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Book Spotlight/Giveaway: The Silvery Path


Check out The Silvery Path by Dennis Scheel today and make sure to enter the tour wide giveaway as the author is giving away  a $15 Amazon or BN Gift Card to one lucky person. This tour is sponsored by Goddess Fish Promotions and you can find all the tour stops HERE. Make sure to comment on other posts during the tour for more chances toward winning the contest. 

Talking with author Dennis Scheel about The Silvery Path

Tell us about your latest book, who are the main character’s and what can we expect when we pick it up?

Denida is the MC. He is fighting a battle against time, trying to prevent Henna’s manipulation, while still trying to get through to the Devil before the world is annihilated.

Do you come up with the hook first, or do you create characters first and then dig through until you find a hook?

Mostly the characters. I write it while taking the characters on the journey, not having more than a baseline of the plot laid out when I first begin.

Which of your own characters would you like to have lunch with?

Henna. Villains are always the most fun!

Tell us about what you are reading at the moment or anticipate reading in the future? Any favorite authors you enjoy reading in your spare time?

I am currently reading over a book that another would-be author is working on.

Which of your own books would you like to live in?

Rejecting Destiny, specifically in Henna’s world, when the Universe starting to take shape.

What do you do when you have free time?

When I have free time? Away from writing, you mean? Lol

I love watching movies, playing games, enjoying beautiful nature, or tire my cat out when he needs to be played with, so that I can be ‘allowed’ to write again, without a cat sleeping on the keyboard.

How do you approach character development in your stories? Do you have any specific techniques or methods that you find particularly effective?

I once received some thought-provoking advice: Ask your character if that is something they would do!

What do you believe sets your writing apart from others in your genre, and why should readers choose to read your books?

It came from ideas I had since I was kid, which I finally wrote down.

How I usually describe it is, “take everything you know about the world and the universe, toss it into a bowl, shake it around, see what comes out, and you have my ideas.”

Can you discuss any upcoming projects or books that you're currently working on? What can readers expect from your future works?

I can! My next book will be a new Paranormal/ Science Fiction story about former Martians hiding on Earth to avoid a threat that destroyed their world. Their situation becomes complicated when a girl, who can feel that there’s something off about them shows up, getting far more than she bargained for.



Dennis Scheel

GENRE:  Fantasy, Science Fiction

Available on Amazon

 Will it end in peace or a silvery dose of fate? 

Henna’s manipulation knows no bounds,

Denida is still the object of her prophecy, while Lucifer, God, and Gabriel remain in her sights. 

Having seen her son, Nina is more determined than ever to bring him back from Henna’s world of dead souls. Meanwhile, the Darkness runs rampant across the Underworlds and on Earth as Lucifer’s grief over Heavani’s death overwhelms him. 

Everyone has their own goals and ends, but one thing is inescapable: the bright silvery path that Henna willed. 

Can these characters escape destiny’s hold on them, or will they become pawns in Henna’s quest for revenge?


Excerpt Two:


The Colonel sat in front of a cluster of seven monitors, which displayed live feeds from robots across the Underworlds. Naphtali spoke to the Colonel from World Eight’s feed.


“Things will be different with Dan in charge, won’t it?” Naphtali asked.


The Colonel shrugged. “I sure hope not. Denida left him in charge, so it shouldn’t be that bad. Thankfully, we don’t have any demons running amuck anymore.”


“Yeah, everything’s better, now.” Naphtali smiled widely.


“I wonder…” The Colonel scratched his head. “- if this ‘war’ of Lucifer’s will change that.”


Naphtali’s smile froze. “War?”


“The one against Heaven.”


Naphtali gasped. “Lucifer wants war with Heaven? I thought God and Lucifer would always just have a private power struggle between themselves.”


Why does it matter?


“Beep,” a monitor a few screens away flicked on.


The Colonel tilted his head. Earth? “Just a sec, Naphtali.” He approached the monitor.


“Is anyone there? Demons are attacking us!” a soldier stared in the camera with wide, bloodshot eyes, as a demon tackled him, terminating the feed.


