Monday, March 24, 2014

Manlove Romance Press Submission Calls

Call for Submissions 
When Sparks Fly

The heat generated on this American holiday isn't all oohs and ahhs. There are those that just can't stand it. Ideas for this call: firemen who dread the holiday because of the accidents, once such accident brings love; military men who have lost their faith in liberty and independence after serving in war but find hope and love on that day from a patriotic hunk (could have PTSD); a stressed-out ER attending that has just seen one too many burns from fireworks; or maybe a grumpy guy hates the noise of fireworks and has to go next door to tell his neighbor to knock off shooting off rockets every three minutes, only to have sparks fly in another way.

Submissions Due by May 1st 2014

Scare This
So many think they've outgrown dressing up. That there are no more tricks to be played. That it's all a bunch of hookiness. But what if they meet a real vampire/witch/werewolf? Or what about that special human dressed in a to die for costume that brings all the "tricks and treats" back? A sexy Leather-n-Lace party that lets all the inhibitions go and brings back the magic of the night?

Submissions due by July 31st 

Bleh, Turkey!
Thanksgiving is a time of turkey and mashed potatoes and pies and family...but what if you don't have a family? What if you don't
have a home? What if you're in the military stationed overseas?

It's not all smiles and kisses for everyone in November...

Submissions due by August 31st, 2014

Snowballs, Icicles, and Fire?
Those holidays in December bring smiles to everyone's faces, right? Maybe not. Some (not just that famous Scrooge) have frozen
their hearts to the joys of Hanukkah, Yuletide, Kwanzaa and Christmas. They've decided to skip the holidays this year but just
maybe there's a special someone that's going to show up and heat up those winter nights... 

Submissions due by September 30th, 2014

What's That Exhibit?
There are so many different museums out there these days: art, science, history, play. What happens when the doors are closed? What goes on during a tour? Or how about a fundraiser? The guys working and visiting these halls of entertainment and education are often seen as “the geeks” or “the bookworms”. What if they’re not? Or what if that’s what makes them special?

Submissions due by April 20th, 2014 

Someone to Savor
Older men need love too. It isn't always about the young lovers. Just because a man is over forty doesn't mean he's "lost it". Like fine wine, they should be savored. It could be and older/younger relationship or two older men finding love. First time relationships or guys who are finding love for a second time.
Stories due by June 15, 2014

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