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Guest Author Day with JK Coi

How did you start your writing career?

I started by writing for fun, and it was only after I finished my first book, my husband said "So now what are you going to do with it?"

Tell us about your favorite character from your books.

I love all my heroes, but Dorian from The Trouble With Destiny is one of those characters with so much baggage, it would take me years to write his whole story. He's good, but you know there's a thread of bad in him too and it makes you more desperate to figure out his secrets :)

Where do you dream of traveling to and why?

It's getting colder and right about now, I'd take any place tropical. I'm having dreams of laying on the beach. Maybe a cabana boy or two to rub my shoulders and bring me drinks....

Tell us about your current/upcoming release.

The Trouble With Destiny is available now from Samhain. This book was loads of fun to write. It’s a sexy and funny urban fantasy romance—Sarah is the biggest smartass you’ll ever meet, and Dorian is coolness extraordinaire all wrapped up in a hot hot package.

Has someone helped or mentored you in your writing career?

All the authors in my RWA Chapter (Toronto) have bene invaluable to me, and I'm so glad that I found the group when I was still in the beginning of my writing career. Not only have I gotten great advice and knowledge, but I've made so many good friends!

When in the day/night do you write? How long per day?

I write mostly in the evenings after the day job is over, the dinner dishes have been put away and kiddo is in bed. It doesn't allow for much time, but I try to make the most of it--sometimes that means I don't get to bed until after midnight, but that's the way it goes, I guess.

Who are your literary heros and why?

I look up to Stephen King for inspiration and motivation. He's accomplished so much. I also aspire to the great classic authors of previous generations: Dickens, Keats, Marlowe, Blake, Bronte, Browning...there are way too many to name.

Tell us five random things about yourself.

1. I'm a Leo (which nobody who knows me doubts in the slightest)

2. Despite what my husband will try to tell you, I don't snore. Really.

3. My MALE cat is named Wicca, and before him my FEMALE cat was named Moose.

4. I can't eat an orange unless I've peeled every spec of the white stuff off of it.

5. I'm addicted to Supernatural. Sam. Dean. *sigh* (where were we?)

What type of writer are you—the one who experiences before writing, like Hemingway, or the one who mostly daydreams and fantasizes?

I like to experience! How can I know if my writing is authentic if I don't. (All within reason, of course.)

From the moment you conceived the idea for the story, to the published book, how long did it take?

Depends on which book. My first book took me 9 months from start to finish, including the first edit. After I pitched it and it was picked up for publication, I think that was about another year before I saw my name on the spine. (Totally cool!)

What book are you reading now?

Right now I'm reading Under the Dome by Stephen King. (of course)

Have you ever woken in the night with the need to write? If so, how do you deal with this urge?

Yep. What else can you do? You write till the brain can't form sentences anymore, and then you're wasted at work the entire next day, but hopefully there's a nugget of brilliance you can salvage and it turns the new story into a cool direction.

If we asked your muse to tell us three things about you, what do you think they would say?

That fickle Beeyotch. She'd say that I don't give her enough time. That I'm always at the day job, or cooking and cleaning. (Actually, I'd have to agree with her) She'd also say I'm my own worst enemy and have to learn not to self-edit so much (constantly fixing what I've already written instead of moving forward to finish). Finally, she'd probably yell at me for not being able to give her free reign to flit from idea to idea. I mainly force the muse to stick with one story at a time.

Where can readers find out more about you and where to find your books?

Whew. Finally, an easy question:

I'm online at
I blog at
I'm on Twitter ( and Myspace (

Thanks for having me. This was great fun! !

The Trouble With Destiny blurb:

There’s got to be more to life than studying…

The starving student routine is starting to wear a little thin for Sarah McInnes. If only she could be left alone long enough, she could finish grad school, get a normal nine-to-five and finally afford to move out of her one-room apartment. Maybe even afford a decent wardrobe.

Destiny has other ideas. Not the least of which is the mysterious, overbearing, insufferable Dorian…who also happens to be the hottest thing this side of hell. Three months ago he saved her from certain dismemberment at the hands of a daemon. He also discovered she possesses the ability to send these beasts back to hell where they belong.

Now he not only won’t leave her alone, he’s forcing her to face certain facts: Her social life isn’t going to improve anytime soon. And she may never make it to calculus on time again.

It’s enough to piss a girl off.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Talking with New Author Leigh Wood

How did you start your writing career?

I didn't begin formally submitting erotica until two years ago. For many years I've been writing naughty short stories and tales, but I wasn't seeking publication. After my husband prodded me to finish On the Way to New Isosceles I sent it off!

Tell us about your favorite character from your books.

I think of my couple in On the Way to New Isosceles, I'm more partial to Rub than my leading lady JJ. Sometimes JJ can be sweet and sassy, but bitchy circumstances arise in the novel as well. Rub however, starts off as a jerk and matures in to a hip and responsible fellow. I'd writing first hand male point of view before, but Rub's insightful close third journey was a lot of fun to write. When I first submitted to Eternal Press, the acquisitions editor Lisa accepted with one condition, "More Rub!" It was nice to see someone else enjoying him as much as I do.

Where do you dream of traveling to and why?

I'd love to go to the UK and Ireland. I love Celtic motifs and magical places. Stonehenge, Avalon. There's something enchanting to me about ancient, green, old world places. Maybe it's because I'm working on my next book, an erotic medieval fantasy now; but that's where my mind's at now. But why stop there? If I had the resources, I'd probably never sit still. Private jet takes you to a place a day!

Tell us about your current/upcoming release.

