Stephen clasped Joseph’s shoulder. “I know. I wanted to move in too.” He let go and slumped back in his seat. “All right, men. I guess we sit tight then. Let’s stay alert just in case.”
Joseph opened the door, then stepped out of the vehicle. Stephen jerked up.
“Where are you going?”
“I’m not going to sit here in this truck and do nothing.”
“You can’t go against orders.”
“I won’t. I’m going back in position with the goggles to make sure no one gets the jump on us until help arrives.”
Stephen nodded. “Good call. Then I’ll go with you. Except you might need to show me how to use these things again.”
Joseph chuckled. “They teach you anything at Quantico?”
“That was ten years ago, kid. We were still using cans with string.”
Joseph gave him a big smile and shook his head. Stephen loved the dichotomy between the young man’s serious side and his playful side. Every small interaction with Joseph added to Stephen’s resolve to try and get to know him better. With any luck, a lot better.
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