Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Book Review: A Wedding In December by Sarah Morgan

A family finds the healing power of the holidays as they come together for a Christmas Wedding in Aspen, Colorado.

My Rating for A Wedding in December: 3.5 Stars

In Aspen, Colorado, Rosie is eager for her upcoming Christmas wedding, but family troubles loom as her parents arrive from the United Kingdom with a huge secret- they are getting a divorced and have been separated for months. The last thing either parent wants is to be trapped in a winter wonderland that is so romantic this time of year. Then Rosie’s older sister, Kate, arrives determined to stop Rosie from making a huge mistake. She is so sure Rosie is making mistake, Kate is ready to stop the wedding before it even begins. But Kate is being stopped by the best man, Jordan. With her whole family there, Rosie is having doubts for the first time and even as she loves her fiancĂ© to pieces, she can’t seem to stop herself from questioning if she is doing the right thing or not especially as she hears Kate’s questions about the timing and everything. For Rosie White and her family, this Christmas is sure to be one they will never forget again.

I really enjoy Sarah Morgan’s women’s fiction books and this one was charming even if it took me awhile to get into the story and characters. At first, I found the main characters were trying too hard but once we get into the story, they seem to smooth out and you can’t help but enjoy the different people that make up the White’s. The story is very well written and flows smoothly as the story heats up. I kept laughing quietly as Kate finds her plan of breaking up the wedding before it begins humorous as she butts heads with the best man, Jordan and man do sparks fly there. Rosie’s parents are a delight as well as they work through things even as they find themselves falling in love all over again under the Colorado Snow and I really got to enjoy Rosie and her upbeat and positive attitude was like a balm of fresh air after reading books with negative main characters and whatnot. All the characters were enjoyable as well as relatable.

The author does an amazing job capturing the different personalities between Rosie and her family and her fiance's family. It was fun to see the growth of the characters as well as meet the core of the group who made up A WEDDING IN DECEMBER. I really liked this was a holiday novel with a happy ending that you can’t help but falling love with. If you are looking for a holiday romance that is sweet and entertaining, then this book might just be perfect for you. I look forward to seeing where else this author goes next for her readers to enjoy.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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