I'm pretty proud of my EP release On the Way to New Isosceles. Yes it's my first big release, but I'm pleased with the near perfect blend of science fiction and sex. I started out thinking I would have a small novella of one sex scene after another on a long space flight. Halfway through I had twice as many pages and serious character conflicts, space battle action, and even some death and angst. Then I got to the sweet sex scenes! I wasn't sure if there was an audience for material that would please the hard sf fan but also the erotica lover. Sometimes you find some science fiction that's really lofty and full of space and technology over people and just a little too high brow. On the Way to New Isosceles has a tongue in cheek look about it. Be honest, what else must they do on long space journeys but get hot and bothered?

Has someone helped or mentored you in your writing career?

The gals at Eternal Press have been delightful. Not only does the owner Ally and the entire editing team personally support you, but the entire family of authors is a great bunch. He'd be embarrassed to say, but my husband has also inadvertently inspired my erotica. He was reading Isosceles, telling me how great it was and that I should really finish it. Then he got the the sex scenes and though 'Whoa!' He's not a serious reader or a writer, but his support means a lot. Besides, he pays the bills! I do think your family or even your closest persons can't quite get the internal creativity that is writing. Most importantly you have to push yourself forward. Family and friends may nudge, but you're the one writing, mentally exhausting yourself, and going to all the scary and sexy places!

Who is your favorite author?

Right now, Tolkien perhaps. I grew up reading a lot of Arthurian tales and have returned to a bit of a fantasy bend after returning to more Middle Earth material. I used to love Marion Zimmer Bradley, but I'm kind of tired of the Darkover Series. My classical and adamant science fiction inspirations stem from Isaac Asimov. I love his Foundation and Robot series and in many ways I wish we could return to that type of science fiction instead of the young hip styles and modern technology.

What was your first sale as an author?

I've had some articles and reviews published in print and online, and self published a memoir called Cracked. Actually On the Way to New Isosceles is my first big sale and I'm loving every minute of it. It's so awesome to talk to readers about books and literature and sex. The live chats I've guested with are a lot of fun. I receive questions about the military lifestyle inside Isosceles and then I've got another reader asking me about the Peanut Butter sex scenes. It's wonderful madness!

When in the day/night do you write? How long per day?

I'm streaky. Some afternoons I can write for several hours and not notice until my husband calls and says he's on his way home. Other times I'm up all night or binging on writing weekends. With Isosceles out now, a larger chunk of my times is going to promotions. Understandable, but I can't wait to get back into the hard core work of my erotic medieval fantasy Horns of Myleness. The project varies my times, too. Editing on a deadline or creative inspiration, you know.

Who are your literary heros and why?

Hmm....I don't know that I actually know of the top of my head. There are so many! Boromir is my favorite from The Lord of The Rings. He's so confused, misunderstood, conflicted, and flawed. He's just like us. For the same reasons I also love Peter. Is a Biblical figure a literary hero? Peter sank when he walked on water, but he was the only one to try! He invites the spirit of Elijah down for tea, cuts the soldier's ear. He never gets that there's something beyond Jesus' earthly power until after the denial, when it's too late. How human is that? Biblical ramblings and erotica musings at the same time!

Tell us five random things about yourself.

My full name means Ash Tree Meadow Laurel. Kind of redundant I know. I collect records and animal prints and am partial to cats before dogs I think. I categorize my bookshelves and would rather have a true library completely dedicated to my books then more closet space. We have entire rooms dedicated to our materialistic ways but yet my husband tells me I can't any more bookshelves! Although I must say, if I could move my cookbooks for more records space I'd do it.

What type of writer are you—the one who experiences before writing, like Hemingway, or the one who mostly daydreams and fantasizes?

I'm a fantasizer, oh yes. I've written about my experiences and of course they latently factor in writing, but I'm much more interested in foreign worlds of past present and future . How can their sexy magicness or alien nature make a human connection. I can't just have a simple fantasy, there has to be back story, understanding, meaning. I love how fantasy can turn you round and round and then it comes to its explanation and turns round right.

From the moment you conceived the idea for the story, to the published book, how long did it take?

On the Way to New Isosceles took about three years total I think. I handwrite still, and after my husband took my notebook and told me to finish, I kept writing during my lunch breaks while I was working at a video store. I remember sitting in one of those vignettes in the mall at Christmas time crying because I just killed a character off. I thought, this is supposed to be a sex story! After some editing and submittal, we were published at Eternal Press in six months. I've got plenty of other stories that have been waiting a lot longer!

How was your experience in looking for a publisher? What words of advice would you offer those novice authors who are in search of one?

Isosceles was actually rejected by another house before I submitted to EP. It was a just a 'thanks, but no thanks' email with no details. When Lisa gave us our conditional acceptance, however, she took the time in a lovely letter to tell me how great the romance was and that there should be more our our darling Rub. I suggest new authors find such personal and caring allies if they can. Otherwise, just write write write. More than anything I write for myself because I enjoy it. Only when I done do I take a look at my work and ask how publishable it may be.

What book are you reading now?

I'm reading 'What's a Christian to do with Harry Potter?' by Connie Neal. I've never read Potter, but I enjoy reading non fiction books that examine Christianity in the popular condition. I do read a lot of non fiction and writing books. When I'm on a writing kick not only do I not have the time for some reading fiction escapism, but I also don't like a reading to interfere and influence as I work. The last fiction book I read was Mists of Avalon.

Have you ever woken in the night with the need to write? If so, how do you deal with this urge?

My first reaction is Oh my YES! I have flashlights and notebooks and pens and paper by my bed to write down quick thoughts. The best always happen for me at that fine line between being fully awake and dreaming. Sometimes of course, merely writing it down is to no avail. It festers, stews, an idea won't let you sleep. Most of the time I have to get up and type it just to catch everything-usually at the expense of sleep. Woken in the night? Bah! Writers just don't sleep.

