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Book Review: A Sacred Magic by Yasmine Galenorn

Action heats up as Brighid calls in her favor and Ember sets off on a journey fraught with peril to recover a fabled weapon that will help end the terror of the Tuathan Brotherhood.

Brilliantly written and action packed...get ready for the danger magnifies tenfold as Ember and the Wild Hunt face their toughest foe yet.

My Rating for A Sacred Magic: 5 Stars and a Series Recommended Read

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Ember and the Wild Hunt are facing the Tuathan Brotherhood and Ember herself is finding that she will be in the front lines in the final battle with this terrorist group. When Brighid calls in her favor, Ember finds herself on a journey in the world of the Annwn to find a weapon that will turn the tide into the favor of the Wild Hunt and forever break the hold Nuanda, Leader of the Tuathan Brotherhood has on the group. But the journey Ember must take is fraught with peril, danger and more in an ancient, mystical forest. Ember not only has to battle the darkness that inhabits the forest but also the demons that continue to haunt her to this day. The question is can she find the fabled Brighid’s Flame and put the end of the Tuathan Brotherhood? For if she falls, the Brotherhood will destroy the balance between the Fae Courts and the world.

Wow, Wow, Wow is all I can say in the next installment of the Wild Hunt series from one of my favorite authors, Yasmine Galenorn. She weaves a story that will rock your socks off and leave you guessing right up to the end when the climatic ending comes to head. The series is best read in order to get the full scope of the why the characters got to this point and there is a few twists that just blew me away. I won’t get into them as I don’t want to spoil the surprises for those who haven’t read it yet. What I love about this author is that her stories are so well written, filled with multidimensional characters that just blow me away with their continued growth within the series. Her characters and the world building this author is known for make it one of the best series of the author’s that I have fallen in love with bar her famed Otherworld series which ended early this year after over 20 books. The Wild Hunt series is newer series that just rocks with a set of characters that will leave you wanting to meet them and storylines that really grab you right from the beginning. Each book in the series just capitalizes on past books and I love how the author weaves these storylines together into a larger plot that is slowly making its way to the readers in little bits here and there. A SACRED MAGIC reveals some interesting plot twists that were hinted in a past book or two ago and went into a little bit more detail about what may happen in future books. I know I am not the only one of this author’s fans to say, ‘MORE! MORE!’.

A SACRED MAGIC was read in one sitting and I was lost within the story of Ember, Hearne and the gang of the Wild Hunt. I loved every bit of the story and fell more in love with the group even more as they faced their toughest foe yet. The author weaves a perfect Autumn spell around the reader with A SACRED MAGIC and I, for one, am eager to see where the next book, The Eternal Return (out in December 2019) will lead the Wild Hunt next and just what the revelations from A SACRED MAGIC will lead to next.

If you are looking for a sexy, action packed paranormal series to devour, then I can not recommend Yasmine Galenorn’s books enough to people. They are fun, entertaining and quite possibly very addicting. I can’t wait to see where the author goes next for her readers to gobble up.

The Wild Hunt Series Reading Order:

Book 1: The Silver Stag

Book 2: Oak and Thorns

Book 3: Iron Bones

Book 4: A Shadow of Crows

Book 5: The Hallowed Hunt

Book 6: The Silver Mist

Book 7: Witching Hour (An Ante-Fae Adventure spin off/Wild Hunt Story)

Book 8: Witching Bones (An Ante-Fae Adventure/Wild Hunt Story)

Book 9: A Sacred Magic

Book 10: The Eternal Return (Coming in December 2019)

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