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 Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends, for getting together and for traditions. In my latest novel from Torquere Press - A Family of His Own, a Mannies Incorporated Novel, coming out December 18 - Benji is a manny who is really just looking for a family to call his own, to take care of.

Nanny Benji just wants a family to care for. Could widower Will and his three little girls be exactly what Benji’s been looking for and more?


In a perfect world, there would be no accidents, no need for nannies, an undo button. Will parked the SUV, jogged up the steps to the house. Late. In a perfect world, there'd be thirty more seconds in every minute.

He could hear voices from the front room. Thank god for Beverly.

"Hey, guys. Sorry. Traffic and I had a client call." He dropped his keys in the bowl by the door, unfastened his jacket, and hurried into the rom.

Beverly looked at him, shook her head. God, she looked like Dale. "You're always late, honey."


A gorgeous guy stood up, hand held out. "Hi there. I'm Benji Rafter."

"Hey Benji. I'm Will. You've met my mother in law." He answered politely enough, but his internal monologue was going crazy. No. No men. He was going to kick Bev's butt.

"I have. And the kids. They're beautiful."

Bev gave him a look. "Benji had them down for a nap in about two minutes."

He looked back, trying so fucking hard not to just stamp his feet and beg her not to leave him here with them.

"Did you want me to step into the kitchen?" Benji asked after a few moments.

"No. No, I'm just... old and tired of things changing." He sat down, his back screaming at him. "Tell me about yourself. Why the fuck would anyone want to be a nanny?"

Benji's eyes went wide, but he sat and cleared his throat. "Because I love kids. And it's not just a line, I do."

"Have you always wanted to do this?"

"Will, pretend to be nice," Beverly murmured.

"No, that's all right, Beverly. If I'm taking care of his children, he needs to trust that I have their best interest at heart." Benji turned back to him. The man had the greenest eyes he'd ever seen. "I've always known I wanted to make kids' lives better. Eventually I realized the best way I could do that was to be a nanny."

"How long have you worked with kids?"

"For seven years, with two different families. The last one was twin boys." Benji smiled, the expression going right to his eyes. "Twins are special."

Will nodded. "They are." Special. Loud. Demanding.

"Your girls are beautiful." Benji grinned suddenly. "Have you invested in a shotgun already?"

Will started chuckling, at once tickled and horrified at the thought of his girls dating.

"Not that I'm advocating violence." Benji gave him a wink. Fuck, the man was charming.

"I am. No one's dating my girls."

Beverly snorted and Benji laughed softly.

"Fortunately you have many years to fight that, huh?" Bev looked at him. "You need the help, Will. You cannot raise these girls without some assistance and..."

"And you have a better offer." He winked at her, softening the words. Christ, she'd been with him for a year, as soon as Dale had been hit by the car. She'd been the first one to hold the twins, to see them. What the hell was he going to do?

"You can check my references, I come highly recommended and I've already met the girls -- they're darling. I'm between families right now, so I can start whenever you need me."

"I..." Fuck, his head hurt.

"Have you eaten today, Will?" Bev sounded so concerned and he glared at her. He didn't need mothering.

"I'm fine, Mom."

"You're a type one diabetic, Will. You have to eat."


"She's right, Sir. You need to keep your sugars in line. Are any of the kids diabetic? Let me make you a snack. Call it part of the job interview." Benji stood, looking at him expectantly.

"I." Wait. Wait. He was the boss. He was the dad. He managed.

"He loves peanut butter and blackberry jam sandwiches."


"Oh, those are my specialty." Smiling, Benji disappeared in the direction of the kitchen.

A Family of His Own will be out December 18 from Torquere Press.

I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Sean Michael

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