Sneak Peek into On the Way to New Isosceles:

Rub waited with Captain Westmayer and Colonel Gauthier by the Nuke's small but streamlined transport in the Mother Ship's Lift-Off Zone. Once Rub had met the very hot and charming Kimmie Dejonaire, Miguel warmed to him as well. Most ofthe Combatants had relaxed on their flight to Isosceles – except for one. Well,two, but he suspected Private Wu never thawed. The zone's doors parted as Kimmie and Ina strutted toward him in their sexiest getups; satin and tiny, hair vamoosed – Rub noticed these things. Friendly or iced, it was still hawt.

Miguel hurried behind them, equally dressed for a night on the town. His style was a little flashy for Rub's tastes. He didn't have to show his dick size on the outside. It showed in his smile and charm.

"How do I look?" Kimmie asked her friends.

"Not as good as me," Ina chuckled. She did look phenomenal out of uniform, if a bit scary. She was taller than Miguel and probably always intimidated him. Ha!

"Where's JJ?" Miguel asked.

Yes, where was the anti-Nuke who spent all her time avoiding Rub? A little socializing would do her good; all the other Combatants were dressed to the hilt and ready to part-ee! He wanted an opportunity to piss off JJ, but he didn't really expect her to join them. His duty to pilot the transport almost assured it.

"She's pouting, of course," Kimmie puckered her lips in mock imitation. She stopped beside Captain Westmayer and Colonel Gauthier. Her breasts had entered the Lift-Off Zone before she did, and Rub was amazed by her ability to not give everything away when she hiked into the Nuke shuttle before the men. Did all the Combatant women have such long legs?

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Guest Author Day with Scott M. Baker

How did you start your writing career?

I started writing back in elementary school (though I hope the quality has greatly improved since). I was a huge fan of horror and sci-fi movies, and as so many kids my age I read Famous Monsters of Filmland with an almost religious fervor, at least as much as a fervor as a ten-year old can have. I wanted to be just like Forrest J. Ackerman, so my old man gave me a manual typewriter which I set up in the corner of my room, and every week I typed out my own monster fan mag. It only had a circulation of one -- my mother -- but she was a devoted follower.

After grad school, I spent several years honing my writing skills on espionage novels and techno-thrillers. I rarely admit to writing the first novel because it’s so amateurish. But by the third novel I had hit my stride and found my voice. The problem was, by the time that novel was ready to be published, 11 September had occurred and the market for those type of books had dried up.

In 2003, a dear friend (Renee) who re-ignited the horror bug inside me suggested that since techno-thrillers were not selling, I should try my hand at horror. I started writing The Vampire Hunters in the fall of 2003. The first book in the series will be published by Shadowfire Press in March, and I’m putting the final touches on the last book of trilogy.

Tell us about your favorite character from the book.

I have two. First, there’s Alison Monroe, Drake’s colleague in hunting the undead. She’s my fantasy girl. Smart. Confident. Can kick vampire ass. And looks hot in leather.

Next is Antoinette Varela, the mistress of the Washington coven. I loved writing her parts because she is pure, unadulterated evil, as are all the vampires in my trilogy. I’ve never been a fan of kitschy vampires filled with remorse for the bad that they’ve done. (I’m not putting down these books or their authors -- this genre has an important and extremely viable place in the market.) I grew up watching Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee battling it out. My only gripe was that in most books and movies, the vampires were two dimensional. In TVH, I flesh out the vampires, not so the reader will like them, but will understand them better.

Tell us about your current/upcoming release.

TVH is the classic good-vs.-evil story, with a modern twist. In most vampire stories, the undead prey on single victims who are begging to get bit (the pub girl walking home through dark alleys early in the morning) or small communities to terrified to fight back. TVH taps into the national angst of post-9/11 America. My vampires attack the average person in places where they would normally expect to be safe. Drake and Alison, the vampire hunters, represent the two sides of those fighting the evil -- Drake, who’s in it for the long haul and will fight until either he or the vampires are defeated, and Alison, who harbors doubts about their ability to defeat an unseen enemy whose numbers never seem to end.

For anyone interested in my current work, Living Dead Press recently has published two of my zombie short stories in some of their anthologies. “Cruise of the Living Dead” appeared this past summer in Dead Worlds: Volume 3. For anyone who likes their zombies sprinkled with a little holiday cheer, “Deck the Malls with Bowels of Holly” appeared in October’s Christmas Is Dead anthology (think zombie reindeer). Both are available at Amazon.

Who are your literary heroes and why?

Brian Keene: Where many people rest on their laurels, Brian refused to spend his entire career known only as “the zombie guy.” Brian constantly reinvents himself and finds unique ways of marketing himself, and still maintains quality.

Joss Whedon: Anyone who can write edge-of-your-seat material and still successfully infuse it with tints of humor has me coming back for more.

Tell us five random things about yourself.

I relax with whiskey and cigars.

I’m allergic to cats and most dogs (which explains the rabbits).

I’ve traveled extensively through Europe, Asia, and parts of the Middle East.

My writing desk is covered with horror statues.

My most interesting job was as an exterminator in the Boston area.

From the moment you conceived the idea for the story, to the published book, how long did it take?

Six and a half years.

When it comes to writing, are you an early bird or a night owl?

Normally a night owl, but with a day job and six rabbits, I’m an any-time-I-get-a-minute person.

What book are you reading now?

Just finished Mark Kramer’s The Real Night of the Living Dead. Awesome read. Am currently getting caught up reading my graphic novels.

What hobbies do you actively pursue?

My love of history and working with animal rescue groups, particularly Loudoun County Animal Shelter.

What would we find under your bed?

Dust bunnies and rabbit droppings.