How can demons be on Earth? The Colonel wiped a bead of sweat on the back of his neck.


“John!” Naphtali hollered.


The Colonel blinked out of his daze and hurried back to World Eight’s feed.


Naphtali sat hunched over at the monitor, drenched in blood.


“What happened to you?”


“Demons,” Naphtali murmured. “Inform Denida.”


The Colonel nodded. “Are you okay to get cleaned up and-”


Naphtali spun around to a scuffle. A pair of demons slammed him into the feed, cutting the signal.


“Naphtali!” The Colonel punched the keys and shook the monitor. “Work, dammit!” After a few minutes of his eyes growing wide with concern, he jumped up and ran out, sprinting though the offices, eventually slamming through a door. “Dan!”


“What is it, now?” Dan put laid his pen on his desk and frowned.


“Demons… Naphtali needs our assistance. It’s not just Earth.”


“Naph…” Dan leaned back in his chair with a pensive expression.


“On World Eight, the former demon,” the Colonel reminded Dan.


Dan lit up, but bit his lip with concern. “Why are there demons in the Underworlds? I thought Denida ended that invasion.”


“Lucifer threw Denida out of Hell. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Denida’s deal, anymore.”


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AUTHOR Bio and Links: 

Wring about myself… oh, the horror! 

As a Christmas Child, I believe magic is everywhere, especially during the winter, and I try to weave that magic into my stories. After all, my firm belief in karma and destiny has shaped who I am, so it should guide my stories, as well. 

I was born and raised in Denmark, but faced many challenges during my life, one of which was my inability to write my stories in Danish! I’ve had my stories brewing in my head since I was a child and struggled for years to express them properly. After recovering from a diabetic attack that left me hospitalized, I managed to find my writer’s voice in English, and am thrilled to now have the ability to share my tales with you. 


The Silvery Path:


Threads/ IG @denscheel

Meet the Character with Kelli A. Wilkins: A Thousand Summer Secrets


Meet the Character Day: Chatting with Eric Warren from A Thousand Summer Secrets


By Kelli A. Wilkins


This “Meet the Character Day” blog is part of a series examining my romance novels. In each “Behind the Scenes” blog, I talk about why I wrote the book, share my thoughts on the plot and/or characters, and reveal what I loved most (or least) about writing the book.


The “Meet the Character Day” blogs are fun chats with the heroes and heroines from my romances. Warning: blogs may contain spoilers. If you missed any blog in this series, you can catch up here:

Today we’re chatting with Eric Warren, the main character from my new romance, A Thousand Summer Secrets. Let’s get to know him better…


Q: Greetings, Eric. Before we get started, could you tell readers about the book?

Sure, I’m glad to. A Thousand Summer Secrets is a contemporary gay romance that takes place in an Upstate New York cabin over a Fourth of July weekend. It has a little bit of everything: family drama, humor, sadness, introspection, and of course, secrets.


Here’s the summary and links…


A Thousand Summer Secrets

You can’t outrun your past…

Ten years after being disowned by his family for being gay, Eric Warren pays a visit to his family’s summer cabin. It’s his last attempt at reconciliation before moving on. But a surprise from the past is waiting for him.

Eric’s intolerant brother, Jamey, has several friends staying at the cabin for the weekend, including Matt, Eric’s boyhood friend and secret crush. The years haven’t faded their mutual attraction, and they quickly reconnect. But Eric is hesitant to get romantically involved. He’s emotionally broken and scarred from his traumatic past.

As Matt tries to help Eric, Jamey goes out of his way to sabotage his brother. And when the weekend events take a disastrous turn, Eric finds himself at a crossroads.

Should he follow his search for love and acceptance with Matt? Or leave the past behind forever?

Order your copy here:


All Other Platforms:



Q: Tell us about yourself. How does the story begin for you?

When the book opens, I’m at the cabin in rural Upstate New York. Each year, my family would go to the cabin to celebrate the Fourth of July, so I decided to surprise them with a visit. Well, I got the surprise. My brother, his friend Dave, and their girlfriends showed up at the cabin, along with Matt, a friend I hadn’t seen in ten years.


