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Book Review- The Rise of Magicks by Nora Roberts

The final battle is coming as Fallon Swift leads her army of light to battle the dark back to where it belongs. Will she succeed or will the Dark win? Get ready...The Rise of Magicks is here.

My Rating for Rise of Magicks: 5 Stars and a Series Recommended Read

After the Doom destroyed the world and magick rose back to prominence, young Fallon Swift has learned its ways and honed her skills to battle the dark. Fallon has rescued countless people who have been preyed upon by government, raiders and others. Now as she gets ready for the biggest battles of her young life, Fallon will find she will need each and every one of her friends and family as she forges new allies and alliances to face an old foe, defeat the dark once and for all and for this, she will need to forge an army to back her up all the way. The battle is coming…. can Fallon find the strength to finish it and restore the balance by restoring the magical shield that once protected the world from the darkness or will she fall as darkness spreads? Get ready, the end is coming and it’s one you won’t want to miss out on.

WOW is all I can say as I read the final book in the Chronicles of the One trilogy and am just blown away at how the author, Nora Roberts, tied up all the loose threads and formed a story that just blows you away. With action & adventure, romance, mystery and more, Ms. Roberts delivers a spellbinding story that just left me staring into nothing once I finished it. It was that damn good. If you haven’t read this trilogy before, I caution you to start with book one, Year One and go from there. The second and final books continue the story line and you will be lost a little as past events are mentioned a few times from the past two books in book three. THE RISE OF MAGICKS is one hell of a finish and one I devoured within a day. It kept my attention and left me smiling, crying and more. I am in awe over Ms. Roberts foray into the dystopian/postapocalyptic genre and she literally made it her own in these three books. Such a different thing from her to her readers but one she did amazingly well. I was just blown away with all three books.

THE RISE OF MAGICKS gives us a few years after Of Blood and Bone ended and the final battle is looming between Fallon and the light and the darkness that cover the world. With nonstop action, characters that just blow you away old and new, a story that just flows so smoothly, you have no idea how long you are reading until you look up and find hours passed. Fallon has spent years honing her gifts and powers, leading battles and learning to be a leader as well as a young woman. The final battle is coming and if she doesn’t succeed, light will be gone, and the dark will rule. My lord, I never loved a character as much as I did with Fallon and her mother, Lara. Since the first book, Year One, I rooted for Lara then Fallon to succeed and win the day. The characters that we meet in Year One and Of Blood and Bone are just amazing and a few new ones come into play in book three that just left me agape as it really gives the story some fresh new directions to go into. This is an author who knows what works for her and her readers. I love how unique, multidimensional and more the characters are. There is love, friendship and loss sprinkled throughout the series so be prepared with tissues because I can attest, I cried more than once while reading THE RISE OF MAGICKS.

This is an author who captivated her readers from the first page to the last and I, for one, am one of her biggest fans around. The Chronicles of the One is so different and fresh that I just could not put all three books down at all. I don’t want to give away anything, so I am hoping this whet your appetite to know more about the trilogy. If you are looking for a new series to enjoy this holiday season, then run to grab The Chronicles of the One series and hunker down because I guarantee it’s going to be a bumpy ride. You are going to love the many main characters that surround Fallon even as you hope she kicks some darkness butt with the bad guys. I can’t wait to see where the author goes next year in her new trilogy. I highly recommend THE RISE OF MAGICKS and this tied up every loose end with a satisfying epilogue that left me smiling and full of peace for the characters.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

The Chronicles of the One Trilogy:

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