Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Personal Review for Love Means...Healing by Andrew Grey

Whenever I pick up one of Andrew Grey's books, I find myself falling more in love with his wonderful stories. There is a feeling you are coming home after being away for awhile.

Love Means...Healing is the sixth book in the Farm Series and one I was absolutely unprepared for. You will laugh, mourn, smile and sigh as you read this  novella about Len Parker as he tries to get back on with his life after losing his partner of twenty years, Cliff.

Welcome back to the Farm and get ready for a heartbreaking story of loss, grief and finally, love.

I have got to admit, whenever I pick up one of Andrew Grey’s books, I always get that feeling of coming home, no matter what. The stories he creates are full of emotion that pull the reader in from the beginning. This is an author who is a masterful storyteller and knows how to draw his readers in from the moment they open one of his books. 
Mr. Grey does a wonderful job in conveying Len’s emotions as he grieves and slowly begins to heal even as his heart tries to tell him that there is another person out there who needs his love as well. The characters are like old friends to me now and I was thrilled to see them all again. Mr. Grey has a knack in creating memorable characters that steal your heart within a matter of minutes with a wink and a smile. 

This is a series that will leave you breathless at the end and eager for more. Love Means...Healing will deliver a roller coaster of a ride for the reader. One minute you are mourning the loss of Cliff and the next smiling as Len finds he can love again as his heart heals. I was dismayed when it ended and had to run off to the author's website to see when the next farm story is coming out. Now that I got my fix again, I am finding I need more of this wonderful series. :-)

Love Means...Healing is a story of loss and love. Of finding that the heart can love again. Mr. Grey is a fantastic storyteller who knows how to weave a spell around his readers and lets his character rich stories shine. I am eager to see what happens next on the farm and hope December gets here very soon. :-)

My Rating for Love Means...Healing: 4 Stars

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