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We'd like to share an excerpt from VIXEN BRIGHT's and ZACHARY ZANE's new erotica coming our May 2012.

BLURB: At the library, while the facially scared Kathryn Pines obsesses over books, Keen Edge appears out of nowhere. Looking exactly like the sizzling hunk on a book cover, he invites Kathryn to journey with him into stories, she the heroine, he the hero. Every lusty, luscious, whimsical adventure is overlaid with elements of bondage and submission.

Kathryn surrenders to the passions and adventures of four tales raging from contemporary to fantasy, and soon loses her heart to Keen. Keen, though, isn’t just a character in a book and his invitation to forever might be more ominous than it appears.


A fortnight earlier, within the Realm of Thrice, in her bedchamber the dream closed around Kate with familiar warmth. She hadn't remembered the first time she had experienced it, but it had been many years before. Now, though, that exact dream came even more frequently, a visitation she welcomed, somewhat leaning toward an addiction, mayhaps, because she no longer lived in fear. Well, maybe, not totally without fear, but it was at a distance and she could manage that.

Her sigh seemed to echo as if in a vast cavern as she succumbed to the dream’s lure, slipping into its ecstasy, ecstasy as pure as a women's first unexpected orgasm or as dramatic as her one-hundredth, taken without concern for her partner's pleasure.
Bathed in the bay and howl of the hellhounds everything about her turned to wispy threads of fog except for the handmade cherry wood bed, strung with gauzy drapery. She spun this way and that, searching. For what?

Though at first Kate feared the specter's visits, now she waited with bated anticipation, her mind opening to the essence of him, her body awakening as if from a deep dark sleep. Heightened anticipation hung boldly like a prized bull. The dream became her new reality and with each passing day reality became paler, lacking vibrancy. As always, he appeared within seconds. She couldn't make out his features, but she sensed strength and confidence, sensuality and magnetism. She experienced a swell of warmth that quickly morphed into heat. That heat pulsated within her vagina's walls, oft leaving them flowing with her nectar. Was that rush to lust tangible? It mattered not for in this instant perception was as good as reality. One certainty was the dream chased her rapture.

She held out her arms, made vulnerable her bountiful breasts, and he drifted into them chest upon chest. Nothing about him was familiar. He was not a composite of anyone she knew. No man had ever provided her such a rush of excitement. Unique unto himself, his only familiarity derived from his frequent dream visits. She didn't know him, nor could she truly see him.

He existed in drab shadows, hues of gray and blues that wove in and out, hinting at bold masculine features, the profile of a man cocksure, slightly long hair now and then a glimpse of eyes, sometimes blue, sometimes gray, sometimes dark. Yet, she felt him, felt, every bit of him as he brushed ever so close. Felt the strength of a bold chest, the power of massive musculature, and the inordinate bulk of this cock. Felt the hard flesh rippling over his long, lean frame. Felt his breath as it stirred the tendrils of her hair. Felt his hands as they moved over the feminine length of her curves, pausing to sample the pertness of her breast, the tender flesh of her ass, the sensitive curvature of her neck, or the mystery of her puss.

From the point of him semi-materializing, she melted against the mist of him, his surreal arms wrapping about her, pulling her close, his fingers knotting in her hair, so dramatic, so real, tugging her head back to expose her mouth, a mouth he ravished quickly, audaciously plundering all she offered.
His responsive arousal punctuated each kiss, his cock’s proximity poking that alive. Every kiss was as if new, yet, so familiar, the caressing tongues, the clashing lips, the exchange of flavors. Beneath the cloak of base instincts she surrendered to his will, not questioning the wisdom of opening herself to a specter, not thinking beyond the needs resonating through her body. Her tongue found and tasted his. Her body molded itself to his. She couldn't get enough of the rare tang and complex feel of him. Spirited to devour the feast of his skin she found her lips at his throat, marking him with tiny bites and open-mouthed kisses, hoping for an auditory response but the only sounds were her suckles and moans.

His soft compliant nature spurred her confidence. Might she have more? She was certain he would not stop her, sensing her need to consume. She jerked open the billowy shirt, popping buttons as her tongue trailed downward, tasting hard nubs, dwelling on each. The mass of his chest bespoke virility draining her resistance to stop.

Seeking his taste, her mouth went lower to swirl about his belly button. Her peripheral vision took in the spectra’s awe-inspiring reaction as his colossal monolith grew beneath his naval. At first it was daunting but with the blessing of imagination it morphed to captivating. Each kiss found her migrating lower to his meat, kissing, then even lower.

Her intentions were obvious as she tugged his breeches slipping down about his ankles. At the moment it was released from his pantaloons, his cock bounced then angled upward, settling, defying gravity. The mushroom head perched at the end of a shaft as thick as her forearm. Of course she knew the enormity of him presented a challenge but she found the hard male swell of him irresistible. Would she manage? Absolutely, she'd find a way. Why was she so obsessed? This unknown entity, draped in mystery allowed her to conspire with her libido to discover the depth of her craving....


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Angelica Hart and Zi
CHRISTMAS EVE...VIL ~ Christmas 2012

Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane


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