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Welcome E.A. Reynolds

Another Taste Of Chocolate is the sequel to A Taste of Chocolate. This book is a contemporary MM interracial romance with elements of erotica by E.A. Reynolds.

Blurb: His sisters reject him, and he becomes a murder suspect, but that only makes Tanner realize just how strong his relationship with Sinclair is. However, when Kyle’s killer sets his sights on Tanner, will Sinclair be able to protect Tanner and his sisters from the killer’s wrath?

Teaser Excerpt:

Sinclair brought his hand down in a light tap, stroked the soft flesh and then landed a harder tap before lightly striking the back of his thigh. “If it hurts or you want to stop, what are you going to say?”
“Sour cream.”
“Don’t hesitate,” he warned. “This is about pleasure not pain.”
“Then, why am I tied up?” Tanner demanded in an almost petulant tone.
“Because you’re a bad boy, and I want to teach you a lesson.” Sinclair retrieved the blindfold and secured it around Tanner’s head. “Relax for me, sweetheart.” He kissed the back of Tanner’s neck.
Tanner caught his breath when Sinclair’s hand came down on his ass. It was firm sending a lick of fire over his nerve endings. He liked the paddle and the crop and hoped he used one of them on him. The next blow was a little harder sending more warmth into his cheeks and making his dick thicker and heavier as it stood out from his body.
A few more taps and Sinclair retrieved the paddle that he knew Tanner liked from the tool box. It was a little heart-shaped pink paddle with a matching little whip. He lit a taper candle and set it aside for when he was ready. He turned back to Tanner and brought the paddle down on his bottom.
“Oh baby,” he said softly. The sting of the paddle light, but the second blow was heavier, harder, and the sting more intense. “Oh, yeah.” He squeezed his butt cheeks.
Sinclair brought the paddle down again on his left cheek then his right. Left. Right. Left. He smoothed his hand over the red flesh. 
“Sin, please don’t stop,” he pleaded. He’d never been blind-folded, but the silky fabric added an exciting dimension that made him want to play the game to the hilt. He was eager to get that burn shooting through him, making his body harder. “I’ll be a good boy next time.”
“I doubt that,” Sinclair said sternly. “You have a penchant for disobedience.” He delivered a light slap and Tanner growled. Sinclair pushed his fingers through Tanner’s hair and pulled his head back. “I thought you were going to be good.”
“I am,” he promised. “Hit me harder, please, Master.”
Sinclair did just that and released his hair to play a tattoo on Tanner’s ass that had his creamy flesh blushing furiously red. Tanner was mewling in pleasure and Sinclair hit the back of his thighs before tucking the handle of the paddle into his back pocket and reaching for the candle.
 Tanner gasped when the first drop of warm wax met his skin. He arched at the burn. The second drop came on his ass and he cried out as the heated wax ignited a wave of pleasure in him that had him balling his hands into fists and fighting the breathless gasp trying to escape.

Author bio

I am a daydreamer who loves to read and write romance that arouses. I can be found taking walks in the park to flesh out characters and listening to music to make sexy scenes come alive. I’m an avid reader of both romance and paranormal novels.

I am also fond of cooking, and I think the kitchen is a good place to develop bondage and sex scenes because food can be as sexy as music when it comes to sex and the sex drive.
Like all artists I’m can be a little temperamental when it comes to people reading my work before it's finished.

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