Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Personal Review for King Perry by Edmond Manning

Debut author Edmond Manning delivers a powerful, emotional story that will tear you apart then put you back together-better, stronger and one that will inspire you to yell "I AM KING/QUEEN".

My Rating for King Perry-5 Stars and a recommended read

Let me first state I am a straight heterosexual woman in a stable, loving relationship but this story made me look at things in my life and see if I could make things better/easier/acceptable to me.  

King Perry is about a man...well two men to be exact. One who is part guide, part smart ass and one who loves to help people find their inner King (or Queen, in my case); the person you are meant to be.  The other is a man who has shielded himself off from a past that has hurt him and his heart and only by embracing it, accepting it and loving himself can he find inner peace and the person he was meant to be. 

When out of towner Vin Vanbly witnesses an act of compassion, he impulsively offers the young man, Perry Morgan, a mysterious offer- give Vin one weekend of submission and Vin will restore Perry’s ‘Kingship’. Perry is confused yet intrigued by the offer. What happens in that weekend will change Perry-and in a round about way Vin as well- in ways he never anticipates. But what happens when Sunday rolls around? Will Perry be able to be ‘King Perry’ after Sunday? And just who is this mysterious yet enigmatic man, Vin Vanbly?

For being a debut book, Edmond Manning delivers something very powerful. Something that will touch you deeply and may even change your life. In his debut story, Edmond Manning delivers a powerful story that will take you on a ride from start to finish. Yes, it starts out slow but stay with it and you will find a powerful story waiting to show itself. Edmond Manning is a very good storyteller, one who knows how to draw his reader in, let them wonder what is going on and deliver some plot twists that leaves them going “OH MY!”. The writing is tight, characters are very well written, almost that I was expecting to meet them on the corner of my street. For being a debut book, I was literally stunned speechless when I finished it.

 The sheer emotions you experience along with Perry are one I have no words to describe. You are intrigued, confused, mystified and hopeful as Perry finds that man who is inside him. I do have to caution you that if you are expecting a happily ever after, you won’t find it here. Love doesn't conquer the mighty monsters but will help you deal with them in ways you never imagined in this story. Edmond Manning is a sly, witty writer who created two characters who are unique and yet ordinary. Vin is part magician, part pain in the rear & part guide. Perry is man who is hiding from his true self and with this journey, he will find that forgiveness and self-love are just the tip of the iceberg. This author lets his characters shine and shine they do. Vin is intriguing complex man, one who knows things about Perry no one else should know. Perry finds his heart needs healing and in the process, finds himself again.

This author is one that has his readers ride the roller coaster of emotions with Perry and when that last page is turned and read, be prepared for the tears to come as your heart fills with emotion. I know I did and I can attest that I made my significant other very worried for a few minutes with my crying. Will I read this again? A rousing YES is that answer. It’s a unique story, a powerful one and it is also a sad, happy and very beautifully written one. Edmond Manning is on track to becoming one of those authors I expect to see on the New York Times list one day. I look forward to following this author's career and seeing what else he may have in store for his readers.

If you haven't read King Perry, I urge you to grab it today in e-book or print and settle in for a journey that will show the inner King or Queen inside you. 

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