Friday, April 29, 2011

My Personal Review for Seven Days by Andrew Grey

I don't know about you but when I picked up my first Andrew Grey book, The Best Revenge, I didn't know I would find an author I just had to read over the next few years. Each time I grabbed the newest book from this author, I always thought, "He can't get any better than the last book" and I was always proven wrong. Andrew Grey is a talented writer, one I know will always deliver a story that will leave me crying, laughing and smiling-sometimes all at once too.

Seven Days is this author's brand new release and one that completely hooked me from the beginning. I can't imagine the emotions an author experiences when he writes a pivotal scene(s) yet when a reader like myself is bawling their eyes out because of something he/she has written, well all I can say is "Pass the tissues".

Mr. Grey delivers a strong, emotional story about one man's journey through loss and despair to finding that slim sliver of hope shining through when life closes one door and then proceeds to open a new one for you to walk through. Evan Donaldson is that man and this is the journey he goes on in Seven Days. I can't begin to put my thoughts into words as they tumble like a sparkling brook over rocks. The reader feels every emotion Evan has and experiences and finds that silver lining under all those gray clouds.

Evan is a character I fell in love with the moment he stepped off the first page-dirty, scared, resigned to life on the streets at a tender age. The moment Father Valentin steps into the picture, you get a sense of how one door closes for Evan and another beckons-if he is willing to trust one man who doesn't want to hurt him. First love, changing lives, friendships and more are experienced by the reader as Evan travels through the years in Seven Days. Mr. Grey has a knack for creating the right amount of mystery, tension and romance in his stories that will completely captivate the reader.

Seven Days is more than a story of two people falling in love, its about faith, trust and the sense that life may give you a few twists but in the end, you find that what you are searching for is worth it in the end. Kudos to Mr. Grey for creating this heartfelt, emotional story and I look forward to seeing what else this author may have in store for his beloved readers. 

My rating: 5 Stars


Andrew Grey said...


Thank you for the amazing review. I am so glad you enjoyed Seven Days. Believe it or not, I wrote the entire story in a little over two weeks. I was a complete blithering idiot the entire time and I loved every minute of it. I can tell you there were times I had to take a break from writing so I could cry on Dominic's shoulder before returning to work.

Thank you so much again

Diana Castilleja said...

Great job Andrew! Yay on the review!

You're killing me Dawn. I've been wanting to get this one... You're making it hard to restrain myself til payday. :P

Dawn R. said...

@Andrew.....don't you love when a story just fairly writes itself? :-)

@Diana-me??? I don't do anything....well except to draw people to certain books *cough Andrew's cough* and share my review of them. *grins* I know how you feel....I blew my book budget this month completely. Too many yummy ones out that I just HAD TO HAVE. lol

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