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Book Spotlights from author Kellie Kamryn

Tumbling Hearts

Series name/# if applicable: Love and Balance 3
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Publisher: eXtasy Books
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Two hearts tumbling together through love and life.
Anna Fortier’s heart tumbles head over heels for the head coach in her gym. His gruff demeanor toward her suggests he couldn’t care to give her the time of day. Determined to get over her crush, she devises a plan to tell him how she feels, and free herself once and for all.
Taras Volkov moved to Canada from the Ukraine to further his education and career. He didn’t factor into his plan falling for Anna—a coach under his command at the gym.
When Anna makes her feelings for him known, he chooses to reveal his secret desire for her. As they explore their new personal relationship, they are faced with one crisis after another. Will their hearts tumble together, or will their romance fall short?
(This book was previously published. It has been re-edited, re-formatted, and re-released.)

Anna shivered in the mild winter air and wrapped her arms tighter around herself as goose bumps pebbled her arms. The moon peeked out from behind the clouds. A light snow fell, creating a magical effect. The weather in the month of December in Manitoba could be harsh. Thankfully, the mild winter temperatures meant she wouldn’t freeze her ass off out here without a jacket—for a few minutes at least.
Turning her face heavenward, she took a deep breath of the crisp, clean air.
The cold may have made her shiver, but her cheeks were aflame. She pressed the backs of her hands to her heated face. I took a chance. I’m going to be fine. Tears welled up, and Anna blinked. A stray tear rolled from the corner of one eye, but she made no move to wipe it away.
What had she done? She’d kissed Taras, and then run off like a frightened little girl. With her fear of being rejected, she hadn’t stayed to hear any response he might have given. A romantic idealist, she’d wanted to wait for the right guy. The guys she’d dated had never created the same feelings inside her as when she stood next to Taras. Now she won-dered if she’d been waiting or creating a fantasy man in her head.
Naively, she’d wanted Taras to be her first. What a dumb idea to wait for someone who doesn’t desire you and never will.
him. She’d concentrate on school and getting into U of S. Losing her mom was way worse than this, and while the road to happiness had been bumpy, eventually Shelley had opened them up to love and family again. A little heartbreak was nothing in comparison.
“You are going to get cold.”
Anna jumped at the sound of Taras’ voice and twisted around to face him. The sight of him robbed her lungs of breath. “What are you doing out here?” she choked out.
In silence, he unbuttoned his flannel shirt and peeled it off, his broad chest straining against his T-shirt. Dumb-founded, she froze in place, eyeing him as he sat beside her and draped the garment around her shoulders. He brushed a knuckle down her cheek. Closing her eyes for a second, she absorbed the softness of his touch.
“I came to thank you for the gift,” he said.
She drew away from his touch and shook her head. “No need.”
“I think there is. You are crying.”
“Oh.” She waved a hand in dismissal. “It’s nothing.”
“Why don’t you tell me why nothing has you crying?” He flicked back some of her hair off her shoulder. “Mmm... Soft the way I imagined.”
“The way you imagined?” She mustn’t have heard him right.
Tugging one of her curls between two fingers, he drew downward. She held her breath as his thigh rubbed against hers, shifting the cotton of her skirt over her skin. Desire skittered through her system; thoughts and emotions swirled in her mind. Every part of her being wanted him to take her in his arms, kiss her, and proclaim his affection for her.

The Perfect Score

Series name/# if applicable: Love and Balance 2
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Buy link:

What will they risk to achieve the perfect score?
Fun-loving and free-spirited Shelley Longstaff summons her iron will to stand up to Jacques Fortier when he demands she accept his daughter into the gymnastics program, or he will sue.
Jacques Fortier is at his wits end with his daughter for her unsportsmanlike behavior. In his frustration, he threatens to sue Shelley and the club for discrimination if they don’t accept her for training.
As Shelley and Jack discuss terms of Anna’s acceptance into training, Shelley discovers a tragedy that is causing a rift between father and daughter. When Jack asks for a favor, Shelley finds herself hard pressed to refuse.
When a crisis of teenage proportions threatens their relationship, will they retreat, or risk everything for the chance to achieve The Perfect Score?
(This book was previously published. It has been re-edited, re-formatted, and re-released.)

Jack followed his friend, and Davien ordered a scotch for both of them. As the bartender set two glasses on the coun-ter, Davien turned to Jack. “It seems as if my sweet wife and your date have made friends. We should all go out some time unless you’ve hired her for the evening to get Willa off your back.”
“I didn’t hire her.” Jack sipped his Scotch. “She’s a friend. We’ve agreed to hang out once in a while.”
“Where did you meet?” Davien asked.
Jack shook his head, a sheepish grin on her face. “She’s Anna’s gymnastics coach.”
Davien’s right eyebrow winged upward so fast Jack thought it might fly right off his forehead. “Really?”
“Yeah, really.” Jack caught Shelley’s eye from across the room. She smiled at him, and his heart thudded in his chest. All he wanted to do was kiss her again. He wondered for a brief moment how she’d feel about being a friend with benefits.
Davien laid a hand on his arm. “Hey, I know it’s been rough since Anne-Marie passed. If you’re happy, I’m happy.”
“Thanks, man.” Jack sighed. “I have no idea what I’m doing.”
Davien slapped him on the shoulder. “Well, maybe she does. You don’t have to have everything figured out.” He made wave motions with his hand. “Sometimes you’ve got to go with the flow.”
“Yeah...” Jack’s voice trailed off as he watched Shelley share a laugh with Maxine. Herbert slid in between the two women, and they both started in surprise. The old man was a shameless flirt, but not always cognizant of being appropriate. To her credit, Shelley removed his hand and wagged a finger at him in jest. Jack’s heart grew in his chest at the knowledge Shelley stood her ground no matter what.
“Wow,” Davien muttered. “She told your boss no. No one ever does that.”
“I’m glad she did. People should,” Jack commented.
“I’m impressed,” Davien said. “Let’s go see if the ladies want to go for drinks after this shindig. I want to get to know Shelley better.”
“That makes two of us,” Jack mumbled. He set his glass down on a nearby table, and the two friends made their way over to the trio. Friendship is good. Friendship is a great place to start. He repeated the mantra as he slipped an arm around Shelley’s waist. She smiled up at him, and his heart jumped in his chest. Why didn’t this feel like friendship?

Author bio and links:

Winner of the RONE (Reward of Novel Excellence) Award for Best Erotica 2012, Kellie Kamryn has many 5-star reviews from sites such as Night Owl Reviews for her work in contemporary romantic fiction. In 2013, one of her novellas was nominated for Best Novella for the RONE Awards. In 2011, she presented a motivational workshop at the Moonlight and Magnolias GRWA Conference, and offers a writing workshop for authors – A Novel Creation – since 2015.

All of Kellie’s books contain a lot of heat balanced with an abundance of Heart. With 25 books now published to her credit since 2011, most days she can be found channeling her heart’s desire into writing stories and poetry that sweep readers away into other worlds.
When her muse requires a change in scenery, she funnels her creative energy into bringing many a tale to life through her work as an audio narrator and actor. And when her body demands attention, you can find her in the gym training gymnastics coaches, or training and co-teaching Baguazhang (Bagua) workshops and classes for self-defence to women/families, and for health and healing to individuals of all ages and abilities.

Readers are welcome to join her on any of her social media sites! It’s the first place she mentions contests, articles and much, much more! Come join in the fun!

Instagram: kellie_kamryn

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