Beatles or Monkees? Why?

Monkees. I’ve never been mainstream and I try not to rake myself too seriously.

Tell me about the absolute best fan letter you’ve ever received.

“Best story you’ve written yet. When are you coming home to visit? Mom.” (What can I say -- I’m a newly published author.)

Where can readers find you on the web?

My homepage is Things That Go Thump in the Night at The best place to keep up to date with what I’m doing is at my blog at I can also be found on Twitter as vampire_hunters and on My Space and Facebook as Scott M. Baker (author).



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Guest Author Day with Fiona Jayde

Kicking ass and looking great.

Seeing as my latest release features a kick-ass heroine who is both vulnerable and strong, who may look poised in the face of danger and yet is as emotionally challenged as the rest of us mortals, I’d like to pay tribute to my favorite kick-ass heroines.

Buffy – from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: I think she was one of the original kick-ass heroines. The idea of a little blonde girl kicking some major ass has always appealed to me. (I’m a short brunette, but hey, I got an imagination). I love the idea of the girl doing the rescuing, having to use both smarts and fists.

Eve Dallas from the In Death Series by Nora Roberts: I’ve always loved Eve – the emotional complexity of a tough girl concealing a soft side. One of my favorite scenes in the series is from Glory In Death where Eve actually breaks down to admit her feelings for Roarke (Excuse the fangirl squee here… Roarke is just yummy). I love the internal and external conflict between what is perceived strength and what is perceived as weakness and finally finding the balance between the two.

Max from Dark Angel: Here’s one super-heroine who is trained to survive no-matter the cost, and yet who has a soft side. Jessica Alba did a great job portraying a tough chic with an attitude and kind eyes.

Kara Thrace from Battlestar Galactica: Kara was my favorite character in BSG and don’t even get me started on her storyline of the last season! She is the ultimate tortured heroine – strong and weak, fallible and cocky. This is a girl who’d smoke cigars before a battle and was known as the best damned pilot in the fleet.

Xhex from J.R Wards Black Dagger Brotherhood series. We don’t know a lot about her yet, but I can’t wait for her story coming in May!

Who is your favorite kick-ass heroine and why?

Dragon Slayer Book Trailer-

Find out about Fiona's books at

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Guest Author Day with Gemini Judson

Tell us about your latest release. What inspired it?

My latest release is Ring Around the Sun, from Eirelander Publishing ( It is a wintery romp in the north woods of Minnesota. Teal Marin is escaping an abusive relationship and goes to hide out in her recently deceased brother’s cabin. A city girl, she’s clueless at cabin life, and Darren Kennedy arrives to warm her heart, heal her wounds, and keep her fire going. Unfortunately her ex-lover is not ready to let her go so easily.

The inspiration? The story was written in the dead of winter and I longed to get away to my cabin. I was recovering from a broken ankle and spent long days with my foot in the air and my computer on my lap. (That’s not easy, by the way…)

Who are your literary heroes and why?

I admire prolific writers. As a new writer, I find it difficult to sustain the umpf to keep at it. Ideas swirl all around me, but let’s face it – the writing is work. As a reader I am not married to a genre. I admire all those writers who turn out deep, compelling characters book after book.

Tell us five random things about yourself.

I’m a biologist. I’m a digital art junky. Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator – all my playground. I was once in car that broke through the ice in forty feet of water. Damn near drowned. I love cats and I’m a beer snob. I’ll like the really good stuff, ice cold and on tap.

What type of writer are you—the one who experiences before writing, like Hemingway, or the one who mostly daydreams and fantasizes?

Great question. I’d say I write mostly from daydreams. But the very first spark, the “that might make an interesting story…” comes from experience. In Ring Around the Sun, I know the cabin Darren lives in – know it intimately. Been there. The sledding and the snowmobiling and the sauna all come from experiences. The rest is make-believe.

When it comes to writing, are you an early bird, or a night owl?

Sorry to say, night owl. That’s probably because I have a day job and a family. When things are all settled at the end of the day, I take out my laptop and going.

How was your experience in looking for a publisher? What words of advice would you offer those novice authors who are in search of one?

Grueling, just like everybody else. Checking my email every five minutes to see if someone got back to me, and feeling dejected when they did. One thing I have noticed is that often what one editor disliked, another applauded. Everybody’s taste is different and it really is a matter of getting your work in front of the “right eyes.”

What book are you reading now?

Wow, talk about getting caught with your bookmarks down… Nothing. I’m up to my earlobes in rewrites at the moment. Well, actually I picked up Characters, Emotion and Viewpoint by Nancy Kress. This woman cracks me up and I’m learning a ton.

If you were a world ruler and you were given a choice of 3 laws to enact, what would they be?

Global warming would be solved immediately. Homelessness would be a thing of the past. And let’s go with a four-day work week. No – make that three.

If your muse were to talk behind your back, what secrets would he/she tell?

Fickle little muse….she’d say that sometimes, Gemini is so dense, when a clear story line is right in front of her…she goes off on a bla bla bla tangent. She’d say that her first drafts are the stuff of 6th grade writing assignments, but luckily her rewrites sing.

If you were a Superhero, would you wear tights and a cape?

Totally. Maybe even a crown.

The Holidays are here. If you could get any present from Santa, what would it be and why?

A barn. A big red barn filled with hay in the loft. Then I’d start collecting horses. The ones that nobody else wants.

You have to ask a fictional character out on a date—who would you ask and what would you do together?

I’d ask Conrad (from Animals by Gemini Judson, Loose Id). I created him and stuffed every delicious quality I could think of into his 6’5” frame. We’d go to the batting cage and work up a sweat, then grab some really cold beers, on tap.