My brother and Dave immediately got aggressive toward me and I started to worry that I’d made a big mistake by coming to the cabin. But Matt stood up for me. We went for a walk and I told him about my past and my problems, and he made me feel a lot better. Even though this visit wasn’t going to be easy (or ideal), I knew it was something I had to go through if I wanted to come to terms with my family and my past.


Q: Before the story began, you had a rough life. Care to share what happened with readers?
Yes and no. Yes, because readers will be interested, but no, because I’ve finally moved on and put it all behind me.


Basically I was in a terrible car accident and a family member died. My parents blamed me for the accident. Then things got worse when they found out I’m gay. They didn’t want to deal with me or listen to reason, so they kicked me out of the house.


I drove out to California and fell on some really hard times. I developed a drinking problem and got into several bad relationships. After hitting rock bottom, I finally joined AA and got sober.


As part of my recovery I wanted to see if I could reestablish a relationship with my family and make peace. So I flew back to New York and made my way to the cabin. That’s where the story begins.


Q: Wow! Speaking of family, your brother Jamey is the antagonist (along with his friend Dave). Can you tell us about them?

Sure. My brother is the product of the intolerant, violent household we grew up in. I say several times in the story that Jamey has turned into my father, and he acts just like him. Dave is another jerk who’s anti-gay and not afraid to be verbally abusive.

I have to deal with their bad behavior over the course of the weekend. They go out of their way to make my life hell. At one point in the story I sit down with Jamey to talk things out and we start to get along. I don’t want to give away any of the plot, but the peace is short-lived.

Q: It’s a good thing Matt is there for you. How did it feel to see him after ten years?
I never expected to see Matt again, ever. When I closed the door on my old life, I put him and everyone else out of my mind. I had to focus on surviving alone in the world.


Seeing Matt was a pleasant surprise. I was given a chance to make things right between us, explain why I vanished, and tell him what happened to me over the years. Matt was thrilled to see me, and we quickly resumed our friendship. I was stunned to learn Matt always had a crush on me… and he still does!


We spent the weekend talking and reconnecting, and decided to take this budding romance slow. Neither of us wanted to rush into anything. But we do find ways to share some tender moments in the story.


Matt is a great listener and fun to be around, but he doesn’t let me get away with any crap! (Laughs) That’s why I’m crazy about him. He has helped me turn my life around, and I can never thank him enough.


Q: The title of the book is A Thousand Summer Secrets. I suppose there are lots of secrets in the story?
Oh yes! Everyone is keeping secrets—from themselves and from the other characters. Everything isn’t what it seems on the surface, and everyone has something they’re holding back for a variety of reasons. I can’t give away any of the secrets, but Kelli keeps them coming right up to the end of the story.

All the family and relationship drama is packed into a long weekend, so things get pretty intense. But it’s not all feuds and fighting, there are funny scenes, a bit of sadness, emotional upheaval, introspection, and danger. I hope readers enjoy the book.

Q: Sounds intriguing! Anything else you want to add?

This is Kelli’s fourth gay romance. The other three are: Four Days with Jack, A Secret Match, and Killer in Wolf’s Clothing. They all sound interesting and have spicy love scenes, so I can’t wait to check them out.


In case readers are wondering, Kelli’s romances span all genres (contemporary, historical/fantasy, gay, paranormal) and range from mild to super-hot. She would like me to encourage everyone to read more about them on her site: and mention that she’s also published mysteries, thrillers, and horror stories. Her site has a contact form and links to her social media.


Thanks for letting me share my thoughts with readers. This was fun!


Happy Pride Month and Best Wishes,


Eric Warren




Kelli A. Wilkins is an award-winning author who has published more than 100 short stories, 20+ romance novels, and 6 mystery/horror ebooks. Her romances span many genres and settings, and she likes to scare readers with her horror and mystery stories.

Kelli released her fourth gay romance, A Thousand Summer Secrets, in April 2024. This tender contemporary romance takes place over a summer weekend, where two friends reconnect while seeking love and acceptance.

