Thursday, March 29, 2012

Book Review-Awkward by Marni Bates

Mackenzie Wellsie is a girl who knows about issues. Her dad cheated on her mom. She always felt she was the cause of the divorce and she doesn’t trust easily-especially with guys. She wants to be invisible and get through high school no one the wiser of who she is. Until one day, one incident is captured and put on youtube. Now she is an internet sensation. Paparazzi follow her, rock stars talk to her and designers are sending her free cloths. All in all, Mackenzie is at a loss of how to navigate this new life of hers. Can Mackenzie find a way to navigate this new path in her life and still be the person she is?

This was the first time I picked up this author's work and I was thoroughly engrossed in Awkward. It is more than a girl finding surprise fame on the internet but one that also touches on self-esteem, humor and perception of one’s self. The author does a nice job in creating a likable main character in Mackenzie and I thoroughly enjoyed her wit, humor and quips. They added something special to the book. I lost count at the many times Mackenzie said the wrong thing and thought “Egad, I have done that.” 
Mackenzie is just trying to make it through high school without any bumps or ripples that will make people notice her. After her parents divorce and her father’s subsequent abandonment towards her, she finds she prefers an invisible life. Unfortunately, that all ends when her world is turned upside down as she becomes the new internet sensation. Mackenzie is one enjoyable character. She is multi-dimensional, relatable and I could see myself being friends with her, if I was 20 years younger that is. The secondary characters help move the story along and though not as well written, in my opinion, but just as enjoyable. The reactions in the story felt real and honest. Who hasn’t wanted to date the most popular guy in school or be invited to the cool kids table at lunch? Ms. Bates does a wonderful job in creating a story that is refreshing, enjoyable and one I hope to give to my daughter to read in the future. 

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