Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Personal Review for Sheriff Found by Joyee Flynn

I love Joyee Flynn and her active imagination. When I picked up Sheriff Found I was expecting a traditional shifter story. Well that was changed when the shifter hero was a beagle puppy. I haven't read anything like this before. It charmed me from the first page to the last as I got invested in the characters of Sheriff Found.

Now onto my personal review for Sheriff Found, available at Siren books, Amazon kindle and in ebook or print.

          Toby Walker is sent out to the nearest town to find a cure for the illness plaguing his pack. As a beagle pup, he never anticipates finding his mate or that the legends he was told about when he was a kid is actually true. What can he do to convince his new found mate that he is more than a cute beagle puppy?

          Sheriff Randall Markins day just went to the dogs…or one cute beagle puppy in fact. The one that just peed on his leg and he had to take home due to some illness he had. What he doesn’t anticipate is that this puppy is also one hot man…one that just told Randall he was marked and claimed by Toby as his mate. Randall doesn’t know whether to be angry he got mated without his permission or fall in love with the exasperating man. Can Randall and Toby find a way to work through their differences and find a way to make this relationship work or is it too late for them both?

 Joyee Flynn is a talented author who knows how to create hot, sexy manlove stories to fall in love with. What I loved about Sheriff Found was the characters. You had playful Toby, the beagle shifter, strong, domaninat Randall (hey he made me swoon!!!! lol) and some wonderful secondary characters that left me hoping they would pop up in future books. 

Sheriff Found is a fun, sweet, hot and at times, funny tale of a beagle puppy shifter named Toby who is sent out to find help for his pack who are very ill. I never read a shifter story that had beagle puppies as the shifter and found it very refreshing, different and a new spin on the shifter genre. Ms. Flynn delivers a story that will leave you laughing one minute, sighing the next and rooting for Randall and Toby to find their happily ever after. Ms. Flynn vividly captures the playfulness of a puppy and the cuteness they have. I loved the connection between Randall and Toby; it was quite hot at times and also tender when love began to grow between them. The writing was tight, the story flowed at a nice and even pace and the sex scenes complimented the growing attraction between the two main characters nicely. 

The heat between Randall and Toby was at times fun, playful and then the author would flip the script and holy hotness batman, get the ice cubes out. It got so steaming hot I swore the computer was about the combust. The dynamics betwen the pack members had me intrigued especially as the reader was told about how it came into existence within the first few chapters of SHERIFF FOUND. I am eager to see when book two comes out as the ending left a few things open that had me racing to see what is next in the series. 

Overall, SHERIFF FOUND is fun, at times hot, sexy tale of two people finding their destined mates and falling in love. Who said love was ever easy never met a puppy shifter. :)
Joyee Flynn has a winner in this latest series debut and I cannot wait to check outm ore of her work in the future.

Rating on story: 4.5 Stars


Pommawolf said...

You just sold me on this one. I can always trust you to lead me to the best books & authors ever. Never yet have I been led to better books and authors.
Thank You!


Dawn R. said...

Hi Darcy,

Joyee has a lot of awesome books and I am loving exploring them all. :)

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