Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Personal Review for It's Simple, Simon by Lee Brazil

When I saw the new line at Breathless Press filled with nursery rhymes that are told...well...a bit naughtily  I was thrilled.  *grins* Then I spied It's Simple, Simon by Lee Brazil and got hooked. Get ready for a twist on your childhood fairytales...

My Rating for It's Simple, Simon: 3.5 Stars

Simon Carter was determined to show his ex-lover/friend, Chase Garvin, that he did make a success of himself regardless of Chase’s lack of faith in him and the dreams he had. But when Simon comes home for a visit and a plan to rub Chase’s nose in it, he finds the man he once loved is a success of his own and still sexy to boot. Simon and Chase get reacquainted but Simon’s plan of revenge weighs on him and it takes one night for it all to come out. But Chase and Simon have issues to lay bare and to work out if they want to be together again. Can these two find a way to let the past go, heal the hurts it caused and let themselves believe in the love that is between them still?

What I loved about It's Simple  Simon was how we got the underlying events that caused Chase and Simon to go become what they were meant to be. It gave the story depth even as this author delivered some wildly sexy scenes that had me reaching to open the window just to cool down. The characters are intriguing and I loved how Simon started out wanting revenge against his ex, Chase but finds himself rethinking that after seeing him again. The complex relationship these two have and unfinished business that causes to rear it's head once they reconnect has the reader on the edge of their seat, wondering if Simon and Chase will finally make a go of it or go their separate ways forever.

It's SImple, Simon is more about two people falling for one another, breaking up badly and letting themselves fall in love again. it's about letting past hurts go so you can have an open heart to falling in love once again. To letting yourself trust in the person before you, not the one who hurt you years ago and to trust in yourself that this time, just maybe, you both can finally find that happily ever after you have longed for deep in your heart. It's about forgiveness, laughter and love. Humor, sexy scenes that made me fan my face and a story line that pulls at your heartstrings. Lee Brazil delivers a top notch retelling of a not so great nursery rhyme and gives it the heart it needs, in my opinion. I cannot wait to see if Lee Brazil does another twist on a nursery rhyme in the future.

You can find It's Simple, Simon at Breathless Press

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Leona said...

Well done :) nice review. Love the title Lee!

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