Find Gemini at these places on the web:

Animals available from Loose Id

Ring Around the Sun available from Eirelander Publishing

In Her Dreams, coming soon from Loose Id

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Welcome Guest Author Cynthia Vespia & a Contest

CONTEST: One lucky person who comments today will win a dual sided bookmark and a small dragon statue from Cynthia Vespia.

Tell us about your Demon Hunter series. What inspired it? How many books do you plan to have and when does the next one come out?

Demon Hunter is a trilogy of terror that follows the great horror novels and mixes them with epic fantasy. You have a band of characters setting out on adventures but constantly looking over their shoulders in stark terror. The idea came from my own love of the two genres and I really wanted to explore the dark side of human emotion. I'd dealt with frightening villains before but never on this level. The evil that torments the heroes in Demon Hunter are the vampire, demon, and werewolf of myth and legend but brought to reality with grit and unapologetic viciousness. The other element I had facing the hero, Costa, was his own personal demons as he struggles with pain from within while coming to terms with his new role in life as a hunter of demons. This is a constant battle that is evident throughout the series. Demon Hunter: The Chosen One is available now via and the sequel Demon Hunter: Seek & Destroy will be released just after Thanksgiving on November 27th, 2009. I'm two-thirds of the way into the third and final installment and let me tell you there is going to be a surprise to this one right off the bat that readers won't be expecting.

Who are your literary heros and why?

I read a lot when I was younger. Back in those days I was drawn to Piers Anthony, C.S. Lewis, and Robert E. Howard. But it was Dean Koontz who really inspired me to become a writer. His work resonated with me and compelled me to write, to draw the same emotions out of my readers that his work did for me.

What would you tell aspiring young writers about the publishing business?

It’s hard, no lie. But if you’re passionate about writing and you know nothing else will quell that fire within your heart then it is up to you to learn everything you can about the business side of writing and publishing. Writing the novel is only half the battle. You have to know how to market yourself and your work if you expect to see longevity. There are thousands upon thousands of authors out there all vying for the top positions or the showcase shelf at the front of the bookstore. What is going to make your book stand out from the crowd? In other words “why should we read you?”

Tell us five random things about yourself.

1. I love to workout and I used to compete in fitness competitions before focusing more towards martial arts

2. Often times you’ll find me in a bookstore writing longhand on a legal pad rather than using a computer.

3. I like to collect weapons and statues for display

4. My first screenplay is based off my novel The Crescent and is currently in preproduction for a feature film

5. My name is Cynthia and I am a chocoholic!

What type of writer are you—the one who experiences before writing, like Hemingway, or the one who mostly daydreams and fantasizes?

The fantasizing is what I enjoy most about the writing process. You get to escape into worlds you created alongside characters who become a part of you. But I will say bits of reality almost always creep into my writing.

From the moment you conceived the idea for the story, to the published book, how long did it take?

For Demon Hunter to really become the thrill ride I envisioned in my head it took me two years of planning, researching, writing, and rewriting. I went back to the first installment several times to see what worked and what needed to be tweaked. Part two Seek & Destroy ran a bit smoother. I already had the characters established and all I needed to do was set them loose on a new adventure and let them lead the way.

When it comes to writing, are you an early bird, or a night owl?

I’m a vampire at heart so I tend to stay up late regardless. It is also the best time to get my thoughts in order. The house and the outside world are quiet enough for me to hear the voices in my head.

How was your experience in looking for a publisher? What words of advice would you offer those novice authors who are in search of one?

I searched far and wide to find a publisher I really wanted to work with. My best advice is to pick up a copy of Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market. Besides being filled with an ample amount of publishers in every genre imaginable there are also articles devoted to helping the newbie on their writing journey.

What book are you reading now?

I’m reading a compilation of short stories called “Murder in Vegas” in preparation for my next novel. I’m a Vegas native born and raised, I thought it about time to write a thriller based in my hometown and shed a little light on what REALLY goes on beyond the neon.

If you were a world ruler and you were given a choice of 3 laws to enact, what would they be?

It’s not so much what I’d enact as it is what I’d protect. Without sounding too political (I hate that) this country is being given away. The right to bear arms, freedom of choice, free speech, these issues and more are constantly under fire from fanatics who nitpick on every little thing, thus our God given rights get attacked. It’s almost like walking on a mine field these days; any little thing is going to set someone off. Last I checked it was a free country.

If your muse were to talk behind your back, what secrets would he/she tell?

My Muse would probably tell you she doesn’t always get through to me. She has to work extra hard sometimes to inspire. What can I say? Life gets in the way sometimes. But she’d also be apt at sharing the fact that when I’m on a roll I just can’t tear myself away.

If you were a Superhero, would you wear tights and a cape?

Tights, definitely! I look good in tights. But the cape is a little out dated.

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Meet Author Kris Condi today- Comment to win a prize

CONTEST: One lucky Commentor will win a copy o f The Chat Pack (E-book) from Kris. Drawing to be done on Thursday Nov. 19th at noon EST.

Tell us about your latest release. What inspired it?

Seasoned to both accomplishments and adversities, five globally diverse women meet during a random chat. Humor and sobriety intermingles as the Chat Pack discovers their commonality: each is linked to the disappearance of former teamster, Jimmy Hoffa.

Former Italian runway empress Petrice Favre is torn between a marriage of three decades and a chance to revitalize her career. New York professional, Dava Gonzalez, wrestles with becoming a foster parent after multiple failures to conceive. In Chicago, Ellen Balor regrets the loss of individuality as her twenty-fifth wedding anniversary approaches with more regrets than achievements. Luana Haapiti longs to swap pouring strong coffee into inexpensive cups at a Tahitian hotel for a wild American adventure with a guest. Irene Dunbar’s Michigan adjunct position is a true testament of one’s straddling journey from high-school drop out and welfare recipient to financial freedom.