She published The Route 9 Killer, a mystery/thriller set in Central NJ, in early 2023.

Follow Kelli on her Facebook author page: and visit her website/blog for a full title list and social media links.


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Cover Reveal: Accidentally Forever by Carrie Ann Ryan


The next book is coming in Carrie Ann Ryan's Montgomery Ink Legacy with Accidentally Forever, coming April 2025.

Isn't the cover above amazing and so dang hawt??!!! I know I am not the only one who's excited about the next book in this series.

About the book....

Accidentally Forever (A Montgomery Ink Legacy Novel) 
Release Day:  April 14th, 2025

Aria Montgomery is going to change the game and I cannot wait!
(Yes, this is Sebastian's sister. Aka Alex and Tabby's daughter!!)

Image by Wander Aguiar
Cover by Sweet N Spicy Designs

The Montgomery Ink Legacy Reading Order:

Book 1: Bittersweet Promises (Leif & Brooke)

Book 2: At First Meet (Nick & Lake)

Book 3: Longtime Crush (Sebastian & Raven)

Book 4: Best Friend Temptation (Noah, Ford, and Greer)

Book 5: Last First Kiss (Daisy & Hugh)

Book 6: His Second Chance (Kane & Phoebe)

Book 7: One Night with You (Kingston & Claire)

Book 8: Accidentally Forever (Crew & Aria)

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Book Spotlight/Giveaway: Private License

This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Kevin R. Doyle will award a $10 Amazon/BN gift card to a randomly drawn winner. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

All Lorie Jones wants is a little help with her divorce. Some extra information, a bit of ammunition to take into court against her no-good husband. And when she hires the biggest and best investigation firm Kansas City has to offer, that’s exactly what she gets. But after their operative wraps up Lori’s case, he decides he doesn’t want to move on, and Lori soon realizes that she’s got an even bigger problem than she had before, one that threatens her privacy, and maybe even her life.

It’s up to Sam Quinton, one-man detective agency, to take on the largest firm in the business, and as Sam digs into the background of Lori’s harasser, he soon finds something bigger, and much more dangerous, than one overzealous guy who just can’t let go.

Read an Excerpt

Thornton, his time sitting down no doubt adding to his confidence, snorted. “Lots of broads work up there, dude. How am I supposed to know . . . ”

I didn’t let him get any farther before I reached out and smacked him open-handed upside the head. I managed to do it in such a way only someone looking close could tell what had happened, meaning it was more a tap than anything. Even so, he reeled back on the bench, about half of his taco staining his blue shirt.

“Adam,” I said, keeping my voice low, “don’t give me any shit, okay? I don’t care how many women, not broads, work in your office. I’m only interested in one, and from what I hear you’re kind of interested in her yourself. Explain why I hear wrong.”

“Okay,” he said. “Now I get it. I heard something about what she’s been going through. You think I’m the one that’s been hassling her?”

“Are you?” I asked.

Actually, I’d already pretty much decided Adam Boy was a dead end. He was the kind of guy who back in the seventies would have been called a lounge lizard: tough and manly on the outside, a child on the inside.

I’d known far too many dudes like him over the years. The muscles, clothes, and general air of confidence were only a blind for a truth he didn’t want to face about himself. Not that such guys couldn’t be dangerous as hell, especially to someone weaker than themselves.

About the Author:

A retired high-school teacher and former college instructor, Kevin R. Doyle is the author of four novels in the Sam Quinton mystery series, all published by Camel Press. He’s also written four crime thrillers, including And the Devil Walks Away and The Anchor, and one horror novel, The Litter, along with numerous short horror stories published in small magazines over the years. The first Quinton book, Squatter’s Rights, was nominated for the 2021 Shamus award for Best First PI Novel, and the fifth in the series, Private License, will be out in August of 2024.

