Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Personal Review for Paws on Me by Silvia Violet

When you find a series that has amazing world building, captivating characters and story lines that thrill you, you know you got a winner and Silvia Violet's stories in the multi-author series, Protect & Serve, from Changeling Press is all that and more.

This is Silvia's third story in the Protect & Serve world and it follows Savage Wolf and Sex on a Hoof. Paws on Me is Seth Morrison's story, Aiden Savage's co-worker. 

My Rating for Paws on Me is 4 Stars and Recommended Read

Lieutenant Seth Morrison loves his job, so much so it is his only love until a flirty club owner drops into his life and shows him that there is more to life than work. Murder, passion and a sizzling chemistry bind Brandon Lord and Seth and it will change both their lives in more ways than they think. The question is can these two strong men find a way to listen to their hearts to get what they long for-love?

When a series completely captivates me for an an afternoon, I know I found a keeper.Silvia Violet is an author I adore-personally as a friend and as an author. She writes wonderful stories filled with mystery, passion and romance. Her characters fairly brim with life, enjoyable and complex as we are and the sex scenes are smoking hot. 

In Paws on  Me, we finally get to see more of Lt. Seth Morrison and how, due to budget cuts and whatnot, he is working obsessively to the point of having no social life whatsoever. Meeting flirty Brandon Lords makes him feel things he has put on the back-burner, like desire and emotions he shy's from. The chemistry between Seth and Brandon is explosive and very hot. The sex scenes enhance the connection between Seth and Brandon as well as move the story along nicely. The writing is tight, characters are well written and the story is very intriguing. What I really enjoyed the most was seeing some of the past characters from Silvia Violet’s protect and serve stories (Savage Wolf, Sex on a Hoof) pop up in the end. It was nice to see those wonderful characters again.

Wow is all I can say when these two first stepped on the pages. The sparks were literally flying and I can admit to rooting for these two to get together fast. The author does a good job in creating tension between the two, either from the characters wrestling with their feelings or bad guys trying to kill them. I loved how the author connected the reader to the world she created and frankly, I want more. Silvia Violet delivers a fast paced story that will leave you aching for more. I can't wait to see if she delivers more in her world in the Protect & Serve world. 

Find Paws on Me at Changeling Press as well as other Protect & Serve stories.

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