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Welcome Sandra Sookoo today

Welcome to my Reading Nook, Sandra Sookoo. Please make yourself at home and let my cabana boys get you a drink.

Comfortable? Wonderful. Now let’s get started.

To get us started can you tell us a little about what you are working on or have coming out?

Hi Dawn. Thanks so much for having me on your blog today. At the time of filling out these interview questions, I’m working on the last book in my Regency-era Scandal in Surrey series. But next up on my release schedule is Marriage Minded Lord, the first book in my new Regency-era series.

Here’s the blurb for Marriage Minded Lord (which releases September 17th from my indie label New Independence Books)

When an outrageous meeting leads to inappropriate desire, will family honor and duty destroy a chance for true love?

Felix Alan Darrington, Earl of Swandon has been summoned to London by his mother. Though he has obligations to Parliament, his meddling parent has reminded him it’s time to do his duty, marry and provide her with grandchildren. But Felix refuses to wed under dictate. He’ll choose the woman and the time, and if he’s lucky he’ll marry for love.

Clarice Delacroix is a lady’s companion. Though she’s an illegitimate daughter of a duke, her mother was a French opera singer which puts Clarice firmly between worlds. Possessed of a quick temper and a penchant for making pastries, she longs for adventure, romance and acceptance, but she refuses to be anyone’s mistress. Her mother’s life is not for her.

As Felix schemes to spend more time with Clarice and find out why the Frenchwoman intrigues him, the titled lady who wishes to be his countess conspires to keep them apart. Felix quickly finds that balancing relationships between family and love is not as easy as first thought, or as black and white. Someone in his circle isn’t telling the truth, and the repercussions could prove deadly to Clarice’s future.

And a short excerpt:

The background conversation faded as did everything else Olivia said while Felix stared at the newcomer. Her rust-colored gown set off slightly olive-hued skin. A few curly tendrils of black hair had escaped the knot at the back of her head and clung to her neck, but her big brown eyes framed with sooty lashes captivated him.

“Which one of you requested to see Cook?” Her French-accented English was as flawless as if she’d spoken the language all her life. Plush lips formed the words. With great effort, he wrenched his gaze from her mouth to focus on her. She held a crystal trifle dish in both hands. Every layer of the dessert was clearly visible, all purple jam, pale pastry cream and pound cake.

His mouth watered. His pulse pounded. Sweat trickled down his back and dampened his shirt. What an enchanting creature. “I did.” Felix rose. He resisted the urge to straighten his clothing in her presence. “I’m Felix Darrington, well, I used to be until I assumed Earl of Swandon title.”

She curtsied. “Very good, Lord Swandon.”

Olivia rapped her knuckles on the tabletop. “Clarice, I must tell you—once again—that talking about your betters to the kitchen staff will not be tolerated.”
The Frenchwoman nodded. She cast her gaze downward. “I understand, my lady. I do apologize for making my comments so loud that you overheard.”

Felix stifled a snicker at the last second. The chit was clever. He liked her even more.

Color blazed in Olivia’s cheeks. Her eyes glittered. “Be that as it may, I intend to hold back two days of pay from your salary this month for your insolent attitude. Perhaps that will teach you more than my words do.”

“Yes, my lady.” Though Miss Delacroix kept her gaze to the floor, Felix swore he felt the heat of anger come off her even though the length of the table separated them.

Olivia nodded. “Very good. Now, let’s have a look at the trifle. And pray, tell me why Cook refused to join us.”

Miss Delacroix moved around the table until she stood at its head, pausing between him and Olivia, her gaze fixed on Felix. Mischief and slight annoyance warred for dominance in that bright gaze. “Cook is too shy so she requested I come in her stead.” A faint smile curved her lush rosy lips. “However, she’s pleased you enjoyed her meal, and I think you’ll enjoy the dessert as well.”

“I’m looking forward to it.” How would those lips feel against his? Would her voice sound as sultry whispering endearments in the dark? He banished his wayward thoughts.

“For the love of God, put down the trifle, Clarice.” Irritation clung to Olivia’s voice. “We’re all anxious to finish, and I’m certain you have other tasks to perform that don’t include bothering my guests.”

“I do, thank you, Lady Drummond.” With a barely discernible wink, Miss Delacroix turned a slow, deliberate half-circle as fluid and seamless as her voice, then she upended the trifle dish directly into Olivia’s lap.

If we asked your muse to describe you using five words, what do you think they would say?

Hmm, let’s see: determined, funny, persistent, quirky, dedicated.

Name one thing readers would be surprised to know about you.

I’m not a big fan of dogs.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Somewhere in Florida within driving distance of Walt Disney World.

If someone hasn't read any of your work, what book would you recommend that they start with and why?

Well, that would depend on what genre they enjoy. If it’s contemporary, pick up Hollywood Dreams and Buttercream or Operation Wedding Crash. If it’s historical/Regency, I recommend Lady Parker’s Grand Affair or Act of Pardon.

Where do you find the inspirations for your stories?

Inspiration is everywhere! From pictures, paintings, the grocery store, cafes, or anywhere else there are people and a chance of the imagination to be engaged.

Are your characters able to love or do they need to be taught?

I like to think it’s a mix.

Do you have a book that was easiest to write or one that was the hardest?

One of the easiest books was The Engagement Present, a ménage coming out soon. One of the hardest would have to be the one I’m working on now.

 If you could collaborate with one author who would it be? 

Actually, I am in the planning stages of a historical series with author Emma Lai. I’m really looking forward to getting started sometime early next year.

Coffee, tea or other drink to get you moving in the morning? 

Tea, or if it’s a really tough morning, regular Coke.

What is coming up from you in 2013? Anything you want to tease us with?

Well, I’ve the third Redemption Cove ménage coming (The Engagement Present), a sensual Regency (Marriage Minded Lord) as well as an entry in a movie star anthology, Romancing The Stars. It’s never a dull moment around here.

Anything else you want to add? 

If you haven’t connected with me on social media yet, please do so! I love chatting with readers.
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