Buy Link:

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New Book Spotlight/Giveaway: Witch in the Wind by Damien Serbu

Title:  Witch in the Wind

Author: Damian Serbu

Publisher:  NineStar Press

Release Date: 06/11/2024

Heat Level: 3 - Some Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 87400

Genre: Fantasy, witches, pirates, Royal Navy, military, action/adventure, magic/magic users, religious extremism (Puritans)

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A winter storm blows through Salem, Massachusetts, setting young witch Alexander MacBeth on a perilous path to adulthood as his dying mother gifts him an heirloom and pleads for him to use it to survive.

To do so, he will need to perfect his inherited witchcraft to protect himself from those who want him dead. In his journey to adulthood, he falls in love with dashing nobleman Crispin Nottingham. Abandoned by Crispin and pursued by the Puritans, he finds he must harness the wind to assist his escape and flee his homeland aboard a pirate ship led by the handsome captain, Henri the Twisted.

Struggling against distrustful pirates, an evil witch, and his continued longing for Crispin, Alexander sharpens his magical skills and falls into a romance with Henri. Chaos and danger confront him at every turn, even as he searches for love and belonging. A new sail on the horizon may signal hope or more danger than ever before—if Alexander can survive to meet his future.


Witch in the Wind
Damian Serbu © 2024
All Rights Reserved


December 1692

Salem, Massachusetts

Alexander hid in the loft of the old barn despite the bitter cold blowing between the boards and swirling around him. He had traipsed through the snow from the nearby house to his secret hiding place in the hay to spend a few moments alone.

His body was undergoing major changes. Other boys went through transformations at this age too. Alexander learned as much from the gossip and stories he heard of expanding muscles, hair growing in new places, and voices deepening. Except those alterations hardly worried him.

He jumped when the violent wind slammed a door shut beneath him. He reached over and grabbed the small doll his mother had made him long ago, which he played with until his father announced him too old for such things. After that, he’d hid his toy up here.

No, nothing going on physically alarmed him, not even his emerging sexual excitement. The pastor’s warning against sinful thoughts seemed out of touch. Though he’d never say it aloud, Alexander thought that a bunch of rot.

He came to his hideaway today because of the memory of his mother’s lesson from last summer when he’d turned thirteen. Alexander curled up in a blanket, clutching his doll, warding off the freezing temperature as the blizzard covered the landscape outside the barn.

One hot summer evening after dusk, his mom had taken him out to a darkened field and spoken in a whisper.

“Your body is changing,” she had said. He blushed at the memory, embarrassed that his mother noticed such things in him. “But that’s not all. Listen closely, Alexander. It’s a dangerous time. Not everyone understands your family. They’ll come for us if we’re not careful. There’s a legacy in you that will blossom in the next year or so. I’ll teach you about it. You must promise to keep it a secret. Come only to me as the changes stir and when you have questions.”

He had nodded and said nothing else, too humiliated by the thought of talking to his mother about his body’s transition.

Since then, he had asked a number of times about this mysterious new power in him, only for her to admonish that he was not ready to learn more. If his father ever overheard, he scowled and told them to keep quiet.

There came an alarm, as if a wisp on the tail of a storm, blowing a chill into his very brain. He reached for his mother’s crystal, one she allowed him to examine from time to time if he promised to keep it hidden and never speak of its magic. The glass orb fit in the palm of his hand, smooth and clear. Peering into the crystal, he saw a vision of men: the pastor, the sheriff, and others, riding their horses hard through the storm and coming toward the farm. In the last month, images of the present had flashed into the crystal, a power he understood to come along with the other alterations to his being. No doubt his mother referenced these forces during that warm night in the field on his thirteenth birthday.

Minutes later, Alexander heard horse hooves pounding outside, and a horse whinnied as the posse came to a halt. The fact they ventured out on such a horrid night caused Alexander’s heart to race.

Alexander peeked out a crack in the barn to see the men gather together after tying their horses to a post. The family’s old dog bellowed a warning as the men approached the house.

“Goody Macbeth? Come out.”

Instead of his mother, his father came to the door and held his musket.

Alexander shivered at the cold and then ducked under a pile of hay when he heard someone climbing up the ladder toward him.

“Alexander?” his mother whispered. “Show yourself. I know you’re up here. We haven’t much time.”