I wanted to create a diverse novel where women of all ethnicities become unified. A chat room is void of color and idiosyncrasies.

Who are your literary heros and why?

I always enjoy reading cultural books. For the contemporaries, Amy Tan and Frank McCourt come to mind. For the classics, Harper Lee, F. Scott Fitzgerald, J.D. Salinger, and Daphne du Maurier are timeless reads.

Tell us five random things about yourself.

1. I am ambidextrous

2. I enjoy reading

3. I enjoy cooking as well as dining out

4. I know seven different languages, if you count three programming languages and a novice ASL

5. And, of course, my passion is writing

What type of writer are you—the one who experiences before writing, like Hemingway, or the one who mostly daydreams and fantasizes?

More creative. It is said if the author does not know the ending (the villain, the twist) neither will the reader.

When it comes to writing, are you an early bird, or a night owl?

I am an early bird and prefer to accomplish things rather than procrastinate. Not that the previous scenario always occurs, but it is what I prefer.

How was your experience in looking for a publisher? What words of advice would you offer those novice authors who are in search of one?

Most publishers favor working with agents. Most agents prefer experienced writers. It is a catch 22 situation. For my previous book, Fakin’ It, I wrote it specifically for Champagne Books and fortunately was able to place the book with the publisher. I was again lucky to place The Chat Pack with the same publisher.

What book are you reading now?

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

If you were a world ruler and you were given a choice of 3 laws to enact, what would they be?

Eliminate abuse both human and animals, enforce world peace and initiate a medical plan that includes both cure and preventative medicine.

If your muse were to talk behind your back, what secrets would he/she tell?

She thinks of plots out of the clear blue, sometimes on the trend mill, saves them and eventually weaves those tidbits into stories.

If you were a Superhero, would you wear tights and a cape?

Is that the fashion trend for 2010?

You are told you have to meet one paranormal creature, no safeguards, what do you choose? What do you bring with you?

Does ET count? I would bring a phone for him to phone home.

You have to ask a fictional character out on a date—who would you ask and what would you do together?

Although Santa Claus is married, I would treat him to some R&R on the beach, far from the North Pole a few hours after his big day.

Where to find Kris Condi on the web:

Champagne Books (Publisher):


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Meet the Sisters In Time Heriones, Mariah and Taylor, from Ginger Simpson

Today, through the power of the pen…okay, the computer keyboard, I’ve been able to bring together my two heroines from Sisters in Time. I thought it might be interesting to the readers of this time-travel to hear from each lady personally about her thoughts on waking up in a new and strange era. We’ll start first with Mariah Cassidy, our pioneer wife and mother of two children then go to our modern-day attorney, Taylor Morgan.

Ginger: “Good Morning Mariah. It’s very nice to have you here. A reader can only imagine how strange it was to start off on a trip to town for supplies and awaken in another time and place. Tell us how you felt about it.”

Mariah: *runs her hand down her long gingham skirt and sits a little straighter on her stool. “It’s very nice to be here, although it does bring back some frightening moments. *glances around at all the equipment and leans back to study the cylinder-like mike.*

Ginger: “Tell us a little about what happened the morning you woke up in 20th century Colorado.”

Mariah: “There isn’t much I recall except packing a lunch for the trip and waiting for Frank to bring the wagon around. The children and I had already done most of the chores indoors and were ready to go.” *sighs*

Ginger: “Go on….”

Mariah: “The last thing I remember is stopping next to a boulder so our son could… well you know. A nest of rattlesnakes spooked the team and I reckon I was thrown off the wagon seat and hit my head. Frank did the best he could to manage the horses—”

Ginger: “I’m sure it was a frightening moment for everyone, but tell us how you felt when you opened your eyes for the first time after the accident.”

Mariah: *widens her eyes* “Scared. There I was in some big ol’ bed, in a room filled with strange contraptions—like in here. *gestures to speakers and control panel* “I had a tube in my throat, couldn’t talk, and a man I didn’t recognize at all sat by my bedside constantly and called me Taylor. I swear, you don’t have any idea how exasperating it is not to be able to speak. I had no idea then who Taylor was or why he thought I was her.” *turns and smiles at Taylor, seated next to her*

Taylor: “Well it wasn’t any picnic waking up in your archaic bedroom with your pesky husband bugging me, either.”

Mariah: “Pesky?”

Taylor: “Yes, pesky. The man wouldn’t take my word that I wasn’t his wife. And how you lived back then with no cell phones, hair dryers or nail salons, I have no idea. *Bends her knuckles and examines her manicure*

Mariah: *swivels on her stool* “Your husband was insistent, too. I must have told him a thousand times my name wasn’t Taylor. It wasn’t bad enough that I had to be in a hospital for such a long time, I couldn’t believe the… the tacky clothes he brought and actually expected me to wear them to your house. I have doilies that cover more.

Taylor: “You wouldn’t know style if it was forced on you…and it was. Those things hanging in your… your armoire are a far cry from New York’s fashion center. I couldn’t tell the difference between your daytime and nighttime wardrobe.”

Ginger: “Ladies, ladies, we’re getting off track here. Let’s get back to the interview. Taylor, tell us about your first impression… in a kind way if you don’t mind.

Taylor: “Can you imagine landing in a space in time where words like Taxi, phone, radio, and Lexus don’t make any sense? I felt like I came from Mars and spoke a totally different language. Frank, Miss Priss’ husband, got frustrated with me. How is that my problem?”

Ginger: “It must be alarming to wake up in a place totally strange and then have to be without the usual comforts.”

