Thursday, April 18, 2013

Book Spotlight~Firefly Mountain by Christine DePetrillo

FIREFLY MOUNTAIN, contemporary romance with a paranormal element
Published by The Wild Rose Press 
Firefighter Patrick Barre is determined to hide away in the woods of Vermont. He's content to do his job, remodel his house, and enjoy the company of his arson-detection dog, Midas. Scars from the fire that destroyed his family keep him from letting anyone into his life.
Gini Claremont uses her camera to celebrate the beauty of life. Nature soothes her, while anger is dangerous for Gini--and anyone near her. If she doesn't guard her emotions, her surroundings could go up in flames. Living alone, keeping busy, and letting her family keep watch on her is best for everyone.
When an arsonist declares war on their town, Patrick and Gini reluctantly band together to sift through the ashes, each holding a secret close to the heart. As the arson escalates, so does their mutual attraction. Will teaming up put out the fires, or start a whole new one?
She hoisted the wall up with Patrick and helped him slide it onto the red chalk line he’d snapped on the weathered wooden floor. Gini held it while Patrick checked to see if the wall was level on his side. When he came to her end, he reached around her from behind to hold the level against the last stud. He was close enough that his breath tickled her neck.
“That look level to you?” he asked.
He might as well have said, “Let’s take a bath together,” because Gini’s pulse beat in her neck as if it were trying to claw its way through her skin. She managed to steady her eyes on the bubble trapped in yellow liquid on the level.
“Right on the mark,” Gini said.
“Okay, hold it still. I’m going to nail it.”
Yes, nail it. Nail me. Gini cleared her throat and concentrated on keeping the wall in place.
One nail. Two. Three. Bam. Bam. Bam.
Patrick wielded that nail gun as if it were part of his hand. The compressor roared to life, and Gini jumped.
Patrick laughed as he nudged Gini aside so he could drive some nails into her end of the wall. She leaned against the closet he’d framed and wondered if he had a smooth or hairy chest. She had a feeling she’d like either on him. She also had a feeling she wouldn’t ever know which was hiding under that T-shirt.
She needed to go. Now. Right away.
“All set?” she asked when Patrick stopped nailing. Gini set the safety glasses and earplugs on a sawhorse and edged toward her purse on the floor.
“She’s not going anywhere.” He blew on the tip of the nail gun as if blowing smoke from a pistol. That one movement of his lips was enough to set off a chain of images in Gini’s brain. Images of their bodies entangled, hands sliding along smooth flesh, mouths exploring curves and angles. She blinked several times, but the images remained.
“Think it’s time for a muffin break,” Patrick said. “C’mon.” He walked past her into the kitchen.
Gini looked to the front door and back to the door Patrick had gone through. Her head swayed from one to the other as if she were watching a tennis match. Beyond one door was her quiet farmhouse where only her pets, Saber, Nyx, and Moon, waited for her return.
Beyond another was a man who built things with his capable hands, who was at this moment, fueling his libido with blueberry muffins.
By day, Christine DePetrillo teaches and inspires young writers. By night, she writes, writes, and writes. She loves hanging out with her characters and watching their tales unfold. Her stories are meant to make you laugh, maybe make you sweat, and definitely make you believe in the magic of love.
Visit her author website at and check out her gothic romantic poems as Drake, the vampire at You can also find her on the 4th and 14th of every month at

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