Alexander sensed the urgency in her voice, so different from the gentle way she always spoke to him, even after a transgression. He saw her crawling toward him.

“Hush yourself and listen, child.” She took him in her arms as if again a babe. He thought better of resisting, despite the adult in him protesting this infantile turn of events. “You remember what I told you about the changes you’ll experience? I wanted to teach you about them at the appropriate time. I wanted to do it as my mother did for me. But they’re going to take me away.”

“I won’t let them.” Alexander reached for his own musket, but his mother held him tightly.

“Listen to me. You can’t do anything.”

Alexander frowned at the thought of cowardice. Except, he loved his mother too much to disobey. He relaxed again in her arms.

“Good. That’s a good boy. If you lash out, they’ll get you too. I need you to survive.” She leaned over and glanced out the crack in the barn for herself. He glanced over her shoulder and saw his father in a heated discussion with the men.

Only when his mother pulled him back into the hay did he notice the tear trickling down her cheek.

“These are evil times in which we live, son. Not the evil they’ll speak of, with Satan coming into their midst. No.” She shook her head. “It’s the innocent they kill. The complete misunderstanding of the power. This is what you must learn, and I’ve but a few minutes to teach you. You have power in your blood. To see the present, no matter where it may take place. To heal. To control the wind. Alexander, believe me, it’s not from a demon. It’s from your grandmother, and your great grandfather before her. Use it to protect yourself. Use it for good, no matter what you may hear otherwise.”

“Where is your wife?” They both jumped at the sheriff’s screaming voice.

“Are you a witch?” Alexander whispered to his mother. “Am I a witch?”

“Give me your hand.” Alexander held his hand out to his mother, who took it and then pressed their index fingers together. A warmth cut through the biting cold that had taken hold of every other part of his body and then seemed to course through his veins. He felt dizzy for a moment, but then a new powerful control overcame him.


NineStar Press | Books2Read

Meet the Author

Damian Serbu is an author of gay horror/speculative fiction. After over twenty years of teaching history at the collegiate level, he now writes full time. He lives in the Chicagoland area with his husband and two dogs.

Facebook | Twitter


One lucky winner will receive a $50.00 NineStar Press Gift Code! 

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Tour Stop: The Golden Manuscript & Giveaway


The Golden Manuscripts is inspired by the real-life theft of medieval manuscript illuminations during World War II.

Title: The Golden Manuscripts: A Novel

Author: Evy Journey

Pages: 360

Genre: Historical Fiction/Women's Fiction/Mystery

goodreads add to

A young woman of Asian/American parentage has lived in seven different countries and is anxious to find a place she could call home. An unusual sale of rare medieval manuscripts sends her and Nathan—an art journalist who moonlights as a doctor—on a quest into the dark world of stolen art.  For Clarissa, these ancient manuscripts elicit cherished memories of children’s picture books her mother read to her, nourishing a passion for art.  When their earnest search for clues whisper of old thieves and lead to the unexpected, they raise more questions about an esoteric sometimes unscrupulous art world that defy easy answers.   Will this quest reward Clarissa with the sense of home she longs for? This cross-genre literary tale of self-discovery, art mystery, travel, and love is based on the actual theft by an American soldier of illuminated manuscripts during World War II.
Buy Links:

Book Excerpt:

November 2000

Rare Manuscripts

I sometimes wish I was your girl next door. The pretty one who listens to you and sympathizes. Doesn’t ask questions you can’t or don’t want to answer. Comes when you need to talk. 

She’s sweet, gracious, respectful, and sincere. An open book. Everybody’s ideal American girl. 

At other times, I wish I was the beautiful girl with creamy skin, come-hither eyes, and curvy lines every guy drools over. The one you can’t have, unless you’re a hunk of an athlete, or the most popular hunk around. Or you have a hunk of money.

But I’m afraid the image I project is that of a brain with meager social skills. The one you believe can outsmart you in so many ways that you keep out of her way—you know the type. Or at least you think you do. Just as you think you know the other two.

I want to believe I’m smart, though I know I can be dumb. I’m not an expert on anything. So, please wait to pass judgement until you get to know us better—all three of us. 