Mariah: “It’s equally as frightening to wake up in a place full of gadgets you know nothing about. I almost fainted when the basin in Taylor’s kitchen growled at me. And I had no idea that ice boxes had come so far. Frozen meat, sodas, and what about that little device that opened cans all on its own? My goodness. I tell you what though; I’ll never be able to describe the thrill of flying.

Ginger: “That’s right. You flew in a airplane, didn’t you?”

Mariah: “Yes, David arranged for me to have that most wonderful experience.

Taylor: *Her face red, her jaw tense* “What other wonderful experiences else did David arrange for you? Did you sleep with my husband?

Mariah: *Lowers her gaze* “Not of my own will. Remember, he kept insisting I was you. *turns accusing eyes to Taylor* “Well, you slept with my husband!”

Taylor: “It’s not my fault.”

Mariah: “Then whose fault is it?”

Taylor: “I didn’t write the story, Ginger did. I was on my way to work, minding my own business when she dragged me into her plot. It’s her fault.”

Mariah: “Yeah, it is her fault. Frank never would have thought of sleeping with someone else. We were perfectly happy until she dreamed up this combination time-travel historical. *cast a stony gaze at Ginger*

Ginger: *checks her watch*. “Oh dear, we’ve suddenly run out of time. This has been very interesting, but we’ll have to say goodbye for now. All I can say in closing is Sisters in Time is available now. Visit or Thanks for joining us. I’ll be back next time with a book that features only one heroine.

Check out the Book Trailer and more information on Sisters In Time at

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Friday the 13th Facts and Superstitons

Friday the 13th, is considered a day of bad luck and evil. In the Western world, a significant chunk of the population suspects bad things will happen whenever the 13th day of a month occurs on the day of the week called Friday. Like many human beliefs, the fear of Friday the 13th isn't exactly grounded in scientific logic. But the really strange thing is that most of the people who believe the day is unlucky offer no explanation at all, logical or illogical. Many people avoid travel and avoid signing contracts on Friday the 13th. Floors in tall buildings often skip from 12 to 14. The superstition does have deep, compelling roots, however, and the origins help explain why the belief is so widespread today.

The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia or Paraskevidekatriaphobia, a specialized form of triskaidekaphobia - fear of the number 13. It comes from the Greek words paraskevi (Friday), and dekatria (thirteen), with the suffix phobia.

Friday the 13th Facts:

According to Smithsonian Magazine "fear of the #13 costs American a billion dollars per year in absenteeism, train and plane cancellations, and reduced commerce on the 13th of the month."

Fear of Friday the 13th dates back to Nordic Mythology. Many of their thirteenth Gods met with violent deaths, such as Loki, the trickster.

Ancient Romans regarded the number 13 as a symbol of death, destruction and misfortune.

Lizzy Borden uttered a total of 13 words at her trial.

There were 13 original colonies.

A witches coven consists of 13 members.

Tarot Card number 13 is the Death Card, depicting the Grim Reaper (although it is read as transition or change and not literal death).

Hotels rarely have a room number 13. Usually it is called 12a or 14. Same with floors of buildings and the elevators without a #13 button. Highways sometimes will skip exit 13 altogether also.

There are 13 steps leading to the gallows.

13 knots in a hangman's noose.

13 feet which the guillotine blade falls.

The driver of Princess Diana hit pillar #13 at Place de l'Alma when she was killed in Paris, France.

13 people, Christ and his 12 disciples, were in attendance at the last supper. This is where the Christian belief ties in, making Friday a believed unlucky day, as the crucifixtion occurred on a Friday.

Certain ocean liners will be held in dock until after midnight to appease passenger's fears on Friday the 13th.

British study concluded that even though there were less cars on the road on Friday the 13th (as compared with other Fridays) more accidents were reported.

Trisadekaphobia is the technical name for fear of Friday the 13th.

Apollo 13, 1970, the 13th mission launched from pad #39 (13 x 3), mission was aborted, after an explosion occurred in the fuel cell of their service module. The rocket had left launcing pad at 13:13 CST and the date was April 13th.

Epluribus Unum has 13 letters.

The US Seal has 13 stars, bars, feathers in the eagle's tail, 13 bars in one claw, 13 olive branches in the other.

A "quatrorzieme" is a professional 14th guest hired by the French who had only 13 guests in attendance for dinner, who felt that was unlucky.

A baker's dozen consists of 13 for a reason! So the story goes a witch near Albany, NY demanded 13 items every time she came in to a particular bakery, and one day the old baker could not afford her extra biscuit. She sneered some strange words at the man, and he suffered terrible luck from then on, until he brought her another 13 rolls. After that life was once again easy for the baker and word spread around town. The custom is still sometimes practiced today.

Superstitons associated with Friday the 13th:

It's bad luck to -

* Cut off both ends of a loaf of bread.

* Put new shoes on the table.

* Leave your hat on the bed.

* Walk under a ladder.

* Lean a broom on a bed.

* Open an umbrella indoors.

* Sneeze to your left side.

* Have a black cat cross your path.

It's good luck to -

* Cut your finger nails on a Friday to avoid a toothache during the month.

* Take candy to a friend during your first visit of the New Year.

* Pick the first violets of spring.

* When you set the table, place the salt down first.

* If you drop a spoon, expect friends to drop by soon.

* If your left hand itches, money will come to you.

* When you move to a new house, take a broom and a loaf of bread with you.

* Put a red bow on a newborn baby.

* Don't sweep dust out the front door or you'll sweep away good luck.

* Make a wish when you see the first robin of spring. If it doesn't fly away before you finish wishing it'll come true.

More information can be found at on Friday the 13th.

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Events at my blog

Thanks for coming by and welcome to my new home away from home. I am scheduling blog days for authors and they can be anything you desire.

