Friday, April 22, 2011

My Personal Review for The Lancaster Rule by T. K. Toppin

I had the pleasure of reading a wonderful high octane science fiction story that left me wanting more. The Lancaster Rule is a wonderful blend of action/adventure, sci-fi, time travel and more. This is from a new to me author, TK Toppin and she does a great job in creating a cast of characters so life like, they felt like they would step off the page & into my living room.

Now onto my personal review for THE LANCASTER RULE (available at Champagne Books HERE)

Josie Bettencourt never anticipated going into her father’s suspension pod would last longer than the sixty days she thought it would be. The world is changed from when she remembers it after waking up and the people who populate this time think people like Josie aka Pod survivors, are to be arrested and destroyed. Saved by a rebel group, Josie finds herself running from the leaders, The Lancaster's', who have tyrannically run the last fifty years. Now Josie has to fight for her freedom and her life as she finds that her past is inexplicably linked to surviving in this new future. Can she find a way to stop the Lancaster's' from taking over the world while figuring out the secrets that haunt her every waking moment?

I got to admit, Ms. Toppin delivers one pure adrenaline rush while I was reading THE LANCASTER RULE. It was pure adventure from the beginning and frankly I could not put it down. The characters are well written and dominate the story. I love character rich stories and this one is written so well, I felt like I could be friends with Josie as she tries to flee the Lancaster’s. It almost had me feeling like I was along side Josie as she tries to figure everything out and who is the bad guy & the good guy. Ms. Toppin is a talented author who kept me riveted the entire time I was reading this latest story. The writing was tight, action packed and the romance flowed seamlessly within the pages to give it that added punch to the storyline.

Meet Josie Bettencourt. She thought that by helping her father with his latest project for sixty days was a piece of cake. What happens is something out of a futuristic/Science fiction movie. She goes to sleep and wakes up three hundred years later! I absolutely adored Josie. She was feisty, determined and though missing her family, she was determined to survive in this weird and strange new time. The characters are multi-dimensional, captivating the reader from the beginning and fairly brim with life while reading it. There were a few twists I didn’t even see coming and a few light hearted moments to give the reader a break on all the action.

          THE LANCASTER RULE delivers a strong story that will grab you from the beginning and keep you riveted until the very end. I loved every minute of this wild science fiction story and hope this author comes back to Josie and her new world. I would love to see what happens next for all the characters I met here. If you enjoy high octane science fiction stories, then try THE LANCASTER RULE. It will surely be one adventure you don’t want to miss out on. Ms. Toppin is a ‘new to me’ author and one I plan to keep an eye out in the future.

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TKToppin said...

Thanks so much for your wonderful review! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for The Master Key, the sequel due out this July.

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