Who am I then? 

I’m not quite sure yet. I’m the one who’s still searching for where she belongs. 

I’m not a typical American girl. Dad is Asian and Mom is white. I was born into two different cultures, neither of which dug their roots into me. But you’ll see my heritage imprinted all over me—on beige skin with an olive undertone; big grey eyes, double-lidded but not deep-set; a small nose with a pronounced narrow bridge; thick, dark straight hair like Dad’s that glints with bronze under the sun, courtesy of Mom’s genes. 

I have a family: Mom, Dad, Brother. Sadly, we’re no longer one unit. Mom and Dad are about ten thousand miles apart. And my brother and I are somewhere in between.

I have no one I call friend. Except myself, of course. That part of me who perceives my actions for what they are. My inner voice. My constant companion and occasional nemesis. Moving often and developing friendships lasting three years at most, I’ve learned to turn inward. 

And then there’s Arthur, my beautiful brother. Though we were raised apart, we’ve become close. Like me, he was born in the US. But he grew up in my father’s home city where his friends call him Tisoy, a diminutive for Mestizo that sometimes hints at admiration, sometimes at mockery. Locals use the label for anyone with an obvious mix of Asian and Caucasian features. We share a few features, but he’s inherited a little more from Mom. Arthur has brown wavy hair and green eyes that invite remarks from new acquaintances. 

Little Arthur, not so little anymore. Taller than me now, in fact, by two inches. We’ve always gotten along quite well. Except the few times we were together when we were children and he’d keep trailing me, like a puppy, mimicking what I did until I got annoyed. I’d scowl at him, run away so fast he couldn’t catch up. Then I’d close my bedroom door on him. Sometimes I wondered if he annoyed me on purpose so that later he could hug me and say, “I love you” to soften me up. It always worked.

I love Arthur not only because we have some genes in common. He has genuinely lovable qualities—and I’m sure people can’t always say that of their siblings. He’s caring and loyal, and I trust him to be there through thick and thin. I also believe he’s better put together than I am, he whom my parents were too busy to raise. 

I am certain of only one thing about myself: I occupy time and space like everyone. My tiny space no one else can claim on this planet, in this new century. But I still do not have a place where I would choose to spend and end my days. I’m a citizen of a country, though. The country where I was born. And yet I can’t call that country home. I don’t know it much. But worse than that, I do not have much of a history there. 

Before today, I trudged around the globe for two decades. Cursed and blessed by having been born to a father who was a career diplomat sent on assignments to different countries, I’ve lived in different cities since I was born, usually for three to four years at a time. 

Those years of inhabiting different cities in Europe and Asia whizzed by. You could say I hardly noticed them because it was the way of life I was born into. But each of those cities must have left some lasting mark on me that goes into the sum of who I am. And yet, I’m still struggling to form a clear idea of the person that is Me. This Me can’t be whole until I single out a place to call home. 

Everyone has a home they’ve set roots in. We may not be aware of it, but a significant part of who we think we are—who others think we are—depends on where we’ve lived. The place we call home. A place I don’t have. Not yet. But I will.

I was three when I left this city. Having recently come back as an adult, I can’t tell whether, or for how long, I’m going to stay. You may wonder why, having lived in different places, I would choose to seek a home in this city—this country as alien to me as any other town or city I’ve passed through. 

By the end of my last school year at the Sorbonne, I was convinced that if I were to find a home, my birthplace might be my best choice. I was born here. In a country where I can claim citizenship. Where the primary language is English. My choice avoids language problems and pesky legal residency issues. Practical and logical reasons, I think.

About the Author

Evy Journey writes. Stories and blog posts. Novels that tend to cross genres. She’s also a wannabe artist, and a flâneuse. Evy studied psychology (M.A., University of Hawaii; Ph.D. University of Illinois). So her fiction spins tales about nuanced characters dealing with contemporary life issues and problems. She believes in love and its many faces. Her one ungranted wish: To live in Paris where art is everywhere and people have honed aimless roaming to an art form. She has visited and stayed a few months at a time.

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