Monday, January 6, 2020

Book Review: Jill Shalvis' The Lemon Sisters

Welcome back to Wildstone as two sisters find their way back to one another and themselves.

My Rating for The Lemon Sisters: 3.5 Stars

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Brooke Lemon was always been as free spirited as her sister, Mindy, was the responsible and perfect one. But when Mindy knocks on Brooke’s door, what Brooke sees isn’t the perfect and put together sister she has always known but a woman in the throes of a breakdown with three kids in toe. When Brooke agrees to trade places for a few days with Mindy so she can pick up the pieces and figure out how to get back to the person she once was, Brooke finds herself with three kids and on her way to Wildstone, the small town she called home once. But once there, she finds that the man she once loved and if she is honest with herself, still loves, is still there, handsome as ever. But as the Lemon sisters figure out the way back to themselves can they find the peace they are searching for even as the love they long for is right there in front of them?

THE LEMON SISTERS is a great addition to Jill Shalvis’s Wildstone series. I loved Brooke and Mindy Lemon and Mindy’s kids are a hoot. What really intrigued me was both Mindy and Brooke finding out that they need changes int heir lives but had no idea on how to even start the process of looking for those said changes. Brooke is dealing with an on the job accident and Mindy is, so self-contained it’s a wonder she hasn’t combusted before now. I love all the characters in this series and each book is one where you can read as a stand alone and don’t necessarily have to read past books to understand some things. But I highly recommend the first books as well since they are just as fun and compelling as THE LEMON SISTERS.

Meet Brooke and Mindy Lemon. Sisters who are broken even as they pretend nothing is wrong. Mindy can’t take it anymore and shows up on Brooke’s doorstep with her three kids in toe to beg for some relief for a few days. Brooke is trying to deal with her issues but keeps pretending all is well. When she agrees to help Mindy, what Brooke finds is more than the peace she craves but something that will show her the way back to herself again. I love Mindy and Brooke. They are complete opposite. Brooke is the wild child, free spirited one of the sisters and Mindy is very self-contained and controlling to a degree. I loved how the author conveys each sisters’ personalities and within the story and keeps the reader rooting for both sisters to find their own version of peace and love. The characters are well written, wonderfully relatable and the scenery within THE LEMON SISTERS makes me want to visit Wildstone one of these days if its real. Add in some wonderful secondary characters that deliver some fun scenes and three kids that are downright adorable, well you got all the right notes for this reader to fall in love with the book and this series.

THE LEMON SISTERS is more about two sisters finding their way again, as an individual and as sisters but also about second chances, friendship, love, family and more. The author does an amazing job in keeping the reader glued to the pages of the book as you read the twists and turns of Brooke and Mindy’s journey as well as meet some of the residents of Wildstone. The story flows so smoothly, I never looked up to see what time it was nor make dinner till I read that very last page. THE LEMON SISTERS is a sweet and wonderful story that will tug on your heartstrings and keep you glued to the pages of the book till the very end. I can’t wait to see where the author goes next in this little town.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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