Guest Author Days:

I have chosen to have Guests on these days: Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays.

Monthly Guest days are to be on Thursdays, Fridays or Sundays.

Calendar of Guest authors as of right now:

Laura Tolomei- January 21, 2010
Annie Alverez- Monthly day on Fridays
CR Moss: 1/15/2010
Rhi McGaha: November 6th, 2009
Sheila Stewart- 12/9 (CONTEST)

More authors are pending as well.
If you desire a day, please email me at dawn_roberto (AT) yahoo (DOT) com and I can make sure the day is free for you.

You can either post whatever you desire (I send you an invite) or send it to me and I will post it.

I am not picky, you can have me interview you, talk about the latest movies, books, celebrity news, etc. Just give me a heads up if I need to send you an interview and if you are having a contest as well.

I will twitter and share it on my loops on your days as well.

Tuesdays is Eye Candy day. So if you got some eye candy (IE- Nice naked men hehehehe), then send them to me and I will post them on Tuesdays. It starts November 10th.

I look forward to having you at my blog.

Check out Ancient Blood by Rie McGaha

Half witch and half wolf, Ganda is like no other being on earth, but more than 3,000 years ago the love of her life, Colin, was killed and since then she's remained an old black woman in the swamps of Louisiana. That was until Joshua and Jessie Kaine showed up and brought her back to life. Now on a mission to put her past to rest, Ganda visits the land of her birth and the land of Colin's death--Egypt. What she finds there isn't the answer she's looking for, but a mystery that will change her entire future.

Buy here: buy

Sneak Peek into Ancient Blood:

Though tall and broad through the shoulders, his days had been filled with hard labor since he was just a lad, and he was beautiful with his thick black hair that was always just a little too long. His blue eyes were as brilliant as the sky in mid summer, with heavy, dark brows and thick, black lashes, he had cheeks that revealed deep dimples whenever he smiled, which was often. He was an easy-going man with easy manners and a likeable personality. With a quick wit and a way of looking at a person as if he could see their very soul. Collin was well read in spite of working the fields from sun up till sun down. In the evenings after supper he spent time by the fire reading books of all kinds, but especially those that told of far away places and ones with drawings of maps and oceans.

She had just come into his life one day out of the blue and he'd fallen madly in love with her. He knew the moment he saw her that she was the one he wanted to wed, and it hadn't taken any time at all for him to ask her to be his wife. Sometimes he could look at her and still be amazed that she had come into his life, had fallen as deeply in love with him as he was with her. Even more surprising to him, even now, was that she had said yes when he asked her to marry him.

Completely naked before him, her glorious black hair fell around her bare shoulders. Her dark eyes were hidden beneath those inky black lashes and thinly arched brows, and her red lips curved up slightly as she observed him. He'd never seen anyone as beautiful in his life. As the moon began to rise, full and low to the earth, Ganda took several steps away from him and he watched in horrid fascination as she began to change.

As her limbs began to lengthen and muscles bulged beneath her skin, dark fur, shiny and black began to cover her body. Her face changed, her jaw jutted forward, fangs replaced teeth, and her snout grew. The air around her was charged with electricity as if a thunderstorm had suddenly gathered. Colin fell backwards onto the ground. He wasn't trying to run—he just couldn't stand on his own two feet at the moment.

He watched she grew a tail and wagged it in the air. Looking her up and down, he was both amazed and terrified. She threw back her head and howled, then she was herself again, the woman he had walked into the forest with to marry. Stepping into her gown once again, she covered herself, and walked slowly to him. Taking his hand, she sat beside him, and explained everything to him about her mother—a witch—and her father—a wolf—and the curse they all lived with.


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New Movies I am looking forward to

Ok, Holiday movies are going to hit BIG starting this week's Jim Carrey vehicle, Disney's A Christmas Carol to Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Myself, I am itching to see 2012. Why? I LOVE Natural Disaster Films with a passion. Something about Mother Nature taking a punch at humans and showing who is boss while we sit there going, "OH M Y GOD!". :) Plus it has John Cusack in it who I loved since seeing him in Say Anything when I was a teenager. Needless to say these two combine my two  loves (well besides Johnny Depp).

Next would be Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. I  loved him in Iron Man and can not wait to see this one.

What about you? Any movies coming up that you are itching to see?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fun Kissing Facts

Got to thank author Ann Cory for this when she was at the LR Cafe. Some great fun facts all on kissing. :)

Your lips are 100 times more sensitive than the tips of your fingers

A real kiss quickens your pulse to 100 beats in a minute

A long-lasting kiss quickens the pulse and heightens level of hormones in human's blood so much that it shortens the lifespan by almost a minute

One little kiss burns up to 3 calories. The longer the kiss...the better the exercise!

Men who kiss their wives every morning before going to work live 5 years longer than men who don't. Pucker up guys!

70% of people aged 16 to 24 years had their first kiss by age 15, whereas only 46% of their parents had smooched by the same age

Many women like men in uniform. Statistics show that women prefer to kiss:

39% - military men

37% - lawers

27% - accountants

14% - athletes

An average woman kisses about 79 men before getting married

An average person spends two weeks of his or her life kissing

Pardon the mess...we are remodeling :)

Hi there and welcome to my new personal blog. Yep, I bit the bullet and decided instead of facebook which I have no freaking idea what to do, I would do a blog instead. One it is easier for me to move around in and two, I just want to dang it all. :)

I plan to offer guest author posts, talk about the recent books that either blew me away or just bored me to tears and as always, drool over yummy eye candy. :)

So come on over, the bar is open, grab a drink since it's five o'clock somewhere inthe world and settl ein for a fun adventure. Hey you never know where I will go here so make sure you buckle up. :)


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