Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meet Author Kris Condi today- Comment to win a prize

CONTEST: One lucky Commentor will win a copy o f The Chat Pack (E-book) from Kris. Drawing to be done on Thursday Nov. 19th at noon EST.

Tell us about your latest release. What inspired it?

Seasoned to both accomplishments and adversities, five globally diverse women meet during a random chat. Humor and sobriety intermingles as the Chat Pack discovers their commonality: each is linked to the disappearance of former teamster, Jimmy Hoffa.

Former Italian runway empress Petrice Favre is torn between a marriage of three decades and a chance to revitalize her career. New York professional, Dava Gonzalez, wrestles with becoming a foster parent after multiple failures to conceive. In Chicago, Ellen Balor regrets the loss of individuality as her twenty-fifth wedding anniversary approaches with more regrets than achievements. Luana Haapiti longs to swap pouring strong coffee into inexpensive cups at a Tahitian hotel for a wild American adventure with a guest. Irene Dunbar’s Michigan adjunct position is a true testament of one’s straddling journey from high-school drop out and welfare recipient to financial freedom.

I wanted to create a diverse novel where women of all ethnicities become unified. A chat room is void of color and idiosyncrasies.

Who are your literary heros and why?

I always enjoy reading cultural books. For the contemporaries, Amy Tan and Frank McCourt come to mind. For the classics, Harper Lee, F. Scott Fitzgerald, J.D. Salinger, and Daphne du Maurier are timeless reads.

Tell us five random things about yourself.

1. I am ambidextrous

2. I enjoy reading

3. I enjoy cooking as well as dining out

4. I know seven different languages, if you count three programming languages and a novice ASL

5. And, of course, my passion is writing

What type of writer are you—the one who experiences before writing, like Hemingway, or the one who mostly daydreams and fantasizes?

More creative. It is said if the author does not know the ending (the villain, the twist) neither will the reader.

When it comes to writing, are you an early bird, or a night owl?

I am an early bird and prefer to accomplish things rather than procrastinate. Not that the previous scenario always occurs, but it is what I prefer.

How was your experience in looking for a publisher? What words of advice would you offer those novice authors who are in search of one?

Most publishers favor working with agents. Most agents prefer experienced writers. It is a catch 22 situation. For my previous book, Fakin’ It, I wrote it specifically for Champagne Books and fortunately was able to place the book with the publisher. I was again lucky to place The Chat Pack with the same publisher.

What book are you reading now?

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

If you were a world ruler and you were given a choice of 3 laws to enact, what would they be?

Eliminate abuse both human and animals, enforce world peace and initiate a medical plan that includes both cure and preventative medicine.

If your muse were to talk behind your back, what secrets would he/she tell?

She thinks of plots out of the clear blue, sometimes on the trend mill, saves them and eventually weaves those tidbits into stories.

If you were a Superhero, would you wear tights and a cape?

Is that the fashion trend for 2010?

You are told you have to meet one paranormal creature, no safeguards, what do you choose? What do you bring with you?

Does ET count? I would bring a phone for him to phone home.

You have to ask a fictional character out on a date—who would you ask and what would you do together?

Although Santa Claus is married, I would treat him to some R&R on the beach, far from the North Pole a few hours after his big day.

Where to find Kris Condi on the web:

Champagne Books (Publisher):



skyla11377 said...

Hey Kris I Loved Your Interview. It Is Always Kool To Know Little Tidbits About Author's That You Wouldn't Normally Know. Thanks For Sharing You Rock.

susan said...

I vote for you for President. I love the three laws you have soon do you want to run for office? I was quite impressed with your answers and thought the questions were good. I could not had answered any better and I agree Santa needs some sun and sand betwen his toes after all those cold winter blasts of cold air in the North Pole. I am fairly new in this web site deals but finding so many authors and new books are sparking my interest to stick around and see what fun I can get into. Happy Thanksgiving. susan L.

Stacey said...

It's nice to get to know a little about a fellow Champagne author. Like you, I'm from Illinois and will be there in 2 weeks doing some book signings and talks. Congratulations on your new book.


booklover0226 said...


I enjoyed the interview. I, too, am a big Daphne DuMaurier fan. I think Jamaica Inn is my favorite. Do you have a favorite?

Tracey D

Kris said...

Thank you, Everyone! All of your comments are so very appreciated and you made my day!

President! Wow what a nice compliment! I think a little R&R around the New Year is something everyone could use.

My favorite Daphne Du Maurier book is Rebecca. You got me curious so I will have to read Jamaica Inn.

Thank you, again and Happy Thanksgiving.


Linda LaRoque said...

Hi Kris, I grew up on Daphne DeMaurier books. I took a name from Dinner at Antoines for my daughter. Unfortunatley I mispelled it but like my spelling better.

Love the sound of your story. Very different. Best of luck from another Champagne author.

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