Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Book Spotlight/Giveaway: A CLIMATE of REVENGE

This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Tom Riley will be awarding a PDF file of "Writer's Guide to Our Climate Crisis" (International) to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

Sarah and JanetM, are a human/Artificial Intelligence pair who do private investigations in the near future where our climate crisis has hit and hit hard. A man with a long dark history tries to hire them but is then killed. His family hires the team to find who killed this man with a thousand enemies in a land with a million problems.

The United Nations IPCC report, “Climate Change 2022, Impacts, Adaption and Vulnerability contains:

C5.3 Enhancing knowledge
A wide range of … processes … can deepen climate knowledge and sharing, including … using the arts … (high confidence).

This can only be read as a clarion call for writers to produce the works that will help our people cope.

Read an Excerpt

“I think we still have time for a few questions and answers,” said the chairperson, “You will find a microphone over to the side. Please say who your question is for.”

Most of the audience were still there and people quickly queued up.

“Question time, question time, question time,” sang JanetM in Sarah’s ear.

“This one is for Sarah. Why did you not take the case when you were first asked?”

“It was clear to me that Mr. Winestead had a hidden agenda,” said Sarah. “The story he gave me struck me as a complete fabrication. To work for someone you have to have some level of trust. We had not established that trust. He really did think he was in danger and was interviewing investigators to choose one to have available if he were attacked. Had he said that clearly, then things might have turned out quite differently, but that was not the story he chose to tell. He was a paranoid man who had made detailed plans all his life and he was making another, just in case something bad happened.”

“This one is for you both. How do you like being a human/AI pair?”

“We are way past liking,” said Sarah. “We now are who we are and who we are is who you see. I would not change our relationship for the world, but that does not matter, we cannot go back in time, and I would not if I could."

About the Author:
After an extensive career at NASA as an Instrument Engineer, Tom Riley started a people-based space program, The Big Moon Dig, compatible with the needs of our climate crisis. Our climate crisis clearly must now come first, and that effort needed positive stories of people in action.


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