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Syrah by Nessa L. Warin
All Corked Up Series, Book One
Dreamspinner Press
Contemporary M/M Romance
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All Shawn Neale is looking for when he stumbles into All Corked Up on Christmas Eve is some wine recommendations. What he finds is an instant attraction to Royce Wilkinson, the shop’s owner. After a few weeks of flirting during shopping and some semi-dates at Royce’s wine tastings, they decide on a real date. It goes well, but life isn’t that simple.

Shawn wants to buy Delicto, the local pub he manages. He’s been planning his life around this for years, but when the owner, who believes being gay is an illness, discovers Shawn went out with Royce, he gives Shawn an ultimatum: stop dating guys or he won’t get to buy Delicto. It’s a heartbreaking quandary: Can Royce and Shawn be happy with a secret relationship until Shawn buys Delicto or is Shawn going to have to choose between his dream job and his dream guy?

Teaser Excerpt (Adult in Nature)

Dinner was fantastic, the wine even more so, and by the end of the night Shawn was feeling slightly tipsy and more than slightly giddy. He hooked his arm in Royce’s as they walked out to the car, relishing the chance to touch him without worrying about who might see. When they got to the parking lot, he reluctantly let go to let Royce walk around to the other side of the car, then climbed in as quickly as he could, anxious to regain contact while he still could.

After Royce climbed into the car, Shawn reached for him, intending to take his hand. At the last moment, he decided to take advantage of the dark parking lot while he could and instead grabbed Royce’s shoulder and pulled him in for a kiss.

They were both too big and too old to make out in a car like horny teenagers, but Shawn’s libido didn’t get the message. He moaned into Royce’s mouth and squirmed in his seat as he tried to get more contact. The center console was inconvenient, the confined space even more so. He longed to press his body against Royce’s the way he hadn’t dared in the stockroom, but all he could do was hold Royce’s shoulders and wish for more.

By the time they broke apart, Shawn was panting heavily and his hardening cock tented his pants. He shifted, trying to relieve the pressure without drawing attention to it, but Royce noticed and smirked as he reached over. “Can I?”

Shawn nodded, still swept up in the surge of desire that had pushed him to kiss Royce in the first place. He didn’t know what Royce intended, but it didn’t matter. Right now he wanted whatever Royce was offering, and he felt safe enough to give in.

Royce slid his hand over Shawn’s groin, pressing just hard enough to make his cock jump to attention. It was straining the fabric of his jeans now, more uncomfortable than pleasurable, but he didn’t want Royce to stop. “Please.”

“We shouldn’t,” Royce said, withdrawing his hand. “Someone could see.”

Shawn moaned at the loss and cursed Royce’s caution. It was dark out, and the dome light in the car had turned off while they were kissing. The lights in the parking lot glowed brightly enough Shawn could see the flush on Royce’s cheeks and the tent in his pants, but it was unlikely anyone would notice them in a dark car in the dark lot.

He said as much, then leaned in, put his hand on Royce’s cock, and kissed him again. If they’d been somewhere else, he would have rubbed their bodies together until they both came, but he had to settle for pushing his palm against Royce’s erection and kissing him deeply.

Royce moaned and kissed Shawn back, but he pulled away too soon and gently removed Shawn’s hand from his crotch. “We can’t.” He sounded genuinely regretful. “Henry.”

The mention of Shawn’s boss dampened his desire a little but he pushed the thought aside and focused on Royce. He looked delectable, his face flushed, his lips moist and parted, his pupils wide. “Henry isn’t here and I don’t want to think about him.”

“The Heartwoods, then.” Royce stopped Shawn from leaning in again. “They’re business associates. I can’t get a hand job in their parking lot!”

Shawn nodded. He didn’t like it, but he couldn’t object, especially since Royce was putting up with so much because of his business aspirations. “Okay.” He folded his hands in his lap so Royce could see he wasn’t reaching for anything. “Can I just…?” He leaned in, and when Royce nodded, Shawn kissed him again.

He tried to keep this kiss soft and short, but Royce had other ideas. He held Shawn in place with one hand at the back of his neck, pushed his tongue into Shawn’s mouth, and proceeded to take Shawn apart with nothing more than a kiss.

When Royce pulled away, Shawn cursed and thunked his head against the headrest. “Fuck. We’re acting like horny teenagers.”

“I never did anything like this as a teenager. I didn’t know how.”

The thought of Royce learning how to kiss like that was more than Shawn could handle, and he moaned as he pressed his palm against his crotch. “You can’t say things like that and expect me to stop.”

“Sorry.” Royce took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “We really should stop while we still can.”

“Yeah.” Shawn was past that point, but he thought about Henry and his grandmother and the bugs they’d cleaned out of the kitchen on the last Restaurant: Impossible and his erection started to subside. A glance at Royce as he started the car was enough to bring it back, though. He bit his lip as Royce pulled out of the lot. It was going to be a long drive home.

About the Author:

Nessa L. Warin lives in a fantasy world that’s mostly inside her head, though her physical address is in southwestern Ohio. Her two cats kindly play along with her fantasies and graciously let her pay all the bills, but they do require her to provide pampering on a regular basis. Nessa enjoys exploring the wonders of this world through travel—something her cats strongly disapprove of as it cuts into their pampering time—and can find whimsy in the most mundane places. When the real world becomes too much, Nessa enjoys dressing in costume and going to Renaissance Festivals and fantasy conventions. A short trip to either does wonders for her state of mind, so she makes sure to attend at least one of each a year. These trips help Nessa add to her collection of faerie and dragon art, and she swears she will frame and hang all the prints she’s collected some time soon.

When she’s not living in a fantasy world, Nessa enjoys tasting and learning about wine,  particularly since it’s one of the few things she and the rest of her family agree on. She’s a regular at the wine tastings held by her local wine shop, and considers it a sin for her wine rack to have more empty spots than full ones. She’d prefer her wine rack to be filled with Pinot Noir, Malbec, and Syrah, but one of her favorite things about wine is the way it can always surprise her. More than once she’s been taken aback by which wine she likes best at a tasting, and she loves the way her wine rack illustrates the joys of trying new things.

Follow Nessa on Twitter @nessalwarin and Facebook at NessaLWarin. She can also be reached at

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