Friday, April 29, 2011

My Personal Review for Tyler's Cowboy by Amber Kell

I got to admit...I wasn't sure what to expect with Tyler's Cowboy by Amber Kell. It was the first book I read by this 'new to me' author and I was pleasantly surprised by it. It's a character driven story that had me glued to the pages from the beginning.

The cover is what got me right off the bat. I admit...I am a bit of a cover snob. If a sexy cover catches my eye, I will pick it to see what is all about and man, who doesn't like those hot, chiseled bodies on a cover????

If you never read an Amber Kell book, I suggest you start with Tyler's Cowboy. It introduces her new series, Cowboy Lovin' and though it's a short novella, it packs quite a punch straight out of the box.

I loved how the characters of Tyler and Cody got to know one another before jumping into bed together. It was a welcome change for me to read and with a few twist I didn't anticipate, Ms. Kell does a great job in keeping her readers mesmerized.

Tyler's Cowboy is a sweet, hot story of two people finding out they are perfect for one another. If you are looking for western story that delivers more for your money, then I highly recommend this newest introduction to author Amber Kell. I am eager to check out the rest of this prolific author's backlisted and upcoming titles.

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Amber Kell said...

Thanks for your